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Detoxing for kids???


Who are these people?  By accident I saw a TV show last night where someone was promoting a ‘juice only’ diet.

Then this morning I see someone detoxing their children using only fruits and vegetables.. Like I asked.. Who are these people???

No one has the right to do this to children or promote this type of thing without medical/ nursing/ allied health supervision. Where is their knowledge of food? Do they realise the body needs all the other vitamins and minerals to survive? Are they aware there is a vitamin similar to vitamin B12 called ‘cyanocobalamin’ which contains ‘cobalt’  This is “Vital to life”

I don’ think you would find anyone in the health profession who would say detoxing ok…

The other complex B vitamins are necessary and without consuming them, the body is subject to poor muscle control, neural deficiencies, menstrual disturbances, deficiency of antibodies, less formation of blood cells, lack of K and Na regulation. 

Thiamine assists in the breakdown of carbs into glucose etc…  without this daily dose there will be problems with the nervous system, loss of appetite, irritability, reduced intestinal motility, heart irregularities, and beriberi.

I am only mentioning a few problems involved with a lack of B vits.. Don’t have the room here to name them all…

We have all heard about the benefits of folic acid haven’t we?  (Pregnancy etc..) A vital vitamin of the B complex. Deficiency causes poor growth, graying hair, diarrhea, and many more but which I won’t mention here because you probably won’t have heard of them and wouldn’t understand..

These important vitamins are all found in meat, dairy, nuts, seeds, grains, organ meats, leafy greens, and many more foods.. The list is big.. Did you know you can obtain vitamin B from wheatgerm? Yummy… I add it to our foods and it tastes great… 

It’s so imperative for the body to get a balance of the main foods. 

To put any child on a juice only diet is ‘Child abuse’  These children will be suffering from ‘Malnutrition’ and it is due to the ignorance of parents.  If adults do it then they will be suffering from malnutrition too but it is their own fault.. I have to ask why are these TV shows promoting these ridiculous bloody diets?  I know they think they are covering themselves by also having a dietitian give their view but that view is so quick it makes no difference. I should perhaps petition the Australian Medical Ass to stop the charlatans from doing harm.

At the moment I am assisting a mother who has a very young child who has decided he will not eat anything but fruit. He eats minimal carbs unless it is sweet and will not eat meat or meat products..  He has slipped under the radar and if I hadn’t been observing his pooh, I never would have realised.  His pooh was runny, lumpy with undigested pieces of food and sweet smelling. To my trained nose and eyes, this pooh came from the fruit only, passed through his gut very quickly without being masticated (chewed), no iron or other elements to give it a nice dark colour to indicate there is iron from Vit B complex and the pooh was very runny..

He had no intestinal noises to indicate he had anything like a tummy bug which his day care said he had.

I had to tell the mother his Pancreas is under stress from all the sugar and he will be verging on brain damage from lack of these ‘Vital to Life’ vitamins. I also had to say it is no one’s fault!  Not many people are aware of the need for specifics when it comes to food and why if they are not consumed there will be consequences.  My interventions are having an effect and for the good, but if by the end of this weekend this child is not improving he must be seen by a doctor as there could be absorption problems or other.  I am happy to say he has shown some improvement this morning after one and a half days.  But no child can live and thrive on fruit only..

So getting back to kids detoxing.. The body is constantly detoxing itself so there is no need to push this onto innocent children or anyone else.  They are just being denied important foods.

Three things to assist detoxing if you are so inclined..

1)  Cut out all processed foods.

2)  Cut out sugar

3) Cut out fast foods and eat all natural foods.

So there you have it in a nutshell..  I have a visitor and have to get this done quickly but I could not go on for one more hour knowing there are irresponsible people in the media and the uneducated public plugging such rubbish.

Sure I do have a ‘Juice Up’ in my book but I would NEVER tell anyone to just live on that.. 

If you want the best of everything and to lose weight etc..  http://www.marilynsplanforweightloss.com.au

I have a small army of followers who absolutely love my Plan….. I love them for their loyalty…..

1 of the many pitfalls of nursing. Don’t be shocked.


As nurses we are supposed to wash before attending each and every client (I hate the word client) I feel as if I am trying to sell them something. I do wash my hands thoroughly between clients and this is what I’ve ended up with.
A severe dose of eczema.

My consant washing with harsh chemical soaps and drying with cheap paper towels in these facilities has defatted my skin and dried them to a crisp. I spent last night cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom and all the time wearing crepe bandages, cotton gloves and latex gloves over the top of that.

On the weekend, one of the areas on my right hand was showing signs of infection so I debrided the sloughy areas with a clean set of surgical scissors, treated the area for a couple of days with Tea Tree Oil and clean dressings. Oh the expense! I keep a good stock of dressing supplies and I’m almost out of them now so will have to go for more soon. McNeil Medical supplies in Adelaide. Or the local pharmacy but the latter are quite expensive. Best to buy a few simple items like Melolin, Melolite, Micropore and crepe bandages. That way you will have a good supply of the most used dressing equipment needed for any type of wound unless it’s a wound with exudate and then you will need to purchase something to soak up the excess moisture. Jelonet is a good buy too. This keeps a dry wound slightly moist and tissue likes to gow in a warm, moist environment.

As promised on twitter, I am posting a picture of my right hand at it’s not so bad state. Should have seen it 4 days ago!
Have commenced a topical cream called ‘Novasone 1%’ and will be using it for a few days. Cortisone creams can only be applied for a few weeks as it can thin the skin. I have to sit around and do nothing as ordered by the LMO. Oh, what fun. Now I suppose I will bore you to death with tales of fungating wounds and macerating ulcers, spontaneous fractures and other such delights. Oooh and what about sinuses. That will thrill you if you like horrid, gooey tales/tails..
Da da daaaaa! My right hand.
It looks very greasy because it is a greasy ointment.

Felt like a sausage roll


Had to go to my workplace today to do my mandatory manual Handling and CPR updates to maintain my Nursing Registration. Each year we have to do this and all the modules we do are allowed a point or two. So in all we have to aquire 20 points to be able to keep working and keep our registration.

I got a park a couple of streets away and walked briskly to the venue, signed in and met another RN who I bonded with nicely. It’s always nice to meet someone and click at the first meeting. We laughed and giggled the way through (at the appropriate times of course) not when the lecturer is speaking.

I got picked by the lecturer in the manual handling practical because I was the thinnest one there and it wasn’t hard to move me around the bed or the floor. So I was chuffed at this. hehehehe! By the time I had finished I felt so dirty. I’m home now and clean. A good day and all updates done. Phone ringing so have to go.
Bye for now. xxx

Oh my aching Latisimus Dorsi


I was fortunate enough to secure 4 days work this last week with one day off in the middle for my mum’s birthday. How wonderful was that, I thought to myself. I honestly do worry though because every time I do more than 2 days work I lose so much weight I look skinny. We RN’s in Aged Care work like dogs. It’s hard and fast and certainly not for the faint hearted.

Ok, so the first 2 days went smoothly. The shifts were very busy but not tiringly so and I was not too worn out. I then celebrated my mum’s birthday the next day with a nice lunch at a popular little eatery where I was surprised was full of elderly people out for lunch and having a wondeful time. It was nice for a change to see a dining room full of elderly people being able to choose what they wanted to eat and not have to have someone shovelling food into their mouths without letting them even swallow! I felt a sense of warmth seeping into my every pore to see it.

But let’s get back to the aching Latisimus Dorsi….. My back! Because I eat like I do (according to Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss) I have to be careful not to do too much hard yakka and I have to watch my trousers too. I have now put elastic in the waist of my work trousers to keep them from falling off again because the weight falls off me and the waist band of my trousers can’t keep up so I let my tummy out to give the waist band something to sit on so it doesn’t fall down. That is sooooo wrong!

We do Manual Handling training every year as part of our registration and part of that is to ensure we protect our back by holding the stomach taught! This ensures the muscles of the abdomen support our backs and we don’t bend over but squat… hence the trousers (who wants to look up my skirt?). Well, letting my tummy out doesn’t support my abdominal muscles which in turn puts me at risk of back injury. So I do another 2 days work and as I go I am allowing my abdominal muscles out as I go because my pants are getting too loose, and then on the weekend I spend the day cleaning up the mess my family have made in the house and now I’m pooped!

My back has an annoying ache and I’m sooooo cross with myself. I am sick of having to replace the elastic in the waist band of the trousers so now I am going to have to go shopping to buy another pair. This you may think is an easy thing to do but I want and need trousers which look professional, don’t come to the hips allowing my undies to be seen, and are baggy enough in the legs and bum so there is no shape to my body. I do not dress for fashion. I dress for my Profession and to keep that modest, unsexy look. I know if I go to a hospital I want someone to look after me who doesn’t look like a tramp but exhudes professionalism, cleanliness and total discretion in all things.

I could go on but I have had my whinge for the day. If Florence Nightingale were alive today and saw the way Nurses dressed and behaved she would be very angry indeed. Now I will rest and repair! Movies are on and if I don’t get called to any emergency I will remain on the lounge all day. I feel better already.
I would also like to get a few comments from this post too if you wouldn’t mind.

1. What are you looking for in a nurse?

2. What do you expect of them?

3. How do you expect them to dress and behave?

4. Have you had any bad experiences with Nurses?

Marilyn xxx

Simple Solutions!


I have been thinking about adding a regular feature to my Blog and thought you can add to it as well. I have quite a few natural ‘Old Wives tales’ remedies which I have tried and tested myself for the nagging little things we can do without.
My first tried and true recipe is for a headache. I get them sometimes when I’m stressed and there is no analgesia I can take which gets rid of it as well as this does. See below for the simple remedy.

Get yourself a nice tea cup or mug and add 6 to 8 whole cloves.
Put in your tea bag and sugar if you like it.
Add the boiling water and let the tea bag steep in the cup for about 2 minutes.
Remove only the tea bag and leave the cloves in the cup.
Add milk if you like it and stir.
Drink and see the headache dissipate!

I suppose you have heard of the treatment for a toothache? Rub clove oil onto the gum area and it is numbed by the clove oil. Instant pain relief! This too is an old remedy for babies who are teething. Well cloves work for a headache too. Don’t wait until you can’t stand the headache anymore. Have the tea when you first notice you are getting a headache. It works a treat! I carry cloves in a little airtight container everywhere I go.

To make clove oil for a toothache.
Warm a little olive oil and add 3 to 4 whole cloves and let it sit for an hour. Rub it on the gum area of the tooth and see the pain go. If you are in a hurry, then crush two whole cloves in the oil and use immediately.

Much better than artificial analgesia and it tastes very pleasant too.
I am always interested in health and love to do the natural things.
Let me know how you go!
Marilyn xxx

Curing Cancer


No I won’t say that simply because no one in their right mind would say it. I will however say certain parts on Marilyn’s Plan will help you fight off whatever ails you. I hear about people suffering from all sorts of deadly diseases and maladies and I ask myself why?
100 years ago there was not this fear we live with now. Cancer, Leukaemia, Parkinsons Disease, oh the list just goes on.

Face it. We eat (here I go, I’m going to say it) SHIT! We do. Our food is not natural. Most of it is processed and full of artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and goodness knows what else. This means our bodies have to digest it, remove the toxic rubbish in it and find enough nutrition in it to keep us going. It’s no wonder we are all a dying race. Well, I’m not. I’m as healthy as can be and so is my Family. We still sometimes consume something from a can or a jar or a packet but not all the time. The Plan I devised has the opposite effect and I truly believe it will become one of the most favoured methods to gaining good health and /or losing weight.

I worked a late shift the other night and it was very busy. I had two people who needed urgent attention at the same time and one of them finally had to be sent to hospital via Ambulance. The Facility had an elevator but it was too slow for me so for approximately 2 and a bit hours, I ran up and down the stairs to get to their respective rooms and to the Nurses station as well as running flat out along the very long corridors. When I got home from work that night I realised I had been running all that time and not even huffed and puffed. It was a very strange feeling indeed. I won’t tell you how old I am either. If I did you might not believe me but for MY age, this is a bonus.

I think I have gained 20 years of my age back. Even then I couldn’t run like that. I am so exhilarated by this, I am going to have a full physical when I have the time and I will put the results on here.

Women who want to clear out their bodies in preparation for Motherhood will benefit from the Plan. Anyone who is looking at IVF treatment will benefit too. I encourage good food and lots of it. The power of Antioxidants and clean food are something I think we all take with a grain of salt. Next time you have a minute. Google Antioxidants and see for yourself exactly what they are and what their benefits are. The Antioxidants in My Plan are about as good as you will get. I call food, minus the artificial rubbish ‘Clean Food’.

There are so many things I have experienced health wise and would love to tell you all but would you believe me? You probably wouldn’t so you are all going to have to find it out for yourselves. My Plan actually helps the body to heal so it is also good for Atheletes and anyone who is the sporty type. Injuries can take years to heal but with the right food that time can be shortened.

I think I’m on a high at this moment. A natural high from feeling so healthy and for being able to achieve something so great with this Plan of mine. Every time I see a TV program with some weightloss miracle on it, I just laugh and laugh. These people have you in Boot camp and/or eating food I wouldn’t give to my Dogs.. What a load of hogswallop! There is nothing in their program but wearing out the body and the joints in that poor tortured, overweight body. What a joke. I like to think My Plan is gentle on all counts. Nothing so radical that you get sick of in a few days. Speaking of Dogs. My two little Papillons are on Marilyn’s Plan too for their health and they are very healthy indeed and not fat at all.

Well, that’s about it for now. Until next time. Cheers to all. Yahoooooo!!! marilynsplanforweightloss.com.au