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Support your locals


I’ve been awake since 0500 this morning and do you want to know why? I’ve been so concerned about what stupid housewives are doing to this country. Saw a news item again last night where the price war on milk has all the housewives buying $1.00 milk. The big supermarket chains are adding the price to other food items so there is no getting away with it. This is sending our farmers to the brink and they are selling up and do you know who is buying their land? Yes, overseas consortiums who will produce their own brand and resell it back to us.

The big consortiums need farming land to grow food for their own country and we will get what’s left and at their prices. This doesn’t come into the equation when housewives shop. They don’t care that they are selling their country out from under their kids. I am steaming mad over it. How dumb can they be? Saw all these women buying cheap milk and saying ‘Oh it’s only a dollar and it’s good for the consumer.’ In the long run it’s not good for the consumer. Can’t they see what they are doing? I could honestly bitch slap them. Stupid cows! The local farmers are losing out and no one gives a shit! Well, I for one will support them and buy only local milk from our local farmers. It happened with petrol and now there are, how many private owned petrol stations? and why?

Don’t be fooled inot thinking you are saving any money at all. You are paying for it everytime you buy something. Idiots! I applaud the news stations for reporting it again and again and in ten years time when you are all whingeing and whining about the cost of overseas food items, don’t blame anyone but yourselves. When I walk into a supermarket I go to the fruit and veg isle, the meat isle and the toiletries isle. The rest of the store shelves are full of what I call rubbish. We don’t eat rubbish foods and won’t buy it, so if you come to my house, please don’t expect to have cake and biscuits served with your coffee. xxx


Want to get your book to Oprah?


Don’t get too excited about it at least until your epic is finished. Then again getting a book past her army of ‘people’ is something only the very brave and determined might even attempt. Oprah likes things which are spiritual and highly emotive and I don’t think she is interested in the day to day lives of the rest of us. I can tell you from experience. My book went as far as one of her staff and I didn’t even get a thank you.

So before you get too excited about your book and where you will send it, you need to finish it and have it ready to go to print. Have you had it edited by a professional? It needs to be set out by a printer or someone who knows how it needs to be formatted = 3mm bleed etc…
If you don’t know what I mean by that then go and do some homework. Ask a printer what it’s about and why. You may just want to sell online. That’s another story which I will fill you in on later.

'Daisee' my assistant wearing a Charlie Sheen hat.

Do you have a business name? Is it registered? Do you understand about ‘copyright?’ This is the time you need to start saving for advertising too. It’s expensive. There are two ways to advertise. Online or TV. More about that later as well. If you think I am just giving you some basic ideas about writing then you are so right. There is a lot to do and you need to make sure you have your book mapped out, chapter by chapter and to be halfway through writing it before you are ready to begin outlaying money. It could take you 2 years to write the book. If you have the time it could take a few weeks. It all depends on what you are writing about as well.

I knew exactly what I was writing about. I had a fabulous, new and unique way to lose weight and I wrote it in a few weeks.
I re-wrote it again and again too. Then I did a re-write to add a chapter on overweight pets and added a few recipes given to me by a friend. The Plan in my book has always stayed the same. Unlike other weight loss programs and diets, my Plan cannot be improved. I laugh when I see or hear about how there is a new improved weight loss program by the big diet companies. Does that mean they got it wrong the first time? Hmmm sounds like it. So I could be well within my rights to ask for my money back as it didn’t work when I tried their old way. hahaha

So get it right the first time. if you have a trusted friend, it would be good for you to give a few chapters to them and ask them for feedback. You must also make them promise to be totally honest with you otherwise you are wasting your money and your time. Don’t be scared of criticism. It will help you in the end. After all what are you writing the book for?
Until next time…. Keep at it and don’t worry about Oprah. Let her get her own books.

Writing your book


Ok so you think you have a good idea for a story do you? Is your story unique? Is it something people will read? Maybe you want to write your life story. If that’s the case is your life interesting? Do you have the ability to make it humourous or dramatic? You need to grab attention.
The best way to initially grab everyone’s attention is with the Title. Your title should be something which relates to your content and something which makes a statement. This statement should grab people’s attention and have them wanting to know more. Hence book sales!

Don’t go bananas doing too much else about getting your book onto the shelves until you have written at least half of your book amd have the whole thing mapped out, chapter by chapter. You need to know exactly where you are going with it and to get halfway through writing it and have spent lots of money before it is finished can leave you exasperated. So before you spend anything on advertising, printing or anything else make sure you are almost ready to go to print.

Whatever you do, don’t tell everyone anything about your book until it is ready to be published whether you are self publishing or sending it to a publisher. Keep it to yourself! It’s ok to tell anyone you are writing a book but that’s it!

When I wrote my book I knew exactly where I was going with it and had done my homework but I will tell you more soon.

Stay tuned for more….. and good luck.

This is the cover of my Book. Marilyn's Plan for Weight Loss

Have you always wanted to write a book?


Most people have but it doesn’t take just a good story but a lot of effort too. By the sounds of it, a lot of bookshops are closing due to the kindles coming to the market. I prefer to have a solid copy in my hands and a well stocked book shelf looks good too.

Now if the bookstores are going out of business that would mean publishers are going to be desperately looking for a book to publish. Maybe they won’t be so fussy about what they publish and you might have a chance at getting a publisher to look at your book. I found all publishers did not want to even consider an unsolicitored manuscript. Namely mine. How lucky was I? I got to write it, edit it, have it printed and market it myself and I don’t have to pay them to do it.

The best thing about self publishing is you have total control over your content and everything else, plus you don’t have to settle for a pilfering small percentage of the profits from them selling your book for you. You get to keep it all yourself. It is a costly exercise because there are so many hidden things you need to do even before you release it but follow me and I will tell you more………Look for the next chapter…..and while you’re here you might as well go to my website and see what I have done.

Unique in it's concept.

I wrote this for anyone who really wants to be successful with weight loss. No expensive programs and never ending payment for products and services. And it’s good for aduldts, children and even overweight pets. it’s fabulous!

Believing in fate.


I do believe in fate. At work this evening and about half an hour before the end of the shift the night RN calls in to say she will be a few minutes late. Ok, that’s fine. I wasn’t in a hurry to go although at 11 oclock at night home looks really nice after a shift from hell. I got in my car after I handed over and drove out the driveway, turned left and drove the short distance to the end of the street which ran into a main road. There was a car on the pavement all smashed up and a smaller car turned on it’s side. About 25 people were milling around. We RN’s aren’t supposed to leave an accident unless we see if there is someone else qualified to take care of the sick and injured so I slowed down. Low and behold a huge ambulance, lights and sirens flashing and screaming came to a halt right in front of me and blocked my exit from the street to the road. Thank goodness for that! The ambos were there and I could continue on my way.

As I turned the corner slowly so as to avoid the broken glass and people running everywhere, I had a chilling thought which haunted me for some time after. That could have been me! If the night shift RN had turned up on time, I could have been custard. Thank goodness for the size of my car. A gorgeous Holden commodore. It would have saved me from the worst. The small car was a complete writeoff and the larger car was smashed to bits at the front. Not a nice thing to think about.

So when you are stressing over something which didn’t come to pass, remember, it didn’t happen because it wasn’t supposed to. It wasn’t the right time for you. I could go on and on about the experiences I’ve had with fate and I am a true devotee of the fatalist attitude. Oh well, it wasn’t for me! Things happen in the order they are supposed to!

My Garden is Bare


I was thinking about putting a few plants in and around my garden, since we pulled everything out when we had the terrible drought here in South Australia a few years ago. Good thing I didn’t replace them the next year. After the devastating floods in Queensland I decided we don’t really need or want to be buying fresh food from overseas anymore. I have no problems with free trade between countries, but by the time it gets here it’s so old the nutritional value is just not there. No wonder the nation is fat! We don’t get the nutrition we need and we eat more, hence weight gain.

I have a nice area in the front of my garden with a few small bushes which can be easily removed. Will need to spend a good year improving the soil so I will be carting horse manure from the local stables to add to the soil. I will also test the soil after a few months to see if there is anything lacking. I read somewhere Australian soil lacks Selenium. So will be checking for that too. There are so many things one can add to the soil to boost it up. Paper, recycled of course. Food scraps from our compost bin. Last year I emptied our compost bin out and decided I should give it a rinse out to get rid of the smell. Whoa! It did stink! I rinsed it out with tap water and tipped it onto the lawn. That part of the lawn was green and lush with 3 weeks. Amazing. So if you’re considering the cost of having a fruit and vegetable garden then do your homework.

Strawberries in a pot!

You need to make sure you have the space. Even pots can grow a number of things. Check for good soil and build it up. If you have a water problem check on the use of grey water from your washing machine and or put in rainwater tanks. it can work out to be so inexpensive to grow your own food and the health benefits are truly wonderful. I suppose you have heard and read how antioxidants can prevent cancers etc. Well fresh picked foods are the most wonderful way to go about getting all the antioxidants you need. Oh, and don’t forget to make a list of the foods you want to grow and grow for the season. Salad foods for summer, veges for winter. Fruit trees.

If you don’t have the space then grow them on steel trellises so they grow upwards and not outwards. Oh dear, now I’m so excited by this I want to go out and start now but it’s dark outside. Never mind, I will make my list. I suggest you do as well. Good luck and wait for the book with my new recipes. Coming soon. Having fun working out foods to put in the book. Yum!

Always looking for miracles


My little girl has been home from school for 2 days. Yes, she began the week with a head cold and as tradition goes with her and colds it always travels down her throat to her chest and brings on asthma attacks. The moist productive coughs are awful to hear. Ok so I worry and run her off to the doctor immediately where antibiotics are always prescribed. Last winter she had a bad chest infection but she got over it in a relativley short time, minus the antibiotics.
This time she got over it in the 2 days.

Strawberries hiding in the bushes

I have been testing my theory about nutrition and common colds, sickness etc and am finding out a few amazing things. For example, last winter my poor old frail Dad was diagnosed with pnuemonia. We as Registered Nurses are not really supposed to diagnose but he was home and at the time I was available. I told the family to call the ambulance and send him to hospital immediately. That was a hard time for us because we all had to gather to say our last goodbyes at his bedside. On the night the family were on the phone explaining to me his symptoms I knew he had a chest infection but I also asked them when he last had some of ‘The Clincher?’ I was told he was consuming it as we spoke.

Now I’m not one to say ‘it’s a miracle’ but close enough. That night we all gathered at his hospital bedside and stayed close until we could no longer keep our eyes open and I saw a slight change for the better in him. I knew it was ‘The Clincher’ which gave him the boost he needed to pull him out of his predicament. Being told by medical staff you are watching a family member die in front of you and there is nothing else they can do is a tragedy.
Of course he was given antibiotics, but the doctor said it was ‘all they could do although they wouldn’t count on it.’ The next day he was pretty well over it and on the road to recovery. Dad recovered quickly much to the medical and nursing staff’s surprise.

Strawberries after picking.

There have been quite a few shifts I have done where the clients have had chest infections and I have been concerned for my own health but in the last 3 years I’ve not had a cold or chest infection or anything. But back to my little girl. She is a bit on the fragile side and anything like a cold or a chest infection would have me running for the Ventolin puffers, the hot drinks and bedrest as well as steam inhalations etc. Up all night giving puffers and steam. Tomorrow she will go back to school without a cold or any sign of a chest infection and no antibiotics. Hooray to that! The change in her health status has been quite amazing and I put it all down to ‘The Clincher.’ The boost anyone gets from it is so good and it’s so easy to do. You can get it in my book

and don’t think my book is just for weight loss either. There is so much information in it. I will teach you in a simple way all about food, your weight and your health. I had to clean out my backroom last week and I found a heap of diet books I had kept. I will take a photo of them and post them in a blog soon to show everyone how many diets I read. These books are in perfect condition because when I began reading them, I couldn’t continue. I just couldn’t agree with their principals. They were all the same. They just changed a few food choices around. I figured I had a few hungred dollars worth of these useless books. I won’t sell them though in case someone else considers buying them. What a waste. If they didn’t work for me they certainly won’t work for someone else.