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Another silly diet……


I often wonder why some tv shows put irresponsible diets on their shows? Where are the nutritional benefits of these silly diets….? and written by someone who has no knowledge of food and nutrition. Ugh! I guess all they want is to see huge figures… I mean great amounts of weight loss but are they being responsible in encouraging anyone to try them? I don’t think so.

Saw another silly diet which is so chocker block full of processed food it’s enough to want to make any health professioanl want to gag! Including me… but I suppose having a group of silly women on the show to say they lost weight on these silly diets is all the tv producers want. No wonder the world is so overweight and so very unhealthy. Google ‘processed foods’ and the effects on the human body. The results and research will frighten you.

I could quite easily go hammer and tong with any health professional on the benefits of my Plan. Sure I do have a very small amount of processed foods but it is so minimal and the other apsects of my Plan will counteract it anyway. Not very often do we eat anything processed and it only takes us about half an hour to prepare our meals. Highly nutritious, easy to make and so darned delicious! We are able to maintain our weight as well and we are never hungry because we supply our body with all the nutrients we need. I love food and I won’t go without. This is just the most wonderful all ’round weight loss book ever!
Don’t forget it’s now in bookshops too. ‘Booked’ at North Adelaide and Unley.
Marilyn xxx


Holy Moly nothing fits!


Worked on the weekend in a facility where there were plenty of stairs and as I don’t mind running up and down them for the fitness thingy I was pleased to be there.
Today I got up and went to my wardrobe to find a pair of jeans or something to lounge around in because I try to take the next day off to relax and blow me down I couldn’t find a pair which fit me in the waist. I have the tiniest waist and all my pants fall down because they are just too big for me.

I think the most embarrassing moment was when I was wearing my big size 16 pants and I added some elastic to the waist thinking they will hold until I got to my goal weight. I reached up to the DDA cupboard to get the pain drugs out and my pants fell off. I tell you it was not a pretty site and there were men sitting in the staff room facing us. Hope they weren’t watching. No one said anything but I was in shock! I did however buy a pair of size 10 pants immediately after and added elastic to the waist to keep them up. Yes size 10 so I could wear a pair of baggy trousers to work.

I don’t like figure hugging pants in my job as a Nurse. I don’t think it’s right. I have to now go and get another pair of work pants because these keep falling off me too. I spend most of the shift hitching them up. I am so sick of this. Can’t any clothing manufactureres make pants to fit my size waist?

You too can have the same problem! Pants which fall off because you’re so small hehehehehehe

When I lost all my excess weight a few years ago I went and bought a new wardrobe and that included a lot of trousers and jeans. Couldn’t wear them before because I looked like an overstuffed sausage but now I can. But they just fall down and even the belts I buy don’t quite fit me. I have to punch a new hole in them to make them fit me. Most belts go around me twice!

I went into my wardrobe to see how many pairs of jeans and trousers I have which needed to be taken in and there is about 25 pairs. Not including the winter ones I just put away. Anyone know of a place in Adelaide where I can get them all taken in at the waist? I do sew myself but I don’t have the time to do it and I don’t think my sewing machine is up to jeans material. Ugh! It’s a big job!

Hey Marilyn…….


I received a lovely email form a wonderful person who just purchased my ebook and her words were…

“Hey Marilyn,

I have finished reading the e book in one day – such a great read – thank you!
Your book has helped me realise that it is not always about kilo in weight but it is the size. Your weight loss guidelines is so easy and something that will be able to adhere to long term.”

From Corinne…. NSW

That was so nice. I have her permission to post it on here. I always ask first before posting any comments and I don’t give out personal details unless instructed.
Thanks Corinne, it was nice of you to say these kind words and it is so true about nutrition too!

When you have tried most if not all weight loss plans/programs/diets and have failed or they have been too difficult to stick to then give this a go. You will find it incredibly easy.
Marilyn xxx

What is My Plan based on???


I often get asked this question. I really have to say it’s based on food and a little exercise but that is as far as it goes for it having any similarities to other weight loss plans etc…

I kept it as simple as possible so you are able to succeed. You will think it is a most normal way to eat when you begin. But you really must get the scrimping and measuring, weighing and counting out of your head. There is none of that.

I have manipulated the whole food and exercise thingy, based it on good food research and drained the best of this information to work out My Plan in a book which has humour and real experiences in it. There are some recipes in it which are sooo easy and delicious! Some of the recipes take about 6 minutes to make and the information you will gain about food will be invaluable.

If you’re considering losing weight, do yourself and your body a favour. Eat! Enjoy!
Marilyn xxx

Don’t you think My Plan is…..


Unique? Easy to do? Easy to stick to? It’s based on the science of good food and nutrition, with a bit of excercise.
You know you should eat don’t you? Don’t starve in the hope of losing weight. You will only send your metabolism into starvation mode and it will hang on to the fat.

If you have been led to believe not eating carbs is going to help you shed those unwanted kilos/lbs, then you are sooooooo wrong. You need carbs and plenty of them. Complex carbohydrates are chocker block full of nutrients. There are vitamins and minerals in carbs which don’t come in fruit and vegetables so going without them is not doing your body any favours.

You would also have heard the kids talk about fruit and veg 2 and 5. 2 serves of fruit per day and 5 serves of veg.
I don’t believe that is enough. No wonder people go to bed hungry and they have behavioural problems when they diet…

Who gets cranky when they diet? I used to.

I hate that word diet..

Well, I manipulated a few things and came up with something so simple and it really works and it can be so fast depending on how you go about it…

I never wanted to have a book with a gorgeous young skinny model on the cover. Why? That’s cheating. I am a normal average person who had a weight problem but not any more. I feel wonderful and I know I never have to worry about food again. I put a pic of myself on the cover for all the world to see. I wanted everyone to know I’m honest about my book and honest about my Plan.

Me and Boo

Oh, and don’t expect to read a book which is so like all the other’s on the market. Weighing, measuring, counting, skimping, Blah!!!!
I wrote my book for you to be an enjoyable read with some humour in it. Not another one like it anywhere. So don’t be too serious with dieting, get Marilyn’s Plan and enjoy living again, and eating!

It’s also great for kids to read too. No need to worry about them taking dieting into their own hands and worrying they could be at risk of Anorexia by not eating.

Team Teen, Team Tween, Team Teeny

If you have a fat pet then they too can be on the same Plan. Thier food is different than ours of course but the Principal of the Plan is the same. So don’t keep putting it off. Do it now whie you have the opportunity and while I still have stock!
Marilyn xxx

I’m so glad…


Had someone tell me today they just read my book and how happy they are and it’s going to be so easy to follow.
This lady also said it is ‘A very clever way to do it’ and ‘It’s written very well’ She laughed when I said ‘Yes, it’s quirky isn’t it?’

She agreed and said she could never bring herself to diet ever again after trying a couple of the big companies diets and failing badly. I won’t say which companies as it’s a bit unprofessional to speak ill of another competitor, but then they do follow my posts and website and copy a lot of my statements and ideas. Hhhmmmmm

There isn’t another book on weight loss in the world which is as much fun to read or as quirky or as effective and it makes me feel good to know I can help others with it. I don’t need to spend money trying to convince personalities to try my Plan. They eventually do it when they realise they can’t stick to the one they are on! My Plan is spreading around the globe like a slow rash and it’s working……
Great for people and pets too!
Marilyn xxx

CPR on a Gecko


Went outside early this morning to see what the day had in store, weather wise and as I wandered around under my pergola I heard a noise. Looked down and there was a tiny 10cm or 5 inch Gecko thrashing about on the concrete. Although it was very small, it still kicked up a lot of dust. I crouched down to get a closer look and this poor little fella had swallowed a stick and some pillow stuffing and it must have become lodged in it’s throat.

In recovery after CPR

I screamed to my hubby to come quick, there’s a little lizard in distress and it needs help! Hubby runs and gets his glasses so he can see but before he gets to where the lizard and I were, I had grabbed hold of the stick with the fluff on it and gently pulled it from his mouth. The stick was so very fine and it was in there quite a way. The poor little bugger still had some fluff hanging out of it’s mouth but only a tiny piece and so we tried to pull that off without much success so into the house I ran to get my good eyebrow tweezers to do it. By the time I got outside the lizard had dropped it’s little nose to the ground and I guess from exhaustion or it had ceased respirations. It went limp and it’s little legs were flat on the ground, so into action I went. I pushed it gently to see if it would move but it was still. Believe it or not I did CPR on it. I put my pointer finger on it’s back where I believe it’s lungs were and pressed ever so gently and rapidly. Then after 10 pumps, I blew onto the ground in front of it’s little head and the wind must have blown up it’s nose into it’s lungs. I did this a few times and blow me down if it didn’t lift it’s head up very slowly and begin wiggling it’s tail again but very slowly! I stopped the CPR and allowed the little fella to rest while I kept a watchful eye on it and within 5 minutes, it had begun to wriggle slowly and using it’s little legs which before were paralized. Hubby and I both stood there just staring at this poor little creature who had got into trouble and could possibly have died.

The stick with fluff on the end.

When it recovered and began walking normally again I got the trusty camera out and took a couple of pics to show. I think it was trying to get over the big log and into the garden so I gently picked it up with a dried gum leaf and put in into the garden where it was safe. We both went about our morning jobs and activities and that was it! Later I went to see if it had survived and sure enough it had moved from the spot where I left it so all must be good. What a relief.
I must have been in Life Saving mode today!

Into the safety of the garden.

I showered and dressed as we were expecting a family visit and just as I came out from the bathroom there was a knock on the door and someone yelling “Auntie come out quick there’s a man down on the road.” Into action I went again… yelling to hubby as I ran, Gary run quick! I ran to the end of my street and around the corner only to find a young man laying on the footpath in the sun with a beer mug (full) and a bottle of something he hadn’t opened. He was as drunk as a skunk! I was so angry.

My thought was to leave him there but I couldn’t so I asked him a few questions and then told him to get into the shade. He carried on and so I told him if he didn’t I would call the police. He moved really fast then. He leaned against a fence in the shade and that’s where we left him to sober up. Hubby checked him when he went that way to work and no news was good news. He must have been to the Shutzenfest or something. He didn’t have any money, just this booze. Idiot! There was a small crowd of concerned people there but when they saw he was drunk they went about their business. They were quite annoyed too. What an idiot he was putting himself in that position. He could have been mugged or bashed. Maybe I should have called the Police!