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Fatty Boombas


I saw the Actors Screen Guild Awards tonight and I was so shocked to see the majority of people present were fatty boombas! What on earth have people been doing to themselves? Do overweight people truly believe fat is the new way to be? Honestly, I think it is not! Media hype have caused so much trouble for people. First they all promote skinny models who have been photoshopped to look like someone else and people think they will be like them if they do ‘the diet’ being promoted. Then there is an uproar from people who have at last decided they don’t want to be compared with these skinny women and complain, so a single issue group will take up the fight and blame everyone else for it. So then the media put real looking un photoshopped women on their sites and in magazines and are now at risk of convincing fat people they are ok. Gee where does it all end? It won’t because no one will be satisfied. Are overweight people just being lazy? What are they thinking? I would surely love to know.
Oh and Sandra Bullock was just gorgeous. She is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She loves animals and that makes her a saint in my book. Congratulations Sandra for winning the award. We love you. Why your career was on the back burner for so long makes me wonder. A very talented Actress and a great human being. I will be waiting for your next film with bated breath.


I have a new idea cooking!


I was thinking about something I thought we could all do with and I discussed it with my Hubby who said it would be a wonderful idea. Ok so I have the idea but now to put it on paper. All this takes time and money and so I am going to say. look out for this space because when it comes it will be a very exciting thing indeed.

I get a lot of ideas and I keep them rolling around in my head for weeks, sometimes months. I have to make sure it is useful and helpful to anyone else who might want to see it. I believe it will be.

So just wait and see!

Saving Ann!


I just saw an episode of ‘A Current Affair’ and it was about a morbidly obese young woman called Ann. Ann is Married to a lovely man called John and according to ACA, Ann desperately wants to shed the weight, 100 Kg or 36 stone. This has made this poor woman so miserable and her lovely Husband John is there by her side assisting in any way he can. Ann has tried a lot of weight loss programs but she hasn’t tried mine! Marilyn’s Plan. Online

If anyone of you out there know Ann or know of her, please speak up. Email me. I sent an email to Channel 9 to ask them to put me in touch with Ann and her Husband but Channel 9 don’t like me so I don’t think I will be hearing from them. I am asking the public for help to find Ann and let her know I am here for her. I will assist her in any way I can. Marilyn’s Plan will do the job and she will love it and she won’t have to subject herself to that dreadful surgical procedure called Lap Band surgery or having half of the stomach cut away to reduce it. I think that is a disgusting thing to do to the Human body.

When I saw Ann and her Husband John speaking about their plight, my Heart broke. I cried. It was one of the saddest things I had seen for a long time. Ann is so desperately unhappy. I think her husband is the most wonderful Man to give such support to the Woman he adores.

So there you have it. Help me help save Ann!

What a Day!


Today I was feeling a bit lost. I bought my Grand Daughter a miniature house a few years ago an began filling it with Miniature furniture and household items. These little things were gorgeous and quite expensive. I even had a plate which had to be hand painted with a magnifying glass it was so small.

Then over the next few years, I started noticing some of these things were missing. yesterday I made a list of the things I remember I had and were not there anymore. It was quite a list. I was so distressed to think someone had targeted this little house and taken all the best things out of it. I felt so hurt and so did my Grand Daughter. So today we went shopping to try to replace some of the items. I found a few things but nothing was the same as what we had lost.

A pencil the size of a pin with lead which could write. The pencil I bought had the lead olour just painted on the tip. There were so many things we have lost and not able to replace. They were one of’s. Now I have to purchase a couple of chains to lock it up so these new things cannot disappear. Buying new items didn’t make us feel any better because we still feel so violated. I have included a pic of a couple of things we bought today. Hope you like.

Tonight I took my Grand daughter to see the Stage performance of CATS at the Festival Theatre. It was wonderful. The costumes were simple but reallyMiniature Sideboard.A Matchbox to show how small it is. stunning. The acting and vocals were amazing and the props were terrific. That made us feel better as we had a chance to stop feeling sad. If you get the opportunity to see the show, do so, you won’t be sorry.

Cardiac Arrest and Exercise!!!


My goodness. I was reading how one of the Trainers on Australia’s ‘Biggest Loser’ was making a statement on how she was very concerned about the amount of exercise these obese people were doing on the show and for every hour of exercise we saw the contestants doing, they actually did about 100 hours of exercise. One of the comments made by somebody else in the comments box said how most of these contestants put all the weight back on and more after they left the show. Doesn’t make for a sustainable program in either sense does it?

I do remember watching some of the shows and making comments like ‘Oh my god, these people are at risk of a Cardiac Event.’ I could see the stress placed on their Hearts by all the exercise they were doing and it made my skin crawl. I watched a young woman who exercised so much in the beginning she vomited. Do you know why? I will tell you. The Heart sends Blood to the Brain and will protect it. The most important job is for the Heart to do this and it doesn’t want to have to allow for the food in the Stomach to be broken down to be distributed as nourishment. The Stomach will empty (Vomiting). That’s why when your Mother tells you not to go swimming too soon after eating you should believe her. Paddling in the water is fine but no strenuous exercise or you will vomit.

Reminds me of a group of kids at the Aquatic Centre in Adelaide last summer. They were all at a Birthday Party and had all the sugary drinks, cakes, lollies, chips and Hotdogs they could eat. A few minutes after they ate, they were all in the Pool. Two minutes after that, one of the little girls was vomiting. She had been having so much fun before the food by way of the strenuous activities the Pool attendant had organised, her stomach was ready to empty before she even ate the food. eeew! Yes we left immediately.

For crying out loud. Fair suck of the Sav!!! What on earth are these programs doing? Having Doctors and Trainers etc on the set does absolutely nothing to prevent these people from having a Heart attack. They would still have to call an Ambulance and wait for it to come and give CPR. So, where does that leave the silly contestant who is either writhing in agony from the horrendous chest pain they are suffering or taking their last breath while someone gets ready to give them CPR.

It leaves them out in the cold! I have been screaming about this too. Why hasn’t someone done something about it. This trainer even said the contestants are getting bigger. Are they bringing in Elephants?

There is no way on this Earth I would expect anyone with a weight problem to do this kind of exercise. It is taking ownership for stupidity. On My Plan, I tell people to do some form of exercise but the ones I have suggested are quite different and for only a couple of minutes. Most people don’t have time for exercise I agree but you must do a little bit. If you follow My Plan and do the exercises I have mentioned in my book, then you will be quite happy to do it. It all fits in together with My Plan and My Plan MAKES SENSE!

Oh, and I don’t believe in Pounding the Pavement either. If you are overweight then your joints are at risk of serious damage from all the jolting and jamming. No matter how expensive your shoes are. I know skinny people who have had knee replacements and have only ever walked for their exercise. All I can say is take it easy on your body and don’t over do it!!!



I was just reading an article about Ellen Degeneres and the Shakes diet she is promoting. Now I’m all for her helping someone get ahead with a good idea but I think this is not too good an idea. I say this because some time ago I was working with an Enrolled Nurse who was on a ‘Shakes Diet’. Now she was on it for only a short time.

This Enrolled Nurse and I were having our tea break together and she recognised me from the Publicity for my book. I was on TV and received some very good exposure Australia wide. This poor girl told me during the time she was on the Shakes Diet she became quite ill and ended up with a Colostomy Bag! After I recovered from the shock of what she told me I thought about the time I tried a shakes diet (and failed). I was on it for only two weeks. I was physically sick.

This poor girl ended up with a Colostomy Bag. Her bowel shut down completely. It was because her body was on a liquid diet and not having solid food going through the Intestines and the bowel, it didn’t want to work anymore. The bowel has an action called ‘Peristalsis’ which means it pushes food and waste all the way through to the end. What do you think this action is going to do if it is not being used????? Shut down.

So there you have it. I personally didn’t like to have to drink these nasty tasting, boring drinks which didn’t work on me anyway. Not everyone can afford these things and if and when people do get off them and begin eating normal food again, they put the weight back on again and most times even more because they still don’t have the answer, AND I DO. YO YO DIETING That is what you call it. I dont think I will ever forget that night. I felt so sad for her. Young Mother with Children and a Colostomy Bag!!!

I am sick to death of people trying to lose weight by the ‘QUICK FIX DIETS’

LOOK where is your patience? Why are you in such a hurry to lose weight when you know very well you will not be able to sustain the weight loss. Even if you do lose the weight initially, you have to starve yourself after to keep the weight off. For crying out loud. EVERYONE will tell you, you have to make a lifestyle change. You have to understand what you are eating, why you are putting on weight and how to get it off, safely. There is no long term quick fix. There is only good food, good nutrition and exercise.

I have just tweeked the whole weight loss system and devised something so incredibly simple and easy. My Plan for weight loss is UNIQUE. There is not another like it in the world. When you read my book you will have a wonderful gift which will be with you forever. You will be able to work it out for yourself. Lose the weight as fast or as slow as you like, and eat the foods you are used to eating. Unless it is junk food. Even then you can still have some of that now and then. You will know when you can have it too.