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Well that was an anticlimax I must say. Did anyone panick over the silly predictions made by THAT person? I hope not. There is always one in the barrel who will do and or say anything to get their 15 minutes of fame. Well, this nit wit had 30 minutes of fame, and as long as the media listen to him and print this rubbish, he will have more and more. I was on Twitter making a few remarks about looking your best for the ‘beam me up Scotty’ experience and encourageing everyone to look their best prior to the ‘Rapture and all of a sudden my analytics page on Google went mad. Everyone wanted to know about my book and my Plan. I am going to tell you something right now to help you. If you are overweight, there is nothing in this world to help you lose that weight but a change in food and exercise. That’s it! Full stop!

All the dieting in the world will not do for you what my Plan can do and that is to make you lose weight as fast or as slow as you want. I always read or hear about people having to do hours of exercise each and every day for weight loss. I will tell you there is no need to do so much on My Plan. It’s dangerous for obese people to exercise so much. I encourage only a few minutes a day. With the Plan and the exercises I have designed, it can be so fast it will make your head spin. I will teach you the Principal of the Plan and then you go for it. It will be exciting too. If anyone tells you not to exercise then you are in for a difficult time because the cardiovascular system needs exercise to maintain homeostatsis. That means a healthy body. There isn’t anything unsual in it but it’s different to anything you have ever tried before. So prior the next ‘Rapture’ party you are invited to, get my book and get ready for an amazing and truly unique experience in weight loss. Great for people and Pets too. I even have children on the Plan and some don’t even know it. That’s how easy and simple it is.

So with all the silly hype about the ‘Rapture’ I bet it made a few people look at their lifestyles and helped them make a few decisions to make some important changes. That’s it for me for now. Until next time. Hugs to all. xxx

Writing. Got ideas yet?


I have been blogging about writing but I didn’t talk about getting ideas and how to put them on paper. You don’t have to write ‘The great Literary novel of the century.’ You just need to make sure it is written to inform the reader of something newsworthy or to get them excited about some event. You can capture them with your opening chapters and titles etc. I know it can be hard trying to think of a catchy phrase or story line to snag the reader but imagine you are talking to someone you haven’t seen for a long time and explain your story to them as if you are telling the story for the very first time. Give it all the emotion and descriptions it needs to make it a grand story. Remember too, it is important to stay within the boundaries of your own knowledge base.

I think that’s why true stories do so well. They are pretty easy to write because it’s a true event and your role in writing it is only to relive the event and put it on paper. Embellish a bit if you want. All the major script writers do it so why not you? They will take a 5 minute story and make a 2 hour film from it. Make it exciting and have fun. I have 2 other books on the go here and I write them as I go. As I experience an event or incident, I jot it down and add it to the chapter where I know it fits. One of these books is going to shock and probably horrify a lot of folks but I figure they will appreciate my position after they read it and act on it. The other book is a little sad but has a happy ending……. I hope!
Oh, one more thing. Don’t sit for hours without getting up and doing some form of exercise to prevent DVT’s in your legs. It’s all in there for you and the most brilliant weight loss Plan of the century. Hoo Hoo!!

No Diet Day Today!


How’s that? Did you know it was no diet day today? A bunch of dietitions and health experts got together and said ‘Oh, let’s tell everyone they can eat what they like today.’ What a croc! if you knew it and enjoyed yourself eating anything and everything you have been keeping at arms length then tomorrow you will be full fat and hopefully happy. But then you might just be full fat and miserable too. Wondering how you are ever going to lose the weight you just put on. I heard about ‘No Diet Day’ early today but it didn’t effect me because I’m already thin and I eat what I like.
Marilyns Plan for Weight Loss. Woo Hoo!

Bariactric Surgery?????


Who in their right mind would want to do this? Only the very brave I fear. I just read an article about a teenager who with the consent of her parents, had a gastric bypass. Stomach stapling. Whatever you call it, it is not for the faint hearted. There is so much work to be done when anyone has this type of surgery. Being obese puts you at risk during a general Anaesthesia and then there is the food. Minute amounts of food can only be consumed. This can put you at risk of malnutrition due to the lack of food and in the amounts needed to maintain a healthy body.

Back to the story! This young girl is now at risk of dying from Anorexia. She states she gets sick when she eats food and now only eats about 300 calories a day which consist of a carrot and a few other vegetables. She also states she suffers from stomach cramps after eating as well. Prior to the surgery this young girl was consuming 15,000 calories a day. Whoa! Her only fault was, she was hungry and didn’t get enough….. to satisfy her hunger so she ate and ate. Poor kid. I feel so sad and sorry for her. This poor young thing and her parents obviously haven’t heard of Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss. If they had, they would have encouraged her to read my book, then assisted her to lose the weight.

As well as losing her weight, they would all have learned a few good lessons about food and the human body. The Principal in my Plan would have allowed this girl to lose her weight so easily and so successfully. No one would have even noticed she was trying to lose weight. My book is selling all around the world now and I am in such a hurry to get everyone on my Plan and to stop dieting because I believe there is no reason for anyone to suffer in any way or form from being overweight and trying to lose it.

The word diet has people running for cover. I don’t blame them. Counting calories/kilojoules is as painful and time consuming as having a root canal. Diets are everywhere. In our faces all day long and they all believe they have the answer, but they don’t. They are all the same. Look at the different types of diets out there. Calorie/kilojoule counting, weighing and measuring, shakes, meal replacements, frozen… the list goes on and if they were any good, then tell me why there are so many overweight and obese people in the world? It’s because they’ve tried them all like I did and have given up. It’s exhausting I know.

Are parents so out of tune with their children, they don’t realise when their children are sad or miserable? What on earth is going on? There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t ask my little girl if she had a good day. We talk. We discuss issues and I give her my opinion and allow her to decide for herself, but the opinions I give are realistic for her age and her concerns. It shows I care. This is a trust exercise and in the future I hope we have a strong enough relationship that she feels comfortable enough to always come to me to talk about any troubles and problems she has.

So if you have a child with problems. Talk to them. Listen to them and help them. Don’t fail them. Ever! If you have a child with a weight problem or they don’t have a weight problem but they seem to be preoccupied with their weight. Take them to your family physician and get their weight for height chart done to show them their true weight range. If there is a problem with obesity, then let them read my book and you read it as well. Work with your Doctor too.

BIG Extreme Makeover


Not another reality show on TV. Now there is show on TV where the contestants lose weight over 12 months with the help of fitness trainers. I am just waiting to hear one of them has had a heart attack from that rugged and deadly exercise. Overweight/obese people are at risk of cardiac events when they stress their heart with so much exercise. Their body is so much bigger and the heart has to pump blood to more of it. What a strain. I’m not even going to mention the strain on the joints from carrying all the excess weight through the exercise.

This is darned scary so I have decided not to watch it. I would like to challenge this show and have a couple of morbidly obese people on Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss and show how easy my Plan is and how they could lose their weight even faster and more gentler than the people on the show. I have been keeping in touch with a few people who are on my Plan. That’s because I’m interested in how they are doing and I want to show my support. So if you are interested let me know.