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Riveting Reading


Yes I have to say when you read my book you won’t want to put it down. I wrote it to be easy and enjoyable to read. Once you have read it I do ask you to read it again and make sure you have the Principal of My Plan in your head.

It’s different from any other book on weightloss because I haven’t filled it with facts and figures. Go time to read them? Do you want to? Surely you would have a basic understanding of what food is good food and what is not. Doesn’t matter because you get to eat what you want to eat, within limits of course. We don’t want you all living on rubbish.

Marilyn xxx


No germs for me


I’ve been working in the one facility for two consecutive days and there are so many chest infections. Moist, productive, infectious and horrible. I would have a nasty chest infection myself by now if I wasn’t as healthy as I am. A few years ago, I would catch anything and everything going around but not anymore. I’m so darned healthy it’s fantastic. I put it down to my Plan and the health benefits.

Keep those bugs at bay, lose weight and get healthy. it’s the best.

Great for people and pets too.

Summer is on it’s way


Make the decision to lose your excess weight now. It isn’t difficult. If you’ve been trying to lose weight and not succeeded then you haven’t done it correctly. Overweight people are at risk of hospital visits for a number of health issues. The healthier you get the less chance you will have of being admitted for something serious. The way the hospital systems are at the moment, I don’t want to get sick or need to go to hospital. I heard on the radio today that the hospitals in Adelaide are full. I haven’t had a sick day in over 3 years so I don’t need to worry about that. Lucky me. I used to get terribly sick with flu, colds, chest infections etc… but not any more.
So, if you’ve tried dieting, starving yourself, exercising to the max then forget it.
I will get you started on the way to the most wonderful experience. Your weight will fall off. Your health will improve and don’t forget about the animals who will benefit from My Plan if they are overweight. It will be the best thing you ever did. xxx

Don’t pick on Magda.


I saw ACA segment and That poor woman ‘Magda’ who we all love is rumoured to have split with her diet buddies JC. Shame. Now it is being said she has put on a hell of a lot of weight after it. Magda if you’re reading this then I support you in your weight loss journey. Don’t let the media get you down. They are just after a story. It’s their job. I know what it’s like to nearly get there with weight loss goals and then have something come up and it’s over. The weight comes back and from there you don’t know where to go. Arghhh! Don’t let that get you down either. You have just stumbled but it’s ok. Sometimes I think stumbling is good because if you look back at what you did you can make better decisions and be more assertive in your goals.

I don’t remember how many times I stumbled in my goal to lose it, and the number of times I put it back on is well, quite a few.. Since I devised my Plan I haven’t stumbled because it is so easy and if I put on a bit of weight it is because it’s winter and I nearly freeze. I get too skinny so I have to be careful of my weight now. That’s actually really funny to say that. I can still walk into a shop and buy size 8 Aus and wear it without trying it on because I know it fits!
I also know that I am healthy and I haven’t had a sick day in 3 years due to the health benefits of Marilyn’s Plan. No more flu, colds, chest infections, gastro from work facilities. Aaaahhh life is good. I didn’t have to be lead by the hand and pushed to lose weight. It just fell of me. No pressure.

Magda, if I were you I wouldn’t advertise what you are doing. Keep away from the media so you can deal with it minus being under the media spotlight. When you have faced your demons then go and tell the world. I didn’t like the way the media promoted Magda and her weight loss journey. They made such a big fuss and put her under so much pressure. Put all that pressure behind you and see life as your own.

This is a simple and easy way to lose any and all of your excess weight without starving and going to bed hungry. No one even needs to know you are on my Plan because it is your secret and they won’t get anything out of me either. I respect people’s privacy and their dignity. No need to psych yourself up to lose weight because my Plan is pretty much the same as what you are doing. There are a few changes however and these changes are what you can keep with you for life!

Good for overweight pets too.

Do you really want to have your guts cut out?


The experts are now saying that obese people can’t lose weight unless they have ‘Bariatric’ surgery. Holy moly that is so rich! So sad too. I think overweight people have just had enough of weight loss products and programs shoved in their faces and for so long they’ve given up. Like me, I tried most if not all of these things and failed miserably. The cost of these things were at times so financially prohibitive, I would give up until I had saved enough to keep going again but in the mantime I put all the weight back on. It wasn’t working and I couldn’t afford to eat like that either.

I know what you are going through. Do you remember what you do as soon as the warm weather hits us? You tell yourself you are going to lose weight and then begin eating rabbit food for a few weeks. You soon get sick of going to bed hungry and give up. So you’ve been starving yourself all summer. By the time winter is here again you are right back to where you started. Overweight!