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Don’t enter online competitions.


I made the mistake of entering a website (a reputable one I will say) on a day when nothing was happening and I was a bit bored. The website is chokkers with competions and free trial offers and I thought, It looks harmeless enough. BIG MISTAKE!

Not long after that I began receiving all this spam from companies who I have nothing to do with and have never heard of before and most if not all of them are from another country. All offering services and such.

Has the penny dropped yet??? Yes the original company where I signed up had very small print to state they could do what they want with my email address, so that meant the offers are probably fake as I would have to wait to be selected to trial the items. All the company wants is your email address so they can sell it to other companies. This is big money to some and nothing but trouble to others.

I did this 2 days ago and now my email address is full of unwanted spam. Very hard to get rid of it because they don’t have an unsubscribe button and if they do I am redirected to a page which my security states it could put my computer at risk. I then have to email them to tell them to remove me from their mailing list or face legal action.

All this because I was bored and probably a little tired. So when you go to a site which claims to offer you wonderful things, look for a declaration which states they will not use your email address for anything else and they will not disclose it to other companies. Otherwise your email address is just being passed around and sold and re sold which in turn will have your inbox full of unwanted spam.

I have a website and I promise I will NEVER collect anyone’s info to be sold or passed onto anyone else. I think this should be outlawed as it is the most frustrating thing to have to clean up. As good as the offer might be , check in the terms and conditions box. The items you are interested in are probably fake as well. They just want your email address to sell.
Marilyn xxx


Weightloss by the experts. HA!


I just saw a current affairs program. It first showed how imported fruits and vegetables into Australia contained toxic chemicals which are banned here and also how nutrition was lacking from most if not all of the food due to the poor soil and growing conditions from the country of origin.

I was astounded by this and immediately went out to my little garden to check on my newly planted trees and little vegetable patch to see how they were doing. Big strawberries almost ready to pick again and soon will have to start building up the soil ready for next years lot. My fruit trees need a little attention too so it’s off to Bunnings tomorrow for a chat with the garden expert. I will of course take a pen and paper to write it all down.

The next segment on the program was about a pill recommended by a university to guarantee weight loss. They say to swallow a couple of pills a day to stave off hunger.
Alarm bells began ringing immediately because I still say hunger is the body’s cry for nutrition. Stop the hunger and you stop the cravings. It’s all in my book. Hunger should not be prevented by consuming pills and concoctions. If you do that, you will do more harm than good. I will argue until I’m blue in the face about this! The man who did the clinical testing of the toxic fruit and vegetables also stated how we need vitamins and minerals in our diets for healthy bodies. We should all know that shouldn’t we?

Ok so we are eating bad food and taking pills and concoctions to stop the hunger. What does that say to you? Is it any wonder people are overweight? They are lacking in nutrition. Nutrition is vitamins and minerals and it comes from the food we should be eating. If you are eating rubbish food you will always be hungry and if you stop the hunger by taking pills you will not get the nutrition you need for your body to work properly.

Is it any wonder the nation is overweight? I’m not overweight anymore and I’m not hungry either. In fact I eat tlike a skinny person now because I don’t need to eat as much and my body utilises the food very well. I eat by Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss and I am covering all my bases. I am thin, healthy and so fit.

So when you see these programs just remember not everyone is on the ball!

Will Kate and Wills Honeymoon in Australia?


The end of April will see Australia have about the same weather as a nice English summer day I have been led to believe. So is it any wonder I choose Australia for them to have their honeymoon? Oprah came here and we polished up the sun and put on our best smiles and good manners. Oprah’s visit was a resounding success.

Australia is a lovey, peaceful place to have a honeymoon and there are an abundance of places to go for a quiet honeymoon away from the prying eyes of the media. I think it was the first visit abroad for Charles and Diana after their marriage and they seemed to enjoy themselves.

If comparisons were made about their honeymoon and Will’s parents honeymoon then Aus it is. I would have to say Australia is a good safe bet too. One of our gorgeous Islands would be the perfect spot. Booked out so as to have the whole Island to themselves and really, who would guess? Not me. Prince Charles went to School here in Australia… Timbertop. If it’s good enough for him then there’s another reason.

The only place I could think of which would give absolute privacy would be the island of Sir Richard Branson. Surround it with raw meat to draw the sharks and bingo!! No prying eyes. Richard would have to move out though. Problem. No, Australia it is!

Hope Kate doesn’t stack on the weight on her honeymoon. if she does. xxx

What are you wearing to the Royal Wedding?


Does it fit or have you stacked on the weight and you look like an overstuffed sausage?
Oh, dear! The hype and hoopla of the life of the Royals has everyone on their toes and eager to see the next major story on whether Kate has had a facelift, teeth worked over or has anyone involved had some sordid affair which will undoubtably rock the Royals again. It all sells papers and that’s it!

Why do we obsess over people we don’t know personally? Beats me. I think I’ll probably sit up all night and watch the wedding along with the rest of the world because it will be streamed live and it will seem like I am there, but as far as listening to gossip, arghhhh, keep me out of it. All gossip does is make the gossip monger look like a big mouth and the person reading or listening to it, a mindless moron. I’ll tell my self ‘I wasn’t there so I didn’t see it, whatever the tabloids are reporting.’ That’s that! I won’t make judgments. But I can’t wait to see the wedding.

Hats off to Kate and Wills for downgrading the cost of the wedding but by our standards it will still be an elaborate affair. Oooh I can’t wait. I do so love weddings.
Kate Middleton is a lovely young woman who has found her Prince and Wills is a man who has his mate for life, so let it be and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Funny how the Royal family have now relaxed their rules about who the future King should marry. If Charles had been allowed to marry Camilla when he first wanted to, I dare say Diana would still be alive today but who would our future King or Queen have been from their consummation? Food for thought…..
Ok sausages….. if you cannot get into your outfit for the wedding and need a quick solution and one that’s sure to work.
Have fun! Marilyn xxx

My Radio Interview….


I nervously drove to the 5AA building and went in for my interview with Amanda Blair. I waited for quite some time because as always, I’m early. When I finally went in I saw this pretty young woman sitting in a huge chair, handling all the buttons, dials, microphones, computers and goodness knows what else with ease. She’s an old hand at it.

I was ushered to my chair and waited with bated breath. Finally I was on! Amanda has a way of making people feel so welcome and so comfortable. The interview was one of the best I have had and I have to thank them for their kindness. It was a shame there was no water in the green room. I walked from Harris Scarfe car park in the heat and was a bit thirsty but never mind.

Their earlier guests probably drank everything in the fridge before I got there. All in all it was a great interview and I hope to return sometime. I enjoy listening to 5AA as I do to other stations. I think Amanda was a bit surprised to hear my Plan for weight loss is for people AND pets.

I hope to be able to get onto other radio stations as well and soon. That’s it for now. xxx



A very happy little dog now she has lost weight!

If you live in the Adelaide area of South Australia and you have an overweight pet or you know someone who has. Please email me with details. I am offering a personal guide for you and your pet.
With approximately 44% of the world’s Pets suffering from obesity, my Plan will help them become leaner and a lot happier.

The usual way of to reduce pet obesity has been to starve them and keep them on fluids but it doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine you having to do the same if you were overweight. The experts have also stated they will suffer from behavioural problems due to dieting. That’s true and it’s the same for people on diets. We get angry when we’re hungry.

So email me now and I will arrange visits with personal instruction for your pet. They will love it and you for making them a happier and healthier animal.
It doesn’t matter what sort of animal you have either. Dogs, cats, horses, goats….. They can all be on Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss.

But you Honour!


I can just see it in a few years time when the owners of overweight pets are taken to court to explain why their pet is over weight and suffering from health problems.

‘But your honour, He looked at me with those big brown eyes and I had to give him some more food!’ ‘I really though he was hungry’

In actual fact if that poor person standing in the dock had done the right thing with their pet it wouldn’t have come to this.

Don’t let your pet get fat. Good food and exercise is the best to keep them trim and healthy. is an easy, simple and stress free (for all) way to do it for your pet, and yourself if you’re overweight. They and you won’t be hungry either. I have seen what the experts do for obese pets. They put them on a drip of fluids and starve them of food. That is cruel. The poor animal is hungry and depressed. How would you feel if it were you?