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Can’t wait to eat.. forget the photos…


Every time we put our meals on the table and sit down to eat, it’s a matter of let’s get into it and not worry about anything else..

I know we should be photographing our meals to show you what we eat to stay trim taught and terrifically healthy but our food is so yummy we don’t have time to take pics.. Sorry..

I will make a concerted effort for the next few days and take some pics and add to this blog so you can see we only eat normal food and it keeps us thin and healthy..I am so glad I will never have to worry myself about dieting again and getting grumpy and stuffing myself with chemicals and expensive rubbish foods from tins and packets…  The exercise is minimal but excellent and it makes your weightloss even faster…

I work in areas where there is the Flu type ‘A’ and it’s rampant amongst the residents and staff but I just don’t get sick.. Blessing… I have to say, this is the healthiest I have been in all my years on this earth.. and I feel great..

Photos to come…


Marilyn xxx

Looking outside the square


Reading the Sunday mail this morning and I saw a two page spread about diet books, the pros and cons etc  and the experts favourites.. Well, that made me mad..

If they are so darned educated then why can’t they come up with a diet to suit everyone?  They learn the basics of nutrition and apply it to their knowledge base and go from there.

Just because they have a degree in nutrition doesn’t mean they can help everyone with a weight problem. There was one overriding factor though, and that was to agree on how diets should be easy to stick to and maintain…

I am a Registered Nurse. I went through university and part of that study was to learn about food and nutrition. So what is it about my book which makes it different to all the others?  I made it easy. I kept the difficulty to a minimum. In fact it’s not difficult at all. I think we are thought of as stupid, dumb individuals who can’t think for ourselves and need to be led by the hand when wanting to lose weight. Honestly, I have tried most of these books and the ones I haven’t tried… well I know what their basic idea is and I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole because it is too restrictive, and some are just dangerous.  Restricting foods should not be a part of any healthy eating Plan. 
We the people do know what constitutes a good healthy meal. We are not stupid.  We just cannot put it together in a weight loss form… We get hungry, we get bored.

When I wrote my book, I took into consideration the fact that we all know we need to eat good food and we know which foods to avoid..  Don’t we??  Yes of course we do. I just looked outside the square and made it easy. I gave a list of foods you can eat for each meal of the day.. The list is not huge but you might be surprised to know they are foods you already eat.. Hamburgers, roast, spaghetti Bolognaise, sausages,  soups, stews, casseroles,  cold meat and salads, hot meat and salads.  There is nothing different to the food I suggest and your normal type of food you eat now.  I just know what to do with it and when..  It’s all good tasting foods too. There is nothing tricky about it at all. It’s simple to read and understand.. I am not in favour of kids dieting but this is so close to what you and they normally eat, they can do it as well. Food provides the basic building blocks for a healthy body and restricting any healthy choices will just make you sick…..  Sick and tired too hehehe 

So before you go out and spend your hard earned money on something you think you won’t be able to do.. think about it..  Millions of dollars are spent each year on diet books and products.  Doesn’t that make you wonder why?  Does me.. If they work then there should be less spent each year..  I often wonder if they are counting on getting your money with their fancy schmancy adds and not giving a rats bum about you or your ability to stick to it.  Once they have your hard earned cash, they have succeeded and you have failed again!     How many diets have you tried?  Did they work?  How long did you persist with it? Was it successful? Did you write a diary to look back on?

That’s it for me today.. Off to work…  Hope you have a great day.

I would love to hear from some of you to get your feedback on these diets.. so feel free to leave a response. It would be great to hear from you. 

Marilyn xxx


Summer in OZ


We had the most beautiful day today. The sun was shining and it was warm.. Oh, it was lovely..I did manage to get some sun too as I hung the washing out!
I heard we are going to have a really hot and dry summer so my mind is now on ensuring the wild birds have enough water by filling the birdbaths, Laying newspaper and bark chips down around the garden and organizing for a new rainwater tank to be installed to help with the watering of the whole garden.

I will never get tired of eating...

The thing I’m dreading is getting my summer wardrobe out and packing my winter wardrobe away! Still haven’t done it..
The one thing I know I don’t have to worry about is weight loss! Yes.. I am thin and I love it. Been this way for years now due to Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss..
I wrote it to be easy and if you are keen to do the same then go for it. Learn the principal of the Plan and you will have it in your head forever… never to put it on again! Manage the meals during outings and parties, know exactly what you need to do and yet be able to get enough to eat without worrying about it. No measuring or weighing or cutting a meal short… no more excuses either… “Oh, I’m on a diet and I can’t eat that” Sick of saying it? Then say it no more, just relax and go with the flow! Well, that’s it for me…. for now anyway..
http://www.marilynsplanforweightloss.com.au get with the Plan. xxx

Don’t let it go!


Sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it. I mean, watching my emails for sales and answering peoples queries etc but I really do enjoy it. I know I haven’t blogged for a few days but life has been so busy. Even the date for completing my next book is on hold. Can’t seem to find the time but I think I have everything ready now.

Life can get so busy we lose track of where we are and what our goals are don’t we? I try to at least put my goals into ‘long term’ and ‘get it done now!’ It works when I make a list and get it done. Sometimes I just want to get off this computer and let it go…
I need space too. I need to get away from it all and take a few days off but every day I get up and put on an item of clothing and it fits as it should without having to say to myself..’I’m too fat to wear it’ I get excited all over again and I do keep going.

I do it for you. I know you have tried so many diets and fads etc to lose your weight but answer one question??? Have they worked and have you kept your goal weight for more than two years??? If you haven’t then you are on the wrong track. How many more diets are you going to pay for? How many nights are you going to go to bed hungry and miserable? How long are you going to be thinking about food before you give up and eat again?

Been there and done that. Yep! I have. I know where you’re coming from. Well, now I can teach you how to do it and once you have this fabulous concept under your belt you will know it will work for you and you will be able to do it. It’s a relief to know when you read something which makes so much sense that you know you will be able to do it. Oh… it’s so exciting. It keeps me going just thinking about it so don’t hesitate. Go and do it now for yourself, for your family and even your pets if they are overweight. And where can you get a weight loss Plan which fits in with people and pets??? Nowhere I know, except my book.

http://www.marilynsplanforweightloss.com.au Copy and paste this into your browser

I remember last week I was on facebook telling everyone I was registered with the ACCC which is the ‘Australian Competitions and Consumer Commission’ They are linked to ‘scam watch’ etc and their job is to protect the public and businesses from scammers. Well, I forgot it was removed from my website when my web developer did a revamp of the site. It’s back on there again and I am registered with them too. See the bottom of the ‘Home Page’
I requested it so I could show everyone it is for real and not a scam. There is a dinky di book and a bloody marvelous weight loss Plan so get to it. That’s it for me. Have to go and prepare for a busy weekend.
Love to all.
Marilyn xxx



Yes it’s up but not quite ready yet. The starting date is Sunday 2nd January.
The first prize is a signed copy of the book Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss by Anne Wills ‘Willsy’
Second and third prizes are ebooks…
So go to the site and have a look and start thinking about your answers.

Having Anne Wills sign the book is a first and may never be repeated.
So very exciting. It will fit in wih your New Years Resolution to lose weight in such an easy and simple way.
Good for overweight pets too.

Supermarket weightloss


Watching channel 7 Today Tonight segment on weight loss and I was stunned to see how many people are buying off the shelf supermarket treatments for weight loss. What are these people doing to their bodies? I would hate to think what the total toxic build up of these products is going to do to their systems if they continue doing this. Another thing, how lazy can some people be to rely on something so unnatural and artificial and not think about the long term effects of their actions. I continually scratch my head in wonderment by this. Ok so overweight people want to lose their weight without having to spend too much money.
They can stop buying this crap for starters and start to eat real food. I am a Registered Nurse. I studied food and nutrition in University and it is my role to ensure decent meals are served to my patients for optimal health (that will also come out in the wash in my next book). I also studied weight loss as a professional dieter for most of my life and it was only after I gave up trying to lose weight that I discovered how to do it the easy way.

Weight gain is not rocket science and weight loss isn’t either, although the so called experts try to give you something so out of this world to convince you their plan or program is the best. I will now say in approximately 20 years time, our ever failing health systems will be put under even more pressure from overweight people and the damage they have done to their bodies ingesting these rubbish products. Kidney, pancreas, liver, heart and lungs not to mention the other organs in the body.

I look at the human body like it’s a car. If you put bad engine oil or fuel into it, how well do you think it will run and how long before the mechanic is telling you it is just worn out and needs a whole new engine???? For crying out loud. When will people look at this in a sensible way and stop buying these crappy products. I don’t want to have to look after you in an aged care facility when you are still young and all due to the fact you abused your body with rubbish. Don’t you realise these products make you smell? It eventually exudes from your pores. The residue doesn’t just come out in your faeces and urine.
Remember what a baby smells like? They have this pure, clean smell don’t they? If you keep doing this you will smell like the rubbish you are ingesting.

I also don’t want to see anyone exercising so much to lose weight either. On my Plan it’s not necessary to wear yourself out. Your joints are at risk of injury from excesses in physical activity ans so is the heart if it is put under too much pressure.



I received some awful news from a lovely friend of mine regarding her bother who lives in the Phillipines. It seems he had contracted a deadly disease called Schistosomiasis. This is a worm which burrows into the skin of humans and lives and breeds in the blood vessels, destroys the Liver and the Spleen etc..

This poor man suffered with the debilitating effects of this for 3 years and just prior to Christmas 2009 he was given a dreadful prognosis. He had been given 6 weeks to live. When I heard this I immediately gave the lady one of my books to send to him. She did this and called him as well and instructed him on the use and benefits of ‘The Clincher’ in my book.

He began this part of my Plan and got progressively better. The Detox effects of ‘The clincher’ provided him with a very powerful boost to rid him of this unwanted disease. I am waiting for his sister to contact him to ask him for a few details on his diagnosis, tests, treatments and prognosis. I am hoping to add it to my website for all to read.

I have since heard he is going to survive this terrible thing. When I did some research into Schistosomiasis, I found out Bill Gates and his wife are working towards eradicating this major cause of death in these countries. What a wonderful outcome for all if it can be done. So there you have it. I am so very happy for him and his family. What a worry this would have been to them all. I have some of the family as my Facebook friends and they are the sweetest, most kind people. Absolutely lovely.

I already knew how fantastic the effects of my Plan was and is and will keep helping people. I am so sick of the pedlers of these other diets. They are all the same. They just change the food choices around. I can take the food you have chosen for your days menu and make them a Marilyn’s Plan menu. That is how easy it is. If you have been dieting for years and tried them all but are a bit sceptical, then all I can say is. You will get my book sooner or later because you will have no other choice especially when you realise the other diets you are on aren’t working for you. xxx