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Can your kids make the Team???


Children going it alone with weight loss is a dangerous combination. They need guidance and support from adults and with a good healthy eating plan. That’s where I come in. Is an easy and enjoyable read for adults and kids alike. It’s easy to understand and apply, and very effective.

If your child is bullied at school chances are they could possibly be overweight. First thing to do is to take them to see a doctor to have them check their weight for height. They will also do a visual assessment on your child, so it won’t just be a reading from a chart. Your child might be thin boned or heavy boned.

Makes a big difference. Also a good idea to check out the parents too which will indicate whether the parents are stocky in build with very little fat. On the other hand they might be of slight build. So there is a big difference and I think it’s a good idea to take them to a doctor if you’re not sure. Don’t just allow anyone to measure your child using the BMI chart. There are other measures to be factored in too.

So join the Teams and get with the Plan for the most wonderful weight loss Plan in the world!

Good for overweight pets too. You won’t have to reduce their food intake either which can lead to behavioural problems in pets. You would have behavioural problems too if you went on a strict diet with less food wouldn’t you?
I was called ‘Grumpy guts!’ on my last diet. Didn’t like it at all… ( I was a bit snarly).

Now don’t think I’m against the vets and their good advice but they haven’t seen my Plan for pets yet. Some have and they like it!
That’s it for me. Bye for now and good luck.
Oh, and have a great week.
Marilyn xxx

A slap in the face


That’s what I want to do sometimes when I see ridiculous segments on TV promoting another crazy fad diet. But….. The journos who have these segments on their shows don’t care if the fad diet works or not, they just want some startling, crazy, unrealistic statements to get the ratings.

I also want to slap people for being taken in by them because they just aren’t working. I don’t find them a healthy way to lose weight either, or normal at all. Why is it that people need to find a diet which is so unusual and unrealistic they fall for it??? Beats the hell out of me. ( I don’t want to slap to hurt, just to make people wake up).

I know I do sometimes rant about the benefits of my Plan for weight loss but I also know it’s a great way to do it and it seems so normal and easy. Yes it does work, without the calorie counting and without going without. It’s so easy to just cruise into it you barely even know you’re doing it. No one else will know you’re losing weight either until you have lost it. They won’t be able to tell because you can still eat what everyone else is eating. Your choices will be better too.

Oh, it’s just wonderful to not ever have to worry about dieting. I don’t even have any fat pants left either. In my book I tell you to put your fat pants in the shed out of the way but I gave all my clothes away because this was so easy I knew I would never fall back and put on weight again. All my clothes fit and will fit me forever!

The majority of people who choose to commence a fad diet always put the weight back on because it’s just too hard to stick to and too restrictive. Their body refuses to go with it. It’s like having an extra job to do each day. Who wants that? Not me.
I remember what it used to be like if there was an event I had to go to. I would spend weeks just looking for an outfit to wear and it was never really nice because it didn’t fit me, was the wrong colour or I felt awful in it. Now I go to the wardrobe, pick out something and put it on. I feel invigorated by it! Overwhelmed sometimes. You can too once you realise it is possible.
That’s it for me for today. Feel free to rant away on here. I’m listening.
Marilyn xxx

MKR… The best Pork Crackling….


After you have cooked your pork with the crackling, (don’t overcook the crackling, but just until it’s light and golden on top).

Remove the crackling and wrap it in paper towel. Put it in the microwave for a minute (or two) on high until the paper towel has absorbed all the fat. All you have left then is a soft but crunchy pork crackling which actually melts in your mouth.
Nothing worse than breaking your teeth trying to crunch pork crackling…..

Marilyn xxx

Who wants to be on the cover of a magazine?


No I’m not kidding. Had an email from an editor of a popular magazine and she wants pics of anyone who is on ‘Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss’ with their pet? You know… before and after pics.
So if you have been one of the lucky ones and bought the book and you and your pet have lost all your weight, please let me know and I will arrange for a photo shoot!
I know I have told you in the book, ‘It’s your secret and no one ever need know you are losing weight’ but this will be inspirational for others who just can’t lose it on those awful diets.

Exciting hey?

Email me at

Marilyn xxx

Are you getting sick and tired of the same old same old??


I’m still seeing silly commercials on TV where they are promoting diet products to fill your stomach to stop you feeling hungry and I’m sick to death of hearing these things. Hunger is the body’s cry for nutrition, not a cry to be filled with crap! Unbelievable! Hunger is a signal to you to give your body nutrition. That’s it. Full stop. I don’t know why our Govt allows these stupid products to be sold and especially to people who have given up trying to lose weight and are now falling for these scams! They aren’t healthy.

Just imagine this if you will….. You consume these products each and every day for a month, for breakfast lunch and dinner…. How much nutrition do you think your body is getting? That’s right, you got it…. NONE! Even if you use it for one meal a day, how much nutrition are you missing out on???

Is it any wonder the human race is contracting so many diseases and dying of so many cancers? If the body doesn’t get the nutrition it requires, it is left open for invasion of diseases and such. There are no antioxidants in any of these products either…. Do you think these products are natural? If they were natural, they would be able to be plucked from trees/bushes or dug up from the ground. Antioxidants should be derived from fruits and vegetables, not packets and cans. Man made products with additives and preservatives (and they do contain a lot of this crap too) give you bad breath as well. Notice how vegetarians and people who eat natural foods don’t have bad breath? They don’t, unless of course they have bad teeth etc but they are rare.

I can only hope people will begin to take their health seriously enough to give up eating garbage like this and begin eating good honest food. And if good honest weight loss is what you desire, then you can’t go past…..

It is the most normal… natural way to lose weight and it’s easy too. I could almost say it’s effortless but you do need to put a little effort into it like planning the days menu hahahaha!

I’ve kept my weight now for 4 years and I can still hardly believe it. I’m so happy.
Well, I’m sitting here watching some great movies as it’s a day off for me and I’m relaxing, so bye for now.
Marilyn xxx

Is the love of your life really a dog?


Mine is.. Boo is my one and only. The one who makes me smile. The one who greets me at the door each night I get home after work and if I happen to go out for a time, I can always count on a sweet bark (more like a squeak) when she hears my car pull in the driveway. She has the funniest attitude to life. Endearing love which I am blessed with because I know she gives it to me with any qualms or reservations. She is a delightful little thing. She also knows her place on the bed at night.. At the foot of the bed wrapped around my hot wheatbag if it’s cold. If the weather is warm, she will lay on her back with all her little legs in the air which is the coolest way to sleep when you have to wear a fur coat.

A very loyal little dog. I often look over to see where she is and what she’s doing and I see her laying on the floor or on the lounge just watching me. I wonder what she’s thinking at the time too. She is a most beautiful little Papillon and I’m glad to have her in my life. Tomorrow is Valentines day and I took a photo of her to show everyone how sweet she is and how very special she is within my family. I am proud to have her on the cover of my book as she represents all the pets in the world who are loved and cherished. She is also my first trial for animals on my Plan. She was overweight but lost it qhickly and easily on the Plan.

My Valentine

Which states??? USA of course….Oh silly me


Each time I get an order for my book from the US I have to go about finding out what the Abreviation is. MI was the last one. Minesota? No… I was on fb at the time and asked a few fb friends and they told me it was Michigan. Thanks everyone who helped me with that. I know with the summer heading to the USA I should really print off the states and their abreviations. It would make things a lot easier for the orders I get.

If you live in the US or the UK or wherever and I said to you “I live in Tas. What would you think? Well, it’s Tasmania.
SA is South Australia… as downunder as you can get unless you live on KI…. Kangaroo Island, which is even further away. WA…. Western Australia, NT… Northern Territory. NSW…. New South Wales. QLD… Queensland. ACT… Australian Capitol Territory. Vic… Victoria.

Not many is it but it’s probably just as confusing to you too. If there is a site which shows what the abreviations for each of the states, please don’t keep it to yourself, let me know. I get the books out on the same day and I don’t like holding anyone up with orders. Haven’t yet! They all go out on time and all received…