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I have to reiterate


Please, please, please all you lovely pet owners. There will be fireworks tonight and some of your pets will be terrified. Some will try to run away from the noise and could be injured so I am just reminding you all to be careful of your pet tonight.

I could imagine it would be like a war to us, with bombs blowing up all around and scaring the living daylights out of us. Ok, we can rationalise but these poor little buggers can’t. We need to make sure they are kept safe and out of harms way.

If you can’t get hold of any ‘Rescue Remedy’ to give them half an hour before the fireworks, perhaps put some nice pleasant music on and loud enough so it sounds as if the fireworks blend in with the music. You could send them to a relative or friend for the night and where you know it will be fairly quiet. If your pet gets out of their enclosure it could cost hundreds of dollars to get them back from the Animal Welfare League. This is where the council will take them. If they are not claimed within a few days they are destroyed. It will still cost you. The council doesn’t give a rats about your animals. They will just do the job and you will pay for it.

If you pet is in Australia, then it’s also going to be hot so give plenty of cool water and shade.
Give them a hug from me. if your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight then I can help you and your pet.

Happy New Year to you all!
Marilyn xxx

What is your pet doing on New Years Eve?


Have you got a pet which suffers from stress and anxiety when the fireworks go off? This noise can be so distressing to animals and they will try to run away. Last year I found a wonderful thing called ‘Rescue Remedy’ Got it from the pharmacy. Some well educated and well advised vets will recommend it to calm an anxious animal. It works too!

‘Rescue Remedy’ is a ‘Tincture’ of certain flowers and is purely herbal and will relax and calm your pet.
If we have people over for a gathering/celebration and I know there will be a certain amount of noise, I will put a few drops into their water bowl and they sip on it and are calm all day and night. No problems at all and they get through the night quite comfortably.

If you like me, live in Australia, then you will be well advised to make sure to keep your pet cool over the new years eve celebrations. It’s been forecast to be a stinker. Keep cool water and lots of shade available and if your pet is old, it might be a good idea to keep them inside out of the heat. It’s going to be a heat wave and some pets are not bred for our Australian summers.

My two Papillons get most of their fur cut off especially around the neck are and I regularly wet their fur to keep them cool. They stay indoors and only go outside in the cooler time of the evening or in the cooler time of the morning. Just imagine what it’s like wearing a fur coat in a heat wave. That’s what your pets are going through. If you give them a bath now before the heat sets in, they will be rid of any loose hair and body grease and oils allowing them to be a little bit cooler to begin.
Trim the fur around the pads of their feet too. They get hot and sticky there as well.

A sure sign of heat stroke in an animal is vomiting and it can be serious enough to warrant an emergency vet visit which will be costly. Don’t let your baby get over heated and make sure they stay safe. Taking these precautions now for your pet will allow you to enjoy the festivities without worrying about them too much.

An overweight pet will also suffer in the heat. Excess fat on the body makes life difficult for anyone including animals.
They need to lose weight and this is where I can help too. If your pet is overweight, then get My Book and learn how you can feed and gently exercise your pet and yourself if need, so simply and easily. So many of the experts tell pet owners to reduce the amount of food for weight reduction, but unless the pets are eating way too much then I don’t deem this necessary. I have made this Plan suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight without nit picking their food, weighing and measuring and all the rest of the awful stuff which goes with dieting. No More!
Get it and try it. You’ll love it and so will your pet.
Happy New Year to you all and your pets.
Marilyn xxx

Bed Bugs in your Baggage


Going away on holiday? If so you might want to take note of what I am going to tell you. Recently I read about bed bugs being in motels and hotels etc all over the world and are travelling from one country to another via peoples baggage.

Nasty little insects which will bite and bite and bite.

A couple of things.
First… When you arrive at your destination and check into your room. Pull the pillow cases, blankets and sheets etc off the bed and check the bed and linen closely for any insects. If they are present. Inform the hotel admin immediately and move out of the room stat!

Don’t open your bags or sit on anything until you have done a complete and thorough check of the room.
Next if you feel you have already been bitten, inform hotel admin immediately and ensure they deal with it promptly, then seek medical advice for the bites.

When you leave your destination….. Bring all your baggage home and take it outside to unpack. Put everything in the wash immediately and wash on the hottest temp your clothes will take. You might need to spray the insides of your baggage to rid it of bugs. Then shower and put the things you take off into a plastic bag to take to the laundry and wash immediately to make sure they don’t just drop off the clothing and onto any surfaces in your home. They will breed, and eradicating them can be very expensive and time consuming.

If one of those masty little things or any other insect ever crawls into your ear, Get a torch and shine to torch into the ear. The insect will crawl out to the light. If that doesn’t work (and I know it will) put one drop of olive oil into the ear, tip the head over and watch the little sucker float out.
Happy Holidays!

Doing the Santa run


Just got home from Elizabeth delivering the goods collected for the family who lost everything in a house fire. The 7 month pregnant Mother ran back into the burning house to save her family. That is brave. A true hero in my eyes. You do it for love…

Anyway what I wanted to say was this; Thank you to my Niece Kelly who donated a christmas tree and decos, clothes, gifts, toiletries etc and who drove her ute full of goodies all the way out there, Laurel who donated baby/children’s clothes, baby furniture, toiletries, gifts, and a lot of stuff needed to set up house again. My sister Kate who donated food items, emolient creams, gifts etc, and to the anon family who left the 3 bags of goods at the Hayhurst Girl Guide Hall includig a neatly wrapped gift on top…. a hearty thank you.

All your gifts were so kind and thoughtful and were so gratefully received by a sweet young couple with 3 beautiful children who you could plainly see were still reeling from the trauma. Thanks Channel 7 for doing this with dignity and not making a ‘shocking’ news item out of a family tragedy. Still hoping more people and businesses will come forward with furniture and other things so badly needed for this lovely young couple to set up house again.

And of course I got caught in front of the camera but when I do something for someone, I do it out of kindness. Not for the accolades. Holy moly, I am a bit on the nervous side and dislike being in front of the camera. Channel 7 Today Tonight will probably run the story tonight.
Thanks again. Merry Christmas to all. xxxxx

Did you buy something for yourself for Christmas?


Do something nice for yourself and buy a little gift. Can I suggest ‘My Book’ to get you started on the right track to health and a thinner bod? I dropped the price of the book so anyone can afford it now. I took delivery of just over 5,000 books today and it was hard work lugging them into the shed but the nice truck driver helped me. Thank goodness for that. I gave him one of my books as a gift for his Mum for Christmas as he said she was a little butter ball. How sweet is that?
This pic is me trying to push the pallet off the road, up the driveway and into the front drive. The driver was pulling it and I was pushing. The next pallet was only half the size.

Holy Moly that was heavy!

Tonight I was going to be taking it easy and give myself a manicure and pedicure but I am just a bit tired from all that hard work. Never mind. Tomorrow night will have to do. I have a few gifts I still need to purchase but I did buy a little something for myself. A nice dress to wear on Christmas day. Now I need to tone up a bit. I’m still thin but a bit on the flabby side so I spent most of the night on my bike. Well, 5 minutes but that’s enough. I don’t like exercising but that is quite sufficient for anyone. Don’t want anyone to wear themselves out. ‘On ya bike’ hahahaha I won’t say the rest… a bit rude.
I do wish everyone a safe and peaceful as well as a happy Christmas and please try to remember the ones who don’t have much. I give a secret parcel each year to someone who goes without. It’s the least I can do.
Don’t forget yourself and enjoy the festive time. Hugs to all.

Too heavy for me.....

Doin’ my head in…..


The more I read the news the more angry I become. Now the head of the RSPCA is facing alledged charges of animal cruelty. How does that happen? Don’t they have some feeling towards their chosen field or is it just about the money?

Me thinks it’s just money driven these days. Each time I look at my two little girls I swoon with affection. To think, I have two of the most adorable little dogs and their every need and want is my life’s work…. to provide! I feel so guilty to think I allowed them to become so sick from processed foods, I now want to give them as much love and kindness I can.

Yes, so I allow them to sleep on the bed next to me. I turned their steps into a ramp to save them from having to jump up and down to get on and off the bed. They have their favourite places to snooze during the day. I even have a doggy stroller to take them out for a long walk because they can only walk so far. Thier little legs are so short. They eat from the best china plates and drink filtered water.

I researched the best foods but they keep their weight down with
Two years ago I bought a coat brush at the Royal Adelaide show pet stand. It cost me $85 and it’s the most fantastic brush. The ends of the bristles are rounded so as not to traumatise their skin.

They have their lovely toys and play together really well. Life is good!

Lovey and Boo

This will make you cry foul!


Just received the newsletter from a friend of mine who is a Vetinarian. Read it. It will make you cry, then scream.

Dear Marilyn,

Twenty years ago this month Dr Breck Muir and I blew the whistle on the
junk pet-food/veterinary alliance.

Breck’s letter appeared in the Australian Veterinary Association News and
my piece was published in the Sydney University Post Graduate Committee
in Veterinary Science Newsletter. At the time we were optimistic that our
appeal to the better nature and professional integrity of vets would
strike a chord. Now, twenty years on, I believe we’ve seen some of the
worst professional blindness, cruelty, incompetence and corruption that
is possible to contemplate.

Instead of investigating and addressing the massive junk pet-food fraud
and the highest veterinary involvement in the scam, the global veterinary
profession has aligned itself ever more closely with the mass pet

Of course there are exceptions —- vets who put their heads above the
parapet in support of a natural diet. They deserve recognition however I
won’t name names. In vet circles it’s seen as something of a crime or at
least a mark of insanity if a vet advocates a natural diet according to
nature’s teachings. In this junk pet-food dominated world vets are
expected to be tame lap dogs who regurgitate junk pet-food inspired

Had the vet profession shown some leadership then I believe it could have
achieved massive benefits for pets, pet owners, the wider community and
the planet itself. The medical profession speaks out against junk food.
Increasingly doctors investigate the mechanisms whereby junk food and
periodontal disease give rise to morbidity and mortality of their
patients. Vets by contrast peddle ever more expensive brand name
products —- as their patients get sicker and sicker.

Twenty years of failed veterinary leadership created a vacuum filled by
opportunists, quacks and hucksters. Some vets manufacture junk cooked and
raw food and bogus supplements. Profit is their goal. And the internet is
alive with self-styled experts who seek power and prestige through
promoting their confected concepts.

Perhaps this is a low point. Let’s hope so. In an effort to keep the
original ideals alive I’ve reproduced both of the opening statements
below. Let’s hope that integrity and common sense come back into fashion
over the next twenty years.

With only days until Christmas I’d like to end on a happier note. We all
enjoy the gift of life on a wondrous planet. This year I turned 62 years
of age and I look back with gratitude for the life lived. What does the
future hold? Who knows? But I’m eager to find out. I hope that you’ve got
lots of wonderful memories and lots of extraordinary experiences to come.

Wishing you and your pets a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthful New Year,



Canned pet food not the healthiest.
Dr Breck Muir, Australian Veterinary Association News, December 1991

The pet food situation has concerned me for some years, my feelings
brought to this by the current competitive marketing of various dental
work stations for veterinary use.

The scene as I see it goes like this: ‘Here is the best food ever made
for your dog Mrs Jones’ handing her a can of commercial dog food or dry
food, ‘but he may develop problems with his teeth, so here is a special
toothbrush and paste for yhou to use to clean his teeth regularly, and
then if that doesn’t keep the periodontal disease at bay then we have the
very latest in dental equipment just like our own dentist has, and we can
give Fido that perfectly enameled ivory grin’—- that he would have had
had you not fed him the commercial food in the first place.

Here we have the perfectly engineered commercial circle —- a problem
doesn’t exist, so we create one, and then come up with all the remedial

The infiltration of the commercial pet foods into our lives is one of the
great success stories of the business world. Gross sales figures for a
single product type is probably only bettered by petroleum products

We as a profession have been led by the nose by vested interests in to a
current situation where most younger vets actually recommend commercial
pet foods as the best available way of feeding domestic pets —- because
they have never known of any other way. Before they had their first pet
they were bombarded with constant mass media advertising instilling into
them that the various commercial foods were the only way to go, and when
they graduated and went to postgraduate nutrition courses again they had
this idea reinforced by visiting lecturers who actually mentioned brand
names in their notes.

My experience with commercial canned and dry pet foods is that they:

– are a prime cause of periodontal disease in all breeds of dogs and cats

– are associated with an increased incidence of gastric dilation and/or

– are a cause of diarrhoea in a substantial number of dogs

– cause intestinal ‘allergies’ with associated dermal pruritus and
behavioural changes in a significant number of cases

– are a prime cause of flatulence and offensive odour in dogs —- some
brands more than others.

We are objectively educated, of above average intelligence, trained to
observe and reason as undergraduates. We should develop the ability to
assess products for what they are in spite of extremely effective
advertising claiming otherwise. This is a mammoth and ongoing task for
all of us and certainly not just with pet foods.

In this case we should be giving clients advice to correct their pets’
diet towards more natural one and not justify the financial outlay on the
latest dental equipment available by advocating the wholesale feeding of
commercial pet foods.


Oral Disease in Cats and Dogs
Dr Tom Lonsdale December 1991 Control and Therapy Series No. 3128;
Mailing No. 163 Post Graduate Committee in Veterinary Science

The stench of stale blood, dung and pus emanating from the mouths of so
many of my patients has finally provoked this eruption of dissent.

The sheer numbers passing through the practice, when extrapolated to the
world situation, tells me that oral disease is the source of the greatest
intractable pain and discomfort experienced by our companion animals.

This is a great and mindless cruelty we visit upon our animals from the
whelping box to the grave. Just imagine having a mouth ulcer or toothache
for a lifetime.

The internal factors are these:

Puppies and kittens cut their deciduous teeth between two and six weeks
of age. An inevitable consequence of this is gingivitis. A diet of
processed food ensures lack of gum massage and the gingivitis persists.
The growing animal develops grooming behaviour and adds hair and faecal
materials to the accumulated food scraps clogging the interdental spaces.

Between four and six months of age the permanent teeth erupt into a soup
of blood, pus and saliva. The gingivitis is now well established and not
infrequently one finds a young kitten or puppy with a complete set of
deciduous teeth hanging from inflamed gingival shreds.

Even on a diet of processed food the deciduous teeth must eventually fall
out. The permanent teeth come to occupy a diseased mouth and by this time
the animal has learned not to chew on anything because of the pain

The exquisite mechanism of teeth and gums, designed by nature to be
cleaned, massage and stressed daily, is left to rot. Compare mining
machinery properly maintained which can excavate a mountain but by disuse
can be rendered useless.

A lifetime of inescapable pain is bad enough. The sequelae of
endocarditis, iliac thrombosis, nephritis and all those other entities
attributable to a permanent septic focus finally condemn this situation
as being intolerable.

The external factors are these:

Foremost are the pet foods which are promoted as ‘complete diets only
water needed’. Along with petroleum and coffee, pet food is one of the
biggest industries world wide.

Reacting to the now universal dental needs of our animals the dental
instrument, the dental machine and even the imitation bone industries
have flourished.

I believe many veterinary practitioners have reacted passively, perhaps
providing some dental care as an after thought and virtually no advice.
Since cats and dogs don’t complain, owners don’t realize and don’t seek
advice. Many vets just don’t seem to be pro-active in this vital area.

As vets we need to provide more than palliative care. Brushing teeth and
regular prophys are not enough when advice on diet and food to massage
the gums is so vitally important.

What’s to be done?

a. The internal system

Help them to control their two bouts of physiological gingivitis before
it becomes pathological. Older larger dogs need raw bones and cats need
raw meat on the bone.

b. The external system

The external commerce driven system did not exist before the 50’s and now
it seems such an inescapable part of life. It may take a while to alter

The profession can do much to re-educate itself and in turn the public. A
few practice surveys and university based research projects would set the

The pet food manufacturers will need advice on the problems caused by
processed food. One pet food company gives bi-annual ‘prophys’ to its
research animals. (personal communication)

However, they may be persuaded to voluntarily print cautionary advice on
their packaging.

What benefits can we expect?

Innumerable. Pets will be fed on cheap unprocessed bi-products some of
the time. The environment will benefit, clients will be an average $1000
per animal/per lifetime better off. Certainly the pets can be expected to
live longer as they enjoy their lives seeking to ‘steal bones out of the

As vets we will be happy to see more pain free, healthier pets and
grateful owners.


Christmas gift ideas

Work Wonders: Feed your dog raw meaty bones
The easy-reader on canine nutrition suitable for every dog (cat and
ferret) owner, young and not so young. Ideal for trainers, breeders,
groomers, dog walkers and other professionals who wish to give their
clients a gift that goes on giving.

Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health
Provides essential reading on carnivore diet, health and the junk pet
food industry/veterinary/fake animal welfare alliance. Ideal gift for pet
owners, veterinarians, lawyers, dentists, doctors, teachers, scientists
and anyone needing the facts upon which to build a better world for pets,
pet owners and the wider community.

Both books available from good bookshops,,, and

All proceeds help the Raw Meaty Bones campaign.


Bligh Park Pet Health Centre Holiday opening

For readers in the Sydney and Blue Mountains region just a reminder that
we shall be open at regular times except on public holidays when we shall
be providing an emergency service. Please phone: 02 4577 7061.

Christmas feast for pets
We’ve got plenty of ox hearts, liver, bibles, tripe and gullets plus
sheep and pig heads, chicken frames and quail portions for your dogs,
cats and ferrets.

Merry Christmas,


Recently inadvertently I deleted some unanswered emails. Sorry if I
failed to answer one of your emails.

We welcome copies of correspondence/emails/faxes for possible inclusion
in future RMB Newsletters.

Please circulate, distribute or reproduce this newsletter as you wish.

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The thing I like most about…..


and one of the reasons I believe my Plan is so successful is that there is no nit picking with food. I included alternatives and made it so you are just eating without going without! It’s so close to the way you used to eat when you weren’t overweight it actually surprises a lot of people. Not too many changes to make, in fact minimal changes to your food intake. Just think, you get back to eating simple good food. The recipes are there to get you started and to give you an idea of what to do.

Then you can take it from there and just go with it! It shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to get the hang of it and the few simple exercises (at your own pace of course) will get you going too. Don’t overdo the exercise though. There is no need to. You are just wanting to lose the weight for starters. After that it’s up to you how hard and fast you want to go. Exercise is so good for the body. It helps build strong bones, good for the muscles and cardio vascular system and good for the bowels. But take it gently if you’re not used to exercising.

I really cringe when I see people over exerting themselves in the hope of losing weight. That sort of thing is unsustainable and down right boring too. Besides that, you can’t keep it up! Mine are simple and fun and they work! You don’t need any equipment either.
I am so proud of the fact that I came up with this innovative way to lose weight and will promote it with all my heart. I have the support of a hell of a lot of people who are true believers now.

The pets on My Plan are happier and healthier as well and not a complaint from any of them.

"Lovey' is happy.

Dropped the price of the book.


Now I have 5000 books on the way I decided to drop the price of the book. I had to keep the book at the price it was because I only had about 26 books left and I didn’t really want everyone to go nuts and buy me out but had notification they will be here by the end of next week. Thank goodness for that!

Help your pets to lose weight for the summer here in Australia too.

So you can all get it now and just in time for Christmas. Lose a bit or lose a lot, it’s up to you. You don’t have to skimp on the Christmas lunch either. Eat and enjoy.