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‘Lolly’ in her pyjamas


Well, here is the photo I promised. It’s nearly bedtime for little girls in or house and so of course time to brush teeth and put our PJ’s on.

They’ve brushed their teeth with a lovely big meaty bone which allows them to tear and rip meat from it. This cleans their teeth and strengthens their jaws. It gives them something to do as well. It takes time for them to get enough to eat from a bone covered in juicy red meat and they love it.

If you put a bowl of crappy processed dog food on the floor for them to eat, they will have finished it within a few minutes but a nice juicy, meaty bone will take some time…. Dry dog food will turn to slush on and around their teeth and cause tooth decay, abcesses and heart disease to name a few nasties. Raw Meaty Bones does the opposite. Imagine you eating nothing but biscuits every day. How clean do you think your teeth would be?

Ok, past the brushing bit. Take a look at this little princess in her striped yellow pyjamas. She doesn’t mind wearing them either. Maybe it’s becasue she is so cold, she appreciates it, and when I pick her up to give her a cuddle, she snuggles into my chest and falls asleep. Boo doesn’t need clothes becasue her fur is very long and quite thick enough to keep her warm. Papillons are bred for the colder climates but puppies still need warmth!

My little ‘Lolly’ in her PJ’s


Buying clothes for a dog


Is it just too ridiculous to want to buy things like clothing for a dog? I was wondering tonight about that very thing. I was at work and was telling the Enrolled Nurse about my little Papillons and how one of them is only very young and doesn’t have all her thick fur as yet. She looked at me strangely which lead me to explain the lack of fur… the cold weather and doggie clothes.

The other night I went a bit nuts and ordered another Pink Argyle ski jumper for’Lolly’ (the one we bought ‘Lovey’ was too small) from the US. It will take a few weeks for delivery. I also ordered a few bits and bobs from an Australian doggie clothing online shop. I bought 2 sets of pyjamas for her and a tshirt. Do you think that’s silly? I have to keep telling myself it’s the right thing to do because she is so cold.
When I look at ther little back legs, they are thinner than the drumstick of a chicken and you can see pink skin beneath it.
So there’s definitely no fur there to keep the poor little bugger warm. No darn it! It’s not silly.

I do however refuse to buy a wedding dress or party clothes covered in Rhinestones and sequins! That is out of the question.
Hubby says to me… ‘If you think I’m going to take out 2 tiny little dogs wearing frilly dresses for a walk, you’re out of your bloody mind!’ Ooooh the visual I get of that is freaky! Hubby is about 6 foot 3 and even without the dogs wearing clothes he still looks a bit odd taking them out on a lead for a walk! I told him once… ‘Honey, It takes a big man to walk a little dog!’ He does it now and doesn’t care but the frills are a definite no no!

Marilyn xxx

New clothes


It’s so miserably cold here in Adelaide. Last night it was a clear night which meant cold! Boy was it cold! I heard on the radio on the way home from work last night the temp was 7.7 degrees celcius! That was about ten oclock. Everything was iced up too.

When I got home little ‘Lolly’ was sleeping in ‘M’s’ room due to the cold. I poked my head around the corner of the door and saw a little head bob up and the ears stick up. Funny as a fit to see her. She was just looking for somewhere warm.

I was a bit worried she isn’t putting on any weight. She is only a puppy as yet but she is using all her enegry to keep warm so out came the little Cupcake jumper I bought from ‘My Pet’s Wardrobe’ It arrived yesterday (fabulous Company) and I hand washed it and had it drying in front of the fire. I put it on her and the length was fine but she was so skinny she hadn’t had it on 30 minutes when she came hooping out to the lounge room with a front leg completely out of it. Ok so this was not suitable for sleepwear.

‘Lolly’ in her ‘Cupcake’ dress.

I will need to order some pyjamas for her. I had a small pink Argyle jumper but it was too small so about an hour ago I ordered a larger one. Hope it arrives before winter is over! That company (I won’t say) takes forever to deliver to Australia from the US. I send my books to the US all the time (Marilyn’s Plan) and it doesn’t take as long as this does. Never mind. I might have to make ‘Lolly’ a jumper because she just can’t wait and needs to be warm! I don’t think se was too happy about the puffy sleeves either. Well, I had better get moving. Shower, dress, breakfast, washing blah blah blah…..have a great day everyone.
Marilyn xxx

Introducing our new addition…..


She finally arrived from Melbourne in a ‘jet pac’ That’s a cat or small animal carrier. When I saw her through the cage walls I saw her shaking and shivering and didn’t know if she was cold or frightened. I signed for her, took her to the car, lay the cage on the ground and slowly and gently took her out and cuddled her close.

The lovely people I bought her from had supplied fresh water but it had tipped all over the soft quilt bedding enclosed and the inside of the cage was soaked. She had also had a vomit and a large one and was sitting in this horrible mess. Poor baby. I hate to think it was caused by the handlers at the airports.

I put a harness on her and struggled to do it up because it was a bit big for her but we managed and we walked with her and Boo to a grassed area where she could stretch her legs and do a wee if need. She settled a bit and then we were off home in the car. A slow but sure drive home hanging onto them in laps. When we got home she spent the next few hours sniffing around our home and getting used to everything. Drinking copious amounts of fresh water and chewing on a lamb’s ear to help get rid of the acid on her teeth from the vomit. I partially cooked a bit of steak and rice for her to help get something into her stomach and to help settle it and at the moment she is laying on the lounge snoozing. Her and Boo have had a big day today and are getting lots of love and attention from us. Boo has been wondering what on earth is this totally strange pet doing in her home? but she will get used to her. They have been quite good but watching each other to assess the situation. I’m sure they will be firm friends.
Marilyn xxx

Chewing on a lamb’s ear!

My two girls! But where is Boo?

Snooze time for Lolly and Boo

I’m almost frothing at the mouth


It’s about another hour to go before we go to the airport to pick up our new addition to our family. A sweet little Papillon. She is almost a year old and quite small still and I’ve been very busy with house cleaning, washing and ironing, vacuuming and dusting and generally getting the house and us ready for her. These little dogs are so very fragile and so very special and they need to be treated with tenderness and kindness just as you would a one year old child. Well, all children and animals should be treated like it anyway.
We’ve put in a lot of effort to make sure the transition into our home is going to be peaceful, quiet and fun with the attention on bringing our other little Papillon and her together as friends. Papillons love gentleness and they also love cats. They will snuggle up to a cat if they want to. When we had our last little cat, Boo would hop into the cat bed and sleep with her. It was so cute. They got on well. We lost our little cat in the early part of this year. Then we lost our first little Papillon ‘Lovey’ and this has left Boo alone and a bit lonely for her own kind. We have always had pets here in our home and have always had them in pairs for company for each other and it’s worked so very well.
I feel so belssed to have found Pat in Adelaide and Helen in Victoria who were able to help us out with a little friend for Boo. We had to go through some rigourous checking, like phone calls and chatting about the care of our pets which should always be the case with any animal or child too. I don’t understand why people have children or pets if they are not going to take care of them as they should. That makes me angry. No Papillon breeder will allow one of their litters to go to a home if they are not sure they will be cared for and I salute each and everyone of them for doing so. If you have never had or known a Papillon, then you haven’t lived. They are the most amazing little animal and I feel blessed for having them in my life!
Marilyn xxx

Need a name for a little dog


I have finally tracked down a registered Papillon breeder in Western Australia. She has a litter of Papillons and one of them is for sale and a little girl!

Now I need a name for her. Papillons are quite small but not tiny. Very sweet and sociable dogs. They just want to be cuddled and loved. They need lots of brushing as their coat is long and they don’t shed fur!

The little girl I am looking into getting has some red colour on her coat and she has one white ear which makes her unsuitable for showing. Wedon’t want to show her. We just want her to gove he a good home and to cuddle and kiss her to death! Papillons are the sweetest of pets. They get along with all other animals even cats. My litte Boo sleeps with the cat in the cat bed.


Boo with the cat!

A one pot dinner and no photo!


Almost… Today I asked some family over for lunch and wondered what to make. It’s darn well freezing here and so I decided a hot lunch would be the way to go. Last night I saw what I thought might be a nice recipe on a TV show but I changed it to suit.
Soak either red beans or borlotti beans overnight in water. About 200 gm
Some chopped vegetables. Carrot, Onion, celery squash potato… 2 of each. The usual winter vegetables.
Fennel seeds… about a tablespoon full.
Thyme.. 5-6 fresh sprigs.
5-6 fresh peeled tomatoes or a small tin of crushed peeled tomatoes.
Either 2 cups of broccoli, or 1/4 of a small cabbage sliced.
Spanish chorizo.. Spanish sausage. 4 of them sliced into chunks.
Garlic… about 2-3 cloves.
Olive oil for cooking and to make the bread Brusscetta.
Boil the beans then simmer for about an hour then set aside.

In another pot..(I really used about 3 pots and many, many bowls…)
Cook off the chopped vegetables in the oil until just tender. Add tomatoes, herbs, garlic, fennel seeds and sausage. Might need to add a little water to prevent it from burning on the bottom of the pan. Simmer for 20-25 minutes.
When this is done, add the beans and cook for another 10-15 minutes. Serve in individual bowls or in a large serving dish
with a little grated cheese over the top. Fresh Parmesan cheese or whatever you like.
Get some nice thick slices of any bread or roll and cut in half and toast the slices.
Crush a garlic clove or two and add a few tablespoons of olive oil. Mix well and sprinkle over the toasted bread.

I asked my girl to come and get her dinner as we had enough left over from lunch for her to have it for her tea, then when I went to get my camera I had to quickly change the batteries. When I got back there was nothing left in the bowl but a bit of the juice so I’m sorry there was no photo! It was really nice though.
Nothing left!