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Good for pets too.

Most people don’t. If you are like I used to be, you probably count calories/kilojoules and starve yourself to try to lose those unwanted fat stores. There is a bit of a trick to it but it’s not that difficult.

So what sort of food do you keep in your cupboards and fridge? There’s probably a lot of processed food stuffs and just plain junk so you have to get on with cleaning out your cupboards and fridge of all this crap!

If there is no crap there, you won’t be able to eat it will you? Night time is the worst time for snacking and cheating. You eat for different reasons too. Some blame their weigh issues on their life problems. Some blame their life problems on their weight issues. Some people eat at night time because they are just plain hungry.

Most people just become over weight and don’t realise it until it is staring them in the face when they have to look for fat pants to cover up their bingeing sins.

It is very difficult to stick to any diet which limits food and choices of foods. Most of them don’t count your likes and dislikes either. Is it any wonder you can’t lose it? I’ve been studying the latest diets on the market and they are mostly all the same. The similarities are so obvious, and the differences are the food choices.

They all require you to do a lot of calorie/kilojoule counting. Some of them are so silly and ineffectual with the need to eat 4 times a day but if you are a worker, how can you do that?

I have to tell you. Marilyn’s Plan is suitable for everyone. The elderly can do it because it is gentle enough for them. Children can do it because it covers all food groups and it teaches them about their bodies and why they have put on weight.

Young people who are overweight are able to go at it harder because their body systems will take a little more pounding.
Vegetarians, diabetics, IBS, celiac disease. Yes this Plan has been designed to show you how to work it to suit you and your problem with being overweight.

If your pet is overweight, this Plan will suit them as well. The basic principal of the Plan is wonderful and it will show you how you can help your pet to lose weight. Overweight pets can suffer the same diseases and problems as humans so don’t leave them like that.

You and your pets have nothing to lose but your weight so do it now. And don’t leave it for summer to lose weight. It surprises me to see people always wait for the hot weather before they think about losing weight. Why? Not necessary. You can lose it anytime of the year.



I remember whae I was overweight in the summer and I truly suffered in the heat. I would have skin rashes and headaches and would always fell more hot than anyone else. Summer was always a nightmare for me but not anymore.

Now I adore the hot summer days and nights and relish in putting on my swimming togs and diving inot a pool of cool water. Hmmm delightful. Thinking about it now, I can imagine all the fat covering my body heating up and causing the most awful problems such as sweating profusely, I felt so lacking in energy and so unattractive too.

Now I am thinner the heat barely bothers me at all. I love it and I don’t have to wear big clothes to cover up my big body anymore. I can wear a little bit shorter dress and skirts, and smaller clothes all ’round. It’s just so wonderful to be thin now. It has changed my life.

The only good thing about being fat was in the winter months when I needed some insulation from the cold but I can do that with an extra jumper on now. This is just so marvelous to be able to wear gorgeous clothes and not worry about how awful they look and how fat I am. I will never be overweight again.



Ok so it’s 2.30 in the morning and I was just laying in bed trying to sleep when I had a hotdog flashback. Arghhh! Tuesday I drove to Myponga to see my dear friend Max Mansell and after my visit I stopped at ‘Baldy’s Cafe’ and ordered a hot dog.

The bun was toasted to perfection, it had bacon, onion and loads of tomato sauce on it and it was hot and juicy. It was absolutely mouthwateringly good! Not a morsel was spilled on my pretty buttercup yellow top either. Mmmmm….

This made me think of Max too. Max has been invited to go to Queensland to do a workshop for some of the survivors of the floods. Max has a way of making everyone around him feel quite humble with his laid back attitude to life and his deep, heartfelt generosity. He will be showing them how to paint and I dare say how to look at life differently after the devastating floods tore their lives apart. Max is one in a million and I am so grateful to know him and be his friend.

A couple of months ago, Max did a workshop for some international visitors who later sent him a wonderful letter of thanks for his beautiful workshop. He tends to bring people together in a warm, loving and caring way.

My wish for Max is to be able to help him get his gorgeous painting to Nelson Mandela. The painting took nearly 2 years to paint. It is 3.1 metres x 2.1 metres and titled ‘Mandela.’ Max admires Nelson Mandela for his fight for equality and he desperately wants to present the painting to Neslon Mandela personally. So if anyone reading this is able to help, don’t be shy. Just let me know and I will get the message to Max. He would be so pleased.

Each and every time I see the painting I am so moved by the statement it makes, I nearly cry. I do get a bit emotional when I see it because I have never seen anything so beautiful.

Max is truly inspirational in is ability to represent a person’s true sense in art.



Perhaps just the 4 of us. That would be lovely. When there are too many people around you don’t always get to chat and say what you really want to say. I will leave it up to her.

So either a lunch for 30 or a dinner for 4.
It doesn’t really worry me but the people I would invite are just ordinary Aussie battlers who are definitely making a mark with their honesty, integrity, and just plain niceness. I have some wonderful friends and I know some of them are high profile here in Australia, but they are still lovely people.

I couldn’t believe the number on my list when I made it but we will see. So either some would be insulted by not being invited or the meal would be small and cosy and no one would be hurt. Hard one.



To begin with, there are 1.6 billion people on this Earth who are overweight. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t because there are so many diets just confusing your issues.

Overweight people initially want to become thinner and healthier which in turn will at least make them happier but these diets don’t provide anyone with any interventions to separate their desires from their ignorance. Ignorance leads to a dangerous lifestyle. You will try to diet but your ignorance in food and nutrition will only lead to frustration, minimal weight loss and weight gain soon after. Fear of food can lead to Anorexia. This is as serious a problem as obesity. Early death is the only prognosis.

You really need to resolve the issues you have first and make a sensible decision to lose weight properly. Going to a shop and buying a box of pills or a packet of shakes mix is not teaching you anything. You are taking the quick fix approach which we all know does not work! These things aren’t teaching you anything about good food and nutrition either.

I also think calorie/kilojoule counting is dangerous too because it gives you much too much to concentrate on and you will get confused and lost. Don’t count calories/kilojoules. Stop it now. There isn’t a need to count calories/kilojoules. Not on my Plan anyway.

Whatever issues you have you need to work out first. Do you replace good food with coffee, diet drinks, starvation, cheating with food and goodness knows what else in the hope of weight loss? Are you addicted to something you know is not good for you? If you are, you need to seek help from a doctor or psychologist to realise what you are doing to yourself. Bad habits are not going to get you anywhere. You need to address these issues before you can make the decision to lose weight.

If you came to me and asked me for help, I would ask for a food history, your likes and dislikes in food too as well as what type and amount of snacks you eat. I would then find out how you feel about yourself. What image do you have of yourself? Why do you eat?
I will tell you now, your self image won’t be good. Then, before I started you on My Plan for Weight loss I would get you to clean out your house of all rubbish foods and teach you the difference between good food and junk food.

I even know people who are desperately trying to lose weight with a healthy diet but they still can’t lose weight. Some of us just put on weight easier than others. That’s why I say My Plan works for anyone. There is a basic Principal you will be taught when you read my book and once you have it under your belt you will know how easy it is to do and to maintain.

My Plan takes away the stress of dieting and the fear of going hungry. You just need to stop torturing yourself and go with the good food, as well as get rid of the junk food in your cupboards. Get back to eating and stop worrying about food and weight issues.
Life is too short to torture yourself and fear food. I can now eat all the foods I love and not worry about any health issues at all.
Life is truly wonderful.

Codes Codes Codes


I remember my first attempt at adding a paypal button to my website. What a freakin’ nightmare. There was so much! I didn’t realise you had to add all of the code for it to work. Now I understand why it is necessary.

My web developer just contacted me and told me the reason my paypal button wasn’t working was due to a part of the code not being there. Ok so where did it go? Maybe it has been missing for some time. Do I have to say sorry again to everyone who has been trying to buy my books for the last two weeks? Maybe, but on my previous blog I already said it so I won’t repeat myself.

I recommend having a professional website developer to do all your important bits to begin with. They can teach you how to add and subtract text and other things but when it comes to purchase pages and payment gateways etc… get them to do it. Don’t take a chance of embarrassing yourself with a faulty button or things which don’t work.
Now feel free to have a look at my website and purchase the most wonderful Plan for weight loss.

I absolutely love my website. It’s so professional. Thank you Jamie from Centaur Design.



I received a letter from a gentleman who said he doesn’t like to deal with a post office box! He wants to purchase my book but wants my telephone number and address. Hellooooo! This is not on!

As with a lot of online businesses who have a product to sell and selling from home, we don’t want to blend the two. Home is home and business is business. and never the twain shall meet. I am not giving out my home details to anyone. I’m sure anyone who has a sense of security would agree with me. Why should I risk my security just to sell books. I don’t need to. My book will be in stores soon so I guess he will just have to wait. For all I know he could be a stalker or a sexual predator. I’m not going to let down my guard so forget it buddy.

The tone of his letter was so very demanding too. ‘How dare I not give an address or phone number.’ That’s the feeling I got.
Not very nice so you sir will not even get a reply from me. Perhaps he has been stung before but if he thinks that of me he had better be darned careful. I pride myself on my honesty and integrity and the worthiness of my book. I have an image and a reputation to uphold as do the celebrities and the doctor who are on my website.

So whether he wanted the book for himself or a fat pet, they will have to do without until they realise I am not fooling!
If he rang the Marleston Post Office in Adelaide they would confirm my business as they all know me quite well. They have been a valuable service for my business and are really lovely people.