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Fitness can kill!


Did you read about the trainer and the fitness group who got into trouble on the central NSW coast? If people are so desperate to lose weight then for goodness sake stop flogging yourselves like this to do it. There is no need to put your life in danger or wear out your body like they were doing. When will they ever learn. Apparently they were swimming out at sea after dragging large tyres along the beach. Then they all got into trouble and had to be rescued, including the trainer. Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss is the only way to lose weight and it’s quite fast too. Eat more and exercise less is all I can say.

Will be doing a shoot with my friend Anne Wills ‘Willsy’ soon. It will be to show everyone we really do exist and not a fake photo shop job. Won’t be long now so keep an eye out for our pics..




Ok so you are trying to eat a nice Christmas dinner but the dilemma is, you are trying to lose weight or stop putting on weight while the season of festive food is upon us all.
If you are on Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss then you won’t worry about it at all. You will understand exactly what to do about all the lovely food you have in front of you. After all who really wants to say to the hostess, ‘I’m sorry I can only eat a lettuce leaf because I’m dieting?’ Even if you are not dieting you are at risk of putting on weight due to festive food you will no doubt pile on your plate.
I have to keep reminding people how you can be in control of your choices of food and how you can manipulate food to suit you when you have culinary delights set before you. Marilyn’s Plan is giving you control over your weight loss, your food choices and your health.
Have you constantly bought weight loss products and programs each and every year only to discover it doesn’t suit you? Why do you do it? When you have my book in your hot little hands you won’t need to purchase anything else. Learn the basics of the Plan and you will have control yourself. You won’t need to rely on others to lead you by the hand or have your hand in your purse purchasing products which I will always say are ‘Unhealthy.’ There is nothing like the natural way to go and that’s what Marilyn’s Plan is about.
Within the next week the New Book will be launched with the new spokesperson on the cover with me so look out for it. She is a delightful and blessed friend and I’m glad to be so close to her. I love her dearly.
Marilyn xxx

Dave And Me!


Dave Bell, the author of ‘The Gardener’s Guide to Growing Money Trees’ he is here with me now. Say hello Dave. ‘Hello everyone’
Dave just told me all about his trip to Frankfurt for the biggest book show in the world and how well his book was received. Must go and make another coffee for us. Oh, and by the way, if you are looking for the absolute perfect gift for your boss, then get the book. It is for the person who has everything. Dave’s website is go and have a gander, it’s well worth it.



I have discovered my new spokesperson to join me on the cover of my book. It’s so very exciting. I was a bit concerned she wouldn’t do it but after we talked she agreed to be on there with me. Just wait until you see who she is. It will blow you away!

Having her on the cover of my book will also show everyone how simple and natural it is to lose weight on my Plan.
She has also promised me she will never represent any other weight loss company. That’s encouraging and very sweet.
I won’t ask her to enter into any contract because it will not be necessary. She believes in me and my Plan and is very happy with it.
I am hoping to reveal her in the next week or so. Look out for an announcement the day prior to the new book launch.