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The only thing you shouldn’t shop online for…


…is a husband. reading an article about how women are falling for online scammers thinking they are being wooed in the hope of gaining a long term partner. These poor women are losing millions of dollars on the lazy, good for nothing online scammers. How could any woman in her right mind, send money to a man to assist his business and worse still, how could any woman send money to a complete stranger????? Begs belief! I had one of these idiots sending me emails asking for marriage etc. He also said how gorgeous I was.. hehehe I laughed at him and told him what for and when I said my husband was in the Police force and was investigating him, he ran.. hahahahaha! Can’t wait for the next one. If you are so desperate for a partner then please go and look in your own backyard for one, don’t play the silly game they have perfected. You will lose it all. And you will!


It looks like a wart!


I was driving home from dropping little girl off at school this morning and I was directly behind this huge black car/van/truck. It was a ‘Landrover’ of some kind and really huge and it took up so much of the road.

Well, I was sitting at the lights just waiting for the lights to turn green and I noticed the brake lights on this thing.
The lights were round and in the centre of the lights were all these bright red lights in circles. It looked just like a giant wart! Red and angry. I had a good giggle. The centre of a wart looks just the same. The tissue which grows in the centre is made up of small round areas of skin. Hilarious. I don’t think the manufacturers of this thing want to know the break lights look like warts! Do you?

That’s nothing. I went to the shop a couple of days ago to see if there were any Halloween bits and pieces left as I needed a few more things for the little kids who would turn up and I found a lovely witches hat. Cost me $2.00. On the way home I felt a bit on the devilish side and I put the hat on and kept driving. I got a few looks alright. A few toots and a lot of waves.

The thing which I though was funny was so many people are so angry when they are driving, I thought it a good idea to make a few people laugh. Humour is a wonderful thing. It helps to heal all wounds and makes the spirits soar! Laughter is the best medicine. A good thing my little girl wasn’t in the car with me. Kids can get soooo embarrased by the actions of adults. I don’t care. As long as I can make people smile or laugh I feel I have helped someone to destress in a small way.

I think the contents of my book are very much like me too. Easy to read and it will put a smile on your face when you read it. Who has time and who wants to be reading scientific facts and figures? It’s fun and enjoyable to read and to apply.
Marilyn xxx



To all of you who purchased the book this week.

I know you will be very happy when you read it and be able to begin immediately. Remember I am here if you need. You can email me or phone. Numbers on website. There is another happy little group beginning Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss who will never have to think of the word DIET again. Isn’t that wonderful? There’s not another like it in the world. Totally unique!
No long hours of strenuous exercise or going without food in the hope of losing weight. No more stress. Just breeze into it and enjoy!

Marilyn xxx

Weight Loss Weight Loss Weight Loss


Worrying about your weight and the oncoming Australian summer?
It’s so easy to do.
Marilyn xxx

Poor pets in the heat


We have had a few gorgeous days here in Adelaide and I have spent the majority of these days working a late shift so I’m on the road at about 2.30 in the afternoon to get to work. I am seeing people walking their dogs in the heat of the afternoon. It’s usually about 5 degrees hotter down on the ground than up above where we are but these poor little beggars are trotting along with their tongues hanging out, panting. They pee everywhere they can and they lose fluid so quickly.

I don’t see any sign of a small bowl with a bit of cool water for them to take a few laps to replenish their fluids either. This makes me so mad I could spit! These dogs are really dumb though. They would risk their life and their health to go and have a walk with their adoring owners! Anything to get out and about.

I would like to ask anyone who has a pet to make sure they take them for a walk in the cooler part of the day/evening and to take water for them to have a few laps during their run. Not too much all at once they will get tummy pain and possibly vomit.
Don’t forget if your pet is overweight they can go onto Marilyn’s Plan and lose it before the summer heat. They will certainly be more comfortable after all they do wear fur coats.

Are you confused about weight loss??


If you’re confused about your weight loss due to all the diets you’ve tried then join the club. I tried for years. What makes me laugh now is how the diet companies try to convince you with their clever words on how they have found a secret or a special way to lose weight. This makes you want to do it immediately. They are so very convincing aren’t they? Been there, done that. I was a sucker for all the crap too so don’t feel guilty, it’s not your fault. I think there comes a time when you just give up and go with the flow, accepting the way you are and no more dieting. Honestly, I don’t blame you at all.

I will say however, the fabulous little Plan I wrote does have a few things in it which will excite you and you will also be quite amazed at how simple it is to learn and apply. You don’t have to have a starting date or worry about food anymore either. This is gentle in it’s concept and rugged on your weight loss. If you need to lose it in a hurry, you can it’s up to you. If you want to take your time, then it’s up to you as well.

I have incorporated everything we know about food and nutrition and manipulated it to suit anyone. That’s the beauty of it. I’m also waiting for the next big shipment to arrive from the printers so there are lots of books to go ’round. It will be in bookshops soon too but not for another month or so. And don’t wait for the summer before you think of weight loss. Do it now.
Oh, and don’t worry about where you live in this beautiful world. I send it to almost every country. As soon as I receive the order it’s in the post. If it’s late blame your postie! (Just kidding) xxx

It's a great way for your pets to lose weight as well.

My telephone number


I finally decided to get a phone number strictly for the website and my business. ( It’s on the contacts page) This will let anyone call me to check to see if I am real or a scam artist. I am not a scam artist but a business woman. I write and publish and do quite well in most other areas of my life. Now if you decide to call me, don’t forget I am in South Australia and probably on a different time than you if you’re from overseas. If it’s not me answering the phone then it will be hubby but only because I will probably be at work. That’s fine though because he’s good at taking messages. Well, he’d better be. hehehe
So if you want to call and check it’s really me then go ahead.
Marilyn xxx