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Winter food…..The stuff we love to eat….


It’s been really cold here in Adelaide and so we’ve been cooking a lot of stuff to warm our bodies and give ourselves energy… and eating highly nutritious foods for health too.

Dieting?  No.. We don’t need to because all the food we eat keeps us healthy and trim.. You can do it too.

Here is a few pics of the meals we have been chomping down on the last few weeks.. Don’t get a lot of time to take pics of all our meals due to our rushing to get things done and by the time I remember to take photo, I have eaten most of it…

Here we go…

IMG_0716 My super salad.. I added a little creamy dressing mixed with some white wine vinegar.. Buy the book and see why I mix it with vinegar…

IMG_0717Hubby’s creation of partially cooked pumpkin tossed in a pan with a little olive oil and with a handful of fruit and nut mix sprinkled into it at the finish cooking time.. Gorgeous…

IMG_0720Beef  hot pot.. Had mushrooms and bacon in it too.. He put too much potato on the plate… Yummy…IMG_0723I love a fresh garden salad.. With raw onion.. I ate most of it…

IMG_0725This was one big hamburger… With all the trimmings… Finger lickin’ dripping good fun…

IMG_0726Apricot Chicken..  One of my favs…. With chips of course….

IMG_0748Have to teach hubby how to make the best Pea and Ham soup… This was nice but he always adds too many peas…. It was so thick…. Tasty though.. I am wondering if he forgot the ham?????

So just looking at all this food we eat.. I can tell you it is wonderful to be able to eat the foods you want to eat, and fresh foods too. Not delivered in toxic plastic containers which cause cancers….

Get out your knives and cooking pots and pans and go for it….

Weight loss???  ‘Marilyn’s Plan..’ Keeps us healthy and fit…. and trim too….Love it…

Summer is on it’s way and we are ready for it….



ebook now $3.50. Yahooooo!


Yep! That’s right. I dropped the price of the ebook to $3.50. The reason I did this is because there are so many people who just cannot lose weight and I would go as far as saying they have given up. besides that, the way the economy is heading, I don’t think anyone really wants to spend too much on weight loss products. Well you can take it easy now because I have taken everything we know about food and nutrition and added a few things you didn’t know and came up with this….and it works.

The book

I love it so much because there is no more silly dieting or starving yourself. No more grumpy bums! You will be able to manage it so easily…
Love and hugs to all.
Marilyn xxx

Which states??? USA of course….Oh silly me


Each time I get an order for my book from the US I have to go about finding out what the Abreviation is. MI was the last one. Minesota? No… I was on fb at the time and asked a few fb friends and they told me it was Michigan. Thanks everyone who helped me with that. I know with the summer heading to the USA I should really print off the states and their abreviations. It would make things a lot easier for the orders I get.

If you live in the US or the UK or wherever and I said to you “I live in Tas. What would you think? Well, it’s Tasmania.
SA is South Australia… as downunder as you can get unless you live on KI…. Kangaroo Island, which is even further away. WA…. Western Australia, NT… Northern Territory. NSW…. New South Wales. QLD… Queensland. ACT… Australian Capitol Territory. Vic… Victoria.

Not many is it but it’s probably just as confusing to you too. If there is a site which shows what the abreviations for each of the states, please don’t keep it to yourself, let me know. I get the books out on the same day and I don’t like holding anyone up with orders. Haven’t yet! They all go out on time and all received…

What is My Plan based on???


I often get asked this question. I really have to say it’s based on food and a little exercise but that is as far as it goes for it having any similarities to other weight loss plans etc…

I kept it as simple as possible so you are able to succeed. You will think it is a most normal way to eat when you begin. But you really must get the scrimping and measuring, weighing and counting out of your head. There is none of that.

I have manipulated the whole food and exercise thingy, based it on good food research and drained the best of this information to work out My Plan in a book which has humour and real experiences in it. There are some recipes in it which are sooo easy and delicious! Some of the recipes take about 6 minutes to make and the information you will gain about food will be invaluable.

If you’re considering losing weight, do yourself and your body a favour. Eat! Enjoy!
Marilyn xxx

What is your pet doing on New Years Eve?


Have you got a pet which suffers from stress and anxiety when the fireworks go off? This noise can be so distressing to animals and they will try to run away. Last year I found a wonderful thing called ‘Rescue Remedy’ Got it from the pharmacy. Some well educated and well advised vets will recommend it to calm an anxious animal. It works too!

‘Rescue Remedy’ is a ‘Tincture’ of certain flowers and is purely herbal and will relax and calm your pet.
If we have people over for a gathering/celebration and I know there will be a certain amount of noise, I will put a few drops into their water bowl and they sip on it and are calm all day and night. No problems at all and they get through the night quite comfortably.

If you like me, live in Australia, then you will be well advised to make sure to keep your pet cool over the new years eve celebrations. It’s been forecast to be a stinker. Keep cool water and lots of shade available and if your pet is old, it might be a good idea to keep them inside out of the heat. It’s going to be a heat wave and some pets are not bred for our Australian summers.

My two Papillons get most of their fur cut off especially around the neck are and I regularly wet their fur to keep them cool. They stay indoors and only go outside in the cooler time of the evening or in the cooler time of the morning. Just imagine what it’s like wearing a fur coat in a heat wave. That’s what your pets are going through. If you give them a bath now before the heat sets in, they will be rid of any loose hair and body grease and oils allowing them to be a little bit cooler to begin.
Trim the fur around the pads of their feet too. They get hot and sticky there as well.

A sure sign of heat stroke in an animal is vomiting and it can be serious enough to warrant an emergency vet visit which will be costly. Don’t let your baby get over heated and make sure they stay safe. Taking these precautions now for your pet will allow you to enjoy the festivities without worrying about them too much.

An overweight pet will also suffer in the heat. Excess fat on the body makes life difficult for anyone including animals.
They need to lose weight and this is where I can help too. If your pet is overweight, then get My Book and learn how you can feed and gently exercise your pet and yourself if need, so simply and easily. So many of the experts tell pet owners to reduce the amount of food for weight reduction, but unless the pets are eating way too much then I don’t deem this necessary. I have made this Plan suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight without nit picking their food, weighing and measuring and all the rest of the awful stuff which goes with dieting. No More!
Get it and try it. You’ll love it and so will your pet.
Happy New Year to you all and your pets.
Marilyn xxx

Dropped the price of the book.


Now I have 5000 books on the way I decided to drop the price of the book. I had to keep the book at the price it was because I only had about 26 books left and I didn’t really want everyone to go nuts and buy me out but had notification they will be here by the end of next week. Thank goodness for that!

Help your pets to lose weight for the summer here in Australia too.

So you can all get it now and just in time for Christmas. Lose a bit or lose a lot, it’s up to you. You don’t have to skimp on the Christmas lunch either. Eat and enjoy.

Please Pass it on!


In my car driving around doing my shopping and business bits I saw a man walking his dog. Oh how lovely you might think.
BUT…..This was 2 oclock in the afternoon and it is quite hot here in Adelaide.
I slowed my car to a crawl and watched the poor dog run from shady tree to shady tree and each time he got to the shade he stopped and took a rest if only for a short time, then he would run to the next tree and do the same. The dog was dragging his owner to each tree.

The concrete underfoot is about 5 degrees hotter than up where we are and where we feel it, so this poor dog was dehydrating by the minute. Tongue hanging out, panting, peeing at each post and tree, losing fluid by the bucket full. The owner didn’t have a bowl or any water to give his dog a few laps as he went and this distressed me. The dog could have passed out and died before he got home.

It’s so important to care for your pets in the heat and don’t forget, they wear fur coats too. How would you like to be out on a hot day, running around the block with no water and wearing a fur coat???

Please, please, take a small bowl and some water so your pet is able to have a few sips of fluid as he/she goes ad let them rest under the shade of a tree for a minute to help cool them off. Don’t let them drink too much or they will become sick and vomit, cramps etc…
If you have ever watched a marathon run then you will have seen the marathon runners grab a cup of fluid from the assistants who stand by the road. They will take a mouthful and throw the rest (sometimes it lands on the person who doesn’t expect it). They don’t drink too much but they do keep up their fluid intake.

Your pets need the same consideration.
Next thing is to please don’t take your pets out in the middle of the day in the heat. Early in the morning before the sun is at it’s worst or later in the day or evening when things are cooling down.
Before you take your pets out, go outside and take off your shoes. Stand on the concrete for a minute and see how hot it is. If it isn’t hot, then it will be ok for your pet.

I have included this in the chapter in my book for pets too.
if you see anyone walking their dog in the heat, please inform them of the risks involved for their beloved pet. They might just thank you.

Give your pets a hug from me. xxx