Monthly Archives: July 2010

Celebrity Diets and other such rubbish


I am still reading about some of the silliest diets the celebrities are on. Not only do they do these things without thinking of the consequences to their bodies but they are inadvertently encourageing others to do the same. Look at Gweneth Paltrow. I read how the Macrobiotic diet she is on has caused her to be suffering from bone loss. She is so very close to suffering from ostoeporosis. Why are intelligent people doing this to themselves? Most probably because they are consumed with the ‘Thin is best’ revolution. It is not a revolution. It is a stupid concept. “Big is beautiful” is a stupid concept as well. Big is not beautiful it is a drain on our failing health systems. I will argue with anyone who wants an argument on the benefits of My Plan for Weight Loss. There is nothing unusual or strange or bad in it. I am finding more and more people are emailing me to tell me how pleased they are with the results of their weight loss efforts and their increasing health. Marilyn’s Plan is becoming the new way to lose weight and it is gaining popularity around the world for it’s ease and simplicity. I should have called it the ‘Poor Mans Diet’ but I didn’t want the word ‘Diet’ in any part of my Plan. Diet conjures up thoughts of starving, irritability, thoughts of food and when you get to eat again, going without food, limiting food, cost, availability of foods and so on. I will still plead with people to stop dieting and doing themselves harm with these diets. I will also still argue to the death, the benefits of being on My Plan. So whatever you choose to do, choose well. Oh and one more thing. Fat on your body doesn’t come from fresh air, it comes from the food you eat. As much as anyone says it is caused by the medications they are taking, I will argue that point as well.