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Yes it’s up but not quite ready yet. The starting date is Sunday 2nd January.
The first prize is a signed copy of the book Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss by Anne Wills ‘Willsy’
Second and third prizes are ebooks…
So go to the site and have a look and start thinking about your answers.

Having Anne Wills sign the book is a first and may never be repeated.
So very exciting. It will fit in wih your New Years Resolution to lose weight in such an easy and simple way.
Good for overweight pets too.



We’re getting closer to the competition and I thought I would give you a look at the first prize.
A hard copy of the book Marilyn’s Plan for weight Loss personally signed by myself and Anne Wills ‘Willsy’
Willsy is a 19 times Logie winner for her TV show and is a national icon here in Australia. A wonderful friend and a lovely lady.
The photo shown here is to show Willsy signing the book so you know it is for real.
The competition begins on Sunday January 2nd 2011 and concludes Thursday 20th January (AEST)
All details will be on the website on Sunday 2nd JPersonally signed book by 'Willsy'an 2011 with entry conditions etc…
Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Competition. Freebies


My website developer says he will have all the details up and running on Sunday 2nd January 2011 AEST so look out for it. The first prize will be something really special and something you will never be able to buy. At this point in time there is only one of them in the world.

Competition Coming soon


Well the website developer has all the information and now all we have to do is wait until it is on the website. I will certainly let you all know what and when. It’s very exciting. Don’t you just love freebies? So get your thinking caps on, go to the website and read it all first. It might just give you a clue as to what is going on.
Good luck!

Heat Wave For the New Year


Well that’s what I heard. South Australia is usually very hot this time of the year and although we have only just begun to experience the hot weather, the experts tell us we are in for a scorching beginning to the new year. Hope all is well in the flooded States and that it doesn’t rain there anymore otherwise they will be facing a bleak, wet New Year.

I am prepared for it this year. Have given my garden watered and a good soaking at that. All my bird baths are full of clean water for the poor little beggars who fly around in the heat and have nowhere to get a drink because we either catch all the water, let it run out to the sea or are too frightened to use a sprinkler on our lawns for fear of being charged by the water watch dog.

My Grand Daughter has been asking me for a few years now to ask everyone in my posts to please put water out for the wild birds after we had one drop from a tree and die in front of us in a heat wave. She was so saddened by it, it then became a pet peeve of hers. So we donate bird baths and have them all around our garden. One of them is just a saucer from a pot planter but a big one.

On a number of mornings I have seen the same little bird in there splashing around and having a wow of a time and that makes me feel good. We should protect the animals and the birds for without them our world would be a pretty awful place if it existed at all.

Our house has a creek which runs directly behind it and there are now so many birds in the trees and all because they have water close by. We even have Kookaburras and their beautiful laugh is something to be heard.
Please give the wild birds water. xxx



Most of us know Anne Wills or ‘Willsy’ as we Australians lovingly call her. Anne is a most generous and sweet person. She is also on my website helping to promote my book Keep an eye out for the competition coming soon. There will be book give aways too.

Stuffed yourself on Christmas food?


I think we all overate a little. Thoroughly enjoyed it though but I didn’t put on any weight. Want to know why? Because of My Plan for weight loss. It’s really so wonderful. You can either spend the rest of your life buying into fad diets or go for my weight loss Plan which does actually work.

Whenever I go to a show where there is a lot of food I know exactly what I can do without putting on weight. You can too. Go and have a look at my website and see what it’s all about. I have a surprise coming soon so keep an eye out for it. Make it part of your News Years resolution.