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I’ve discovered the secret to weightloss


I really have..  I’m the same as you. I struggled with the weight for so many years and everything I did, didn’t work.. If it did work at all it was a long and arduous process and didn’t last more than a week. Pooh!  The reason I say I discovered the secret to it is, I know how hard it is to lose weight and what you have to go through but you and I did it all wrong. We had to work so hard at it. We had to eat/drink awful stuff and do things we weren’t used to or didn’t like. Everyone is coming up with dumb things to convince you they have the solution but to be totally and brutally honest with you… weight loss is about food and exercise..

Don’t let it scare you though and don’t let it put you off trying My Plan.  I found the easiest and most normal/natural way to do it. We are constantly told we have to exercise for hours on end and limit our food intake, or drink awful drinks, no fresh foods…. and it goes on and on.. Don’t fall for it..  I found out you can eat foods you want to eat and the exercise is minimal.  Your body will thank you for it.. Don’t over do it though… There is no need to..

I had a gorgeous lady ringing me and on one occasion she told me she had to contact the cover of the book because she had read it so many times the cover was getting a little frayed.. Bless her.  The excitement in her voice each time she rang made me so happy for her.. Now I’m waiting for her to call again to see how she is going… I like to keep in touch..

So, don’t knock yourself out. Don’t go to bed hungry, don’t exercise to the max. And stop blowing your hard earned money on fad diets and stuff….

I love food and I don’t go without anything.. Maintenance is easy too. Just eat as per usual…

When you read how easy and simple this is and how you are going to be normal, you will laugh out loud too, just like I did..

You can change your life for $5.00  That’s what the ebook costs.  That’s it.. Five dollars!

A life of food and knowledge to lose and or maintain your weight. I’ve got kids on it too.. They love it and eat really well.  In fact they eat more food now than they used to…



Toilet paper for the carpet!


Our darling new puppy is doing her business on the floor sometimes. Argh! It doesn’t pay to tell them off when they do it in the wrong place but to be patient and when they do it in the right place, give them a lot of praise and a reward.

‘Lolly’ is a sneaky little miss and she sometimes does it on the carpet. I know when she wants to go because she fusses around the house. I encourage her to go to the front door where we have about 4 ‘Blueys’ = incontinence sheets!
If she does it there, of course we give her praise and pats and rewards but there are occasions when she does it on the carpet. That bugs the hell out of me. If and when I see her do it and it’s too late, I run for the toilet roll.

This is what I do to clean it up and to prevent smells. Roll the TP around your hand until you have a thick wad of it. Put it over the wet spot and stand on it until it has soaked into the TP. Then flush that in the toilet.
Next! Tip as much clean water over the stain as your pet does in wee and let it soak in a bit. Then repeat with the toilet paper and stand on that too. Do it again until the urine has been diluted enough so as there is not really much if any urine on the carpet. After that, you can use a little gentle detergent to clean the carpet. This works well and my carpet is getting a good soaking and a good clean. It might only be in spots but I figure if she has taken one week to do it on the ‘Bluey’ with a few accidents, she will eventually do it on the Bluey’s only within the month and my carpet will be really clean all over.
‘Lolly’ is a darling little dog and we love her. She is taking to our home and us like a duck to water.
I knew they would become firm friends!

If I need an afternoon snooze and I lay on the lounge on my side (my usual place), she hops on there and snuggles up with me. Boo still lays along my side from my waist to my hip. I will get a photo of it soon and post it. It looks a bit odd but I don’t move and they’re comfortable. I miss my little ‘Lovey’ but ‘Lolly’ has taken over her spot and she fits in where Lovey did.’Lolly’ made life a lot easier for all of us.
Give your pets a hug. They love you without condition and are always there for you. They feel your pain and your anguish. They feel your joy too. The next time you’re sad, look at your pet. They will act differently. They need to know it’s ok and that you will be ok too. So hug them and pat them as much as you can. You are life to them and without you, where would they be?
Marilyn xxx

Doin’ my head in…..


The more I read the news the more angry I become. Now the head of the RSPCA is facing alledged charges of animal cruelty. How does that happen? Don’t they have some feeling towards their chosen field or is it just about the money?

Me thinks it’s just money driven these days. Each time I look at my two little girls I swoon with affection. To think, I have two of the most adorable little dogs and their every need and want is my life’s work…. to provide! I feel so guilty to think I allowed them to become so sick from processed foods, I now want to give them as much love and kindness I can.

Yes, so I allow them to sleep on the bed next to me. I turned their steps into a ramp to save them from having to jump up and down to get on and off the bed. They have their favourite places to snooze during the day. I even have a doggy stroller to take them out for a long walk because they can only walk so far. Thier little legs are so short. They eat from the best china plates and drink filtered water.

I researched the best foods rawmeatybones.com.au but they keep their weight down with marilynsplanforweightloss.com.au
Two years ago I bought a coat brush at the Royal Adelaide show pet stand. It cost me $85 and it’s the most fantastic brush. The ends of the bristles are rounded so as not to traumatise their skin.

They have their lovely toys and play together really well. Life is good!

Lovey and Boo

Poor pets in the heat


We have had a few gorgeous days here in Adelaide and I have spent the majority of these days working a late shift so I’m on the road at about 2.30 in the afternoon to get to work. I am seeing people walking their dogs in the heat of the afternoon. It’s usually about 5 degrees hotter down on the ground than up above where we are but these poor little beggars are trotting along with their tongues hanging out, panting. They pee everywhere they can and they lose fluid so quickly.

I don’t see any sign of a small bowl with a bit of cool water for them to take a few laps to replenish their fluids either. This makes me so mad I could spit! These dogs are really dumb though. They would risk their life and their health to go and have a walk with their adoring owners! Anything to get out and about.

I would like to ask anyone who has a pet to make sure they take them for a walk in the cooler part of the day/evening and to take water for them to have a few laps during their run. Not too much all at once they will get tummy pain and possibly vomit.
Don’t forget if your pet is overweight they can go onto Marilyn’s Plan and lose it before the summer heat. They will certainly be more comfortable after all they do wear fur coats.