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Max Mansell Art Exhibition.


October 14th is the opening night for this wonderful event and you have to see his work to believe it.
It’s running until the 25th November and by then it will have moved to Scots Church in the city. Adelaide!

Max is donating paintings and money from the sales to a number of charities here in Adelaide. Outstanding effort and so generous.
Here is the invitation front and back.

Diversity of One

This is the back of the invitation with all the details.

Back of invitation

Opening night is by invitation only but from then on it will be opened to the public.
Max will also be heard on ABC Radio with Peter Goers on 10th October at 920 pm. See you there!


Reality weight loss shows on TV


Do they really work? Not for everyone I’m afraid. I’ve watched obese people struggle with extreme exercise it frightens me. I am worried someone will really have a cardaic event. Heart attack! Do you really want to be at the hands of someone who doesn’t understand you and your health and your mindset? ooohhhh! It makes me cringe to see how these poor people try to desperately stay on the show in the hope of losing the weight. Watching Today Tonight show this evening and they had a Psychologist on there who said a lot of these contestants have come off for the worse. Eating problems and weight gain. They have been exercising for so long they get so sick of it. How long can you exercise for. It’s only a reality show after all and the station knows from the beginning who is going to win so why bother? Do yourself a favour and try Marilyn’s Plan for weight Loss. I won’t bully you either!

I get ticked off too when my privacy is invaded.


I will never divulge your personal details. I get so annoyed when my inbox is full of deals and notices from companies I don’t even know. Takes me forever to get rid of them. You might not realise it but each time you apply for something online and you have to give your email address, you know that email address will be sold in lots of a thousand to anyone who is willing to buy it and there are hundreds of companies who do it.

You can go to the bottom of their page and check to see if they have mentioned not sharing your information with any third parties.
On my website I have stated ‘Your personal details will not be shared with anyone’
That’s only fair. I am not that desperate that I have to make money off you by dealing with companies who do this. It’s so annoying it can make you want to scream. That company then collects all the emails they have and they sell that as well and so your personal details go around and around being sold by every nut who collects it.

I also take your personal details very seriously. I will not inform anyone of the fact that you purchased my book. Why should I? I don’t need to have celebs and such to sell my book. It sells itself and by word of mouth. I haven’t and I won’t pay anyone to be on my website. They do it because they want to so please remember that! Your privacy is important to me.

Toxins even the Chinese people won’t eat!


Watching Today Tonight on Channel 7 and saw a segment on how the Chinese are sending their frozen vegetables to Australia via New Zealand. Some of the vegetables have poisons in them. Birth Defects, Cancers, Nervous system toxins oh you name it they have it.
Parathion Methyl
Not to mention some of these vegetables and fruit are grown in human excrement!
Google any one of these names and see for yourself what they do to the human body. Then think of the animals you are giving this to when they get a few dinner table scraps.
I was horrified.
It doesn’t matter where you live, I would suggest you buy your vegetables which are local and by your own farmers. Eat fresh, it’s best.
They said even the Chinese people are growing their own vegetables and fruit because they don’t trust the crops grown by their big corporations. That’s scary.

I would like to know why these foods are allowed into Australia by the back door? = New Zealand. In ten years we will all see the effects of this. More cancers and birth defects etc…..
Like I said before… Fresh is best. If you are on my Plan for weight loss, you will eat better than before! Woo Hoo!

I have blisters on my feet!


Little girl had her birthday bash at our house this weekend. Yes it went for the weekend. We thought we had 12 girls coming and 12 girls did turn up. With our girl and the 12 others there were 13 all in all. Thank goodness we had more than enough bits and pieces for everyone and no one went without. We kept it simple. Kids like pizza so we ordered a truckload of every kind of pizza we could think of. Nibbles and snacks in abundance and lost of nice things to drink.

We had a nice fire outside so they could keep warm and knowing some of them would turm up in their best skimpy clothes it was a great idea. They roasted marshmallows and everything else they could find. Ever tried roasted fairy bread? Yummy!
The cake was a traditional Russian cake made by a lovely friend and it was beautiful. Hope I don’t put on weight because I ate a big piece of it. Don’t care really, it was worth it!

The girls who were staying the night (6 of them) had to have breakfast so the easiest thing was pancakes with a big bowl of strawberries, icecream, cinnamon sugar, vanilla suger, maple syrup, lemon slices and honey. We were covered. Everyone had plenty to eat. With all that party food and a big heavy breakfast we supplied a huge plate of watermelon for morning tea and it went down a treat. So refreshing.

It was a good party and the girls who came were the most delightful, well mannered, no nonsense, sweet, charming young ladies I had ever met. I was astonished. To think we had been living a nightmare at the private school we had her enrolled in. Now she goes to a public all girls school and the friends (except for a couple who were the only ones who we bother with now from the private school) were gorgeous. I would have each and every one of them back without hesitation.

If you’re throwing a party for young people. Kep it simple and feed them things they like but make sure they have some fresh foods too. And remember nibbling party food is an easy way to stack on the weight so eat…..

I spent the day today cleaning and putting our back yard and house back together and tonight cleaning it. It was well worth it. I have blisters on my feet and I really don’t care. In a minute I’m off to bed to soothe them on a hot wheat bag. Mmmmmm

Goodnight all and have a wonderful week.
Marilyn xxx

I have reduced the price of the PDF


Now is the time to think about your summer weight loss. Yes, really. Do you want the first few days of the summer to be fraught with thoughts of rabbit food and starvation? Going to bed hungry, wondering when you’re going to get to eat again? Not any more.
After you have read the book you can just begin immediately. No setting a specific day or date to do it. You don’t have to psych yourself up for it either. Just do it!

It’s so easy. If you don’t know if you’re overweight, can I suggest you visit your doctor and let them check your weight for height on their chart. While you’re there ask for a complete health check. It won’t hurt and you will feel better for it knowing you are going to be fit and healthy as well as a bit thinner by the time summer comes.

Imagine how wonderful you will look and feel too. No more worrying about what you have to hide when you go into the water at the beach or the pool. Just imagine this…. Cartwheels in the sand at the beach. You will be so excited you won’t be able to help yourself. cut and paste this in your browser and go from there.

Fantastic for overweight pets too.

I refuse to pay and so I urge you to do the same.


My last post was about the ICM Register and how they are going to steal all the business names they can and allow anyone to buy them and add the prefix .xxx This will then allow anyone to be directed to a pornography site via your business name. How well do you think your business will do if that happens? ICM registry is, if you don’t already know, a domain register for pornography sites. The owners of pornography will be able to buy and register your business name and then hold you to ransom to get as much money as they can from you so you can buy back your business name. If anyone accidentally opens up you business name with the .xxx they will be in for a shock. PORNOGRPHY!!!!!

On the strength of this I have put in a lot of thought and someone needs to be held responsible for it. Children who do school work online and need to open up sites for projects will be especially at risk because the whole .xxx thing will be new to them and do you want to know this is going to happen to our kids?

I AM NOT GOING TO PAY AND I URGE YOU TO DO THE SAME. I’m not talking about just online businesses but any business. They will take it and register it. Don’t think because your business is a registered business name IT’S PROTECTED, you still have to pay to have it protected from poaching and it’s expensive. The annual fee is ridiculous. I am also going to urge our Govt to do something about it and prevent this from happening. This is not what the internet is about. It’s just a case of money grubbing by a hungry thoughtless bastard who wants to cripple businesses and Govts. If ICANN did not approve it in 2000 then why are they (non profit org) approving it now? Do you think money has greased someone’s palm? Hmmmm food for thought.
While we are here I will tell you all when you type in my website name, please type it in correctly
either one will take you to a great site with NO PORNOGRAPHY!

Teach your kids too. Warn them of the dangers and show them how to type in the correct name for the site they are looking for.
Good luck!