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Weight Loss Weight Loss Weight Loss


Worrying about your weight and the oncoming Australian summer?
It’s so easy to do.
Marilyn xxx


Talking to the Surgeon


This morning I was telling a Surgeon abut my Book and we got chatting about exercise. I said ‘I know excerise is good for us but I also think we do too much exercise to lose weight.’ I hadn’t quite finished talking when he jumped in and said ‘Yes I think too much exercise makes you more hungry and you have to eat more.’ I hadn’t really thought about that point. The point I was trying to make was about the constant pounding of the joints in the feet, knees and hips leading to injury, but I have to agree with him on that point as well. I don’t encourage anyone to overdo the exercise for weight loss. There’s no need to. My exercise secrets will give you a darned good giggle too.

The surgeon was quite pleased that I had lost so much of my weight and kept it off for so long. Your weight loss can be as fast or as slow as you want it to be. It’s totally up to you. No artificial foods and tasteless drinks, no food bars full of things which you know are not natural. Why do people year after year consume artificial rubbish and hope for good health? It’s no wonder so many people have gastrointestinal problems. Bloating, abdominal discomfort, gas! It’s all the processed food consumed. Additives and preservatives in food are certainly not natural for the body, or for Pet’s health either.

Learn and follow the rules in the book and you’re on your way.
And for crying out load. STOP COUNTING CALORIES AND KILOJOULES! There is no need to. It makes weight loss harder and so much more boring. You will definitely be surprised when you read the book and see what you are able to eat!

The cover of the book

Riveting Reading


Yes I have to say when you read my book you won’t want to put it down. I wrote it to be easy and enjoyable to read. Once you have read it I do ask you to read it again and make sure you have the Principal of My Plan in your head.

It’s different from any other book on weightloss because I haven’t filled it with facts and figures. Go time to read them? Do you want to? Surely you would have a basic understanding of what food is good food and what is not. Doesn’t matter because you get to eat what you want to eat, within limits of course. We don’t want you all living on rubbish.

Marilyn xxx



So what are you waiting for? If you’re the type of person who waits until the hot weather is here then decides to lose weight, why? Why spend the summer starving and dieting? There is no need to. If you begin my Plan now, you will be ready for summer and you won’t have had to go without food, or go to bed hungry and irritable. Just because it’s still cold here doesn’t mean you can’t have nice hot dinners. You can. If you don’t like my recipes then use your own.

My Plan is so simple and easy to follow and by the time summer is here you will be trim, taught and terrific. I just worked it out that I haven’t had a sick day in 3 years and it’s all due to My Plan. If there were germs and bugs around I would always catch whatever was going. Gastro, the flu and anything else anyone else had. I don’t get anything anymore. I’m making sure I don’t have to go to hospital for anything. Do yourself a favour and get it now. Don’t wait.
Oh, and by the way, I have only a few hard copies of the book left and will be ordering more soon so don’t wait! There are plenty of pdf’s available though. hahaha!

Go get ’em.
Marilyn xxx

Who is watching the Wedding?


Well, obviously not me now. I have a job. I am also hoping to get a glance at some of it as I run past people’s rooms. Hope they have their tv sets on. Everyone likes a wedding, me included. There has been so much hype and hoopla from the media about it. All the papers and mags are full of it and it’s basically shoved in our faces. Maybe that’s why some people are sick to death of hearing about it. It’s a media frenzy. I have tried to watch all the Royal Weddings and have enjoyed each and every one of them. Why do the media have to spoilt it? It’s like someone is nagging you. You can’t get away from it. Nag Nag Nag!

I wish the Bride and Groom all the very best for their future and hope the media leaves them alone.
‘Happy is the Bride the sun shines on
Thrice Happy is the Bride the rain rains on.’ Hope it doesn’t pour but a little rain…..