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Expiry Date


It was just after dinner and I was almost done with the dinner time medication round. I only had about 12 more people to give medications to and my medication trolley was in the corridor. Out of the corner of my eye I saw two of my carers running toward me. I stopped and looked at their faces. Now something like this is hard to describe and document because I think they were in shock and they were so excited and talking so fast.

I didn’t have time to ask them what was wrong. They burst into a chorus of “Marilyn come here quick.” I parked my trolley in a side room, locked the door and ran. At this time I was thinking there might have been an intruder or a fire.

As I entered the room the two carers were standing either side of a female resident’s bed. One of the carers pulled the bed linen off the elderly woman, and I must say, extremely frail woman only to show me her leg was broken. My mind raced to discover what had happened and how but knowing this elderly lady was a bit restless in her bed and constantly stuck her legs through the bedrails, I felt a surge of vomit in my throat when I realised what had happened.

The break was over the shin and it had a distinctive mark across the thin layer of skin.

Her leg was straight until it got past the knee and to the shin and that is where it turned inwards.  We looked at this broken bone and discovered it had been broken when someone had tried to let down the bed rail and had met some resistance. The bed rail would have then been pushed down very hard which crushed her leg. The perpetrator of this would have then placed her broken leg back into the bed and covered her up and left her.They left her. Left her in agonizing pain. Unable to voice her pain. Unable to do anything about it.

Immediately the Ambulance was called to transfer the poor woman to Hospital, notes were written, plus the mandatory reports. (Lots of them)

Before the woman was transferred to Hospital, I measured the red mark on her shin and compared the width of the top of the bed rail. Exactly the same width. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could do this to a frail and elderly person, then cover them up and leave them to suffer. This would have been excruciatingly painful. She would have been left like that for approximately 4 and a half hours and until the next shift came on and did a ’round.’  A round is where the carers go around to each and every resident and ask them if they would like to go to the toilet and if they were not able to verbalize, they would assist them to the toilet. Otherwise they would be in a continence pad and that would have to be checked.

This poor woman was the last on the list of people to check the pad and so it would have been about 2 pm the staff would have been to her room to check on her continence needs.

There was also a chart to tell who worked where and it didn’t take us long to work out who was responsible. I will tell you know though. After the report I made, I had a complaint made against me to my Agency which sounded something like this

“We don’t want Marilyn G back here again” “She keeps leaving us notes”  Leaving them notes?  Ha!  They couldn’t get rid of my notes because they are a legal document and if these reports I wrote were requested by ‘Freedom Of Information’ the family of this woman would have taken legal action.. I’m glad I wrote personal reports and photocopied incident reports. I have a very large box full of them.

This is not the last report I will write about the Health Care system. Keep your eye out. And if it makes you feel a bit queezey just imagine how it made me and others feel when it happened.I started Nursing 1995 as an RN and just flowed into Aged Care where I remained for nearly 20 years. The work is hard especially if you do the work and the pay isn’t much to sing about but it was very challenging..

The latest news about the abuse of the elderly man in the aged care facility was shown on channel 9 25/7/2016.  I have worked in this facility and never enjoyed it because there was a problem with some belligerent staff. Another facility I will never work in again.

Having cameras in resident’s rooms is a great idea but it infringes on their resident’s privacy and dignity. I don’t think it will ever be tolerated. The public are up in arms now over an incident relating to a young male carer who abused an elderly gentleman in an aged care facility. Sorry to say it but I have seen worse.

I haven’t been supported by the aged care facility or the Agency I worked for when making these complaints to the managers of these said facilities. They just don’t want to know about it and while they are raking in the money, they don’t give a hoot. Many times I’ve told family members to install  a secret camera in the room to catch the abusive staff members.

Carers take these jobs in Nursing homes because that is the only job they can get at the time and Centrelink encourage them to take it. Even if they are not suitable for the position.

Attitude play a big role in caring for elderly people. Staff cannot afford not to treat these people any other way but with respect and give them the dignity they deserve.

Channel 9 News asked for a comment from the ‘Council for the Ageing” and we hear there is a 5% to 10 % abuse incident rate. Well, lady. To that I say bull! I know it is more than double that.

Overall, I blame the Government for the compete lack of care in any and all Aged Care Facilities. Money is what drives them. Cheap labour. Hiring staff who cannot speak English and who give medications which cause damage to resident’s health.

When they have a Plebiscite on ‘Assisted Suicide” I will sign it and say yes please. I refuse to go into an Aged Care Facility.


The Pet left behind


I have managed to pull myself out of the hole I fell into. I am so lucky to have been able to do it. I do have emotional strength and am able to analyze a situation, come up with a solution and get on with it. Thank goodness for that.

I have been worrying about my little Papillon ‘Boo’ who has lost her little friend ‘Lovey.’ It’s been hard on all of us losing that little girl and I believe Boo has been feeling it too, so 2 days ago I thought to myself ‘she needs some sort of replacement or something to take her mind off her loss too.’ I had already ordered doggie items from a great online site called ‘My Pet’s Wardrobe’ and I visited the site again and saw the smallest pink teddy bear for little doggies.. It’s a great idea. Pet’s can’t be left to grieve without you helping them get through it. They need guidance, after all we do take care of them, and their emotional wellbeing is just as important as ours. A few days ago, Boo tried to tear the jacket I bought for ‘Lovey’ apart so this was the closest I could get to something fluffy and light…

It arrived today. Yes 2 days later I got my order and as I was talking to the delivery girl about our lost pet, I pulled the teddy from the packet and gave it to ‘Boo.’ No explanations needed really. I squeezed the teddy over the sticky tab wich said ‘Squeeze me’ and it squeeked.. ‘Boo’s’ ears pricked up and she jumped up to grab it so I threw it and off she went. That was about half an hour ago and she is still playing with it. Having a wonderful time.

Have given instructions to the family not to allow Boo to take it outside as it will get filthy dirty and the squeeker inside the teddy will fill with water rendering it useless if I have to wash it. At his moment, Boo is under the coffee table near me and chewing this poor teddy. Maybe I should have ordered a few of them because I can’t see this thing lasting too long.

This is part of the healing process for her and us too. If she is happy them we can be happy. Nothing worse than seeing a pet fretting over the loss of another family member or pet. Having a lovely sunny day here today so it’s now time to go outside and let Boo have a run. Yeah right… how do I get the teddy from her now??? Here goes..
Boo and her Teddy
Marilyn xxx
Boo and her therapy Teddy

ebook now $3.50. Yahooooo!


Yep! That’s right. I dropped the price of the ebook to $3.50. The reason I did this is because there are so many people who just cannot lose weight and I would go as far as saying they have given up. besides that, the way the economy is heading, I don’t think anyone really wants to spend too much on weight loss products. Well you can take it easy now because I have taken everything we know about food and nutrition and added a few things you didn’t know and came up with this….and it works.

The book

I love it so much because there is no more silly dieting or starving yourself. No more grumpy bums! You will be able to manage it so easily…
Love and hugs to all.
Marilyn xxx

A slap in the face


That’s what I want to do sometimes when I see ridiculous segments on TV promoting another crazy fad diet. But….. The journos who have these segments on their shows don’t care if the fad diet works or not, they just want some startling, crazy, unrealistic statements to get the ratings.

I also want to slap people for being taken in by them because they just aren’t working. I don’t find them a healthy way to lose weight either, or normal at all. Why is it that people need to find a diet which is so unusual and unrealistic they fall for it??? Beats the hell out of me. ( I don’t want to slap to hurt, just to make people wake up).

I know I do sometimes rant about the benefits of my Plan for weight loss but I also know it’s a great way to do it and it seems so normal and easy. Yes it does work, without the calorie counting and without going without. It’s so easy to just cruise into it you barely even know you’re doing it. No one else will know you’re losing weight either until you have lost it. They won’t be able to tell because you can still eat what everyone else is eating. Your choices will be better too.

Oh, it’s just wonderful to not ever have to worry about dieting. I don’t even have any fat pants left either. In my book I tell you to put your fat pants in the shed out of the way but I gave all my clothes away because this was so easy I knew I would never fall back and put on weight again. All my clothes fit and will fit me forever!

The majority of people who choose to commence a fad diet always put the weight back on because it’s just too hard to stick to and too restrictive. Their body refuses to go with it. It’s like having an extra job to do each day. Who wants that? Not me.
I remember what it used to be like if there was an event I had to go to. I would spend weeks just looking for an outfit to wear and it was never really nice because it didn’t fit me, was the wrong colour or I felt awful in it. Now I go to the wardrobe, pick out something and put it on. I feel invigorated by it! Overwhelmed sometimes. You can too once you realise it is possible.
That’s it for me for today. Feel free to rant away on here. I’m listening.
Marilyn xxx

How dare they…..She is so sick!


Chatting to a friend about his wife today and he as so angry and upset. I asked why and he replied…. ‘I had to take my wife into the Royal Adelaide Hospital this morning about 0630.’ ‘The carpark at the front of the hospital was taken up with all the channel 7 and channel 9 News cars.’ He said he ‘couldn’t drive his wife to the door or even close to it because of this and she was in extreme pain.’

I agreed and wondered why they were there but then I remembered they would all be hovering about like vultures waiting for a tidbit of information on that bikie who was shot last week. He asked if they would be attempting to bribe some poor little nurse to divulge information about him or to sneak a photo. I laughed but then he came back to the same argument….

‘How dare they take up parking spaces meant for people who need to drop off sick people, especially when they can’t walk.’ Yes, it is a cruel thing to do so I will have something to say about it. I know journalists will do anything for ratings and to get a story but this is not the way to go. It’s pretty bad actually. Really about as low as you can get!

What do you think????? All comments would be greatly appreciated..
Marilyn xxx

Happy New Year to all


My family and I would like to wish you all a very happy new year. This year I wish for peace in the world, Cures for diseases and no poverty. I also wish for animals to be treated better. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t read about some poor animal being killed or tortured and it’s heart breaking.

I support Dr Tom Lonsdale and his wonderful book ‘Raw Meaty Bones’ which saved my pets life. She was dying a slow death from processed foods and as soon as I changed her to the RMB she improved albeit she ate something from the lawn which gave her a nasty bowel infection but she is recovering with the speed of light, thank goodness.

I will encourage everyone to purchase my book for it’s ease of use and ability to help you make a lifestyle change for the better without going to bed hungry. My book will also have you giggling from the funny stories in it too. I love humour. We need more of it.

I will soon be showing you all something I have been planning for a year now and am working towards getting it started and will be asking for your input. Secret Squirrel!

I also plan to travel if time allows. Busy doing orders each day as they come in but I’m sure I will be able to find someone who will be able to take the reins for a while. Perhaps my assistant Daisee will be here to help. She really is useless but I keep her on so I can watch what she is doing.

Daisee, my assistant..

I also plan to keep working as much as I can and my new year resolution is to try to finish my next book now I have a handle on it.
That’s it for me. Happy New Year to you all. I hope it’s a wonderful year for everyone and the world goes into recovery mode quickly.
Marilyn xxx

I have to reiterate


Please, please, please all you lovely pet owners. There will be fireworks tonight and some of your pets will be terrified. Some will try to run away from the noise and could be injured so I am just reminding you all to be careful of your pet tonight.

I could imagine it would be like a war to us, with bombs blowing up all around and scaring the living daylights out of us. Ok, we can rationalise but these poor little buggers can’t. We need to make sure they are kept safe and out of harms way.

If you can’t get hold of any ‘Rescue Remedy’ to give them half an hour before the fireworks, perhaps put some nice pleasant music on and loud enough so it sounds as if the fireworks blend in with the music. You could send them to a relative or friend for the night and where you know it will be fairly quiet. If your pet gets out of their enclosure it could cost hundreds of dollars to get them back from the Animal Welfare League. This is where the council will take them. If they are not claimed within a few days they are destroyed. It will still cost you. The council doesn’t give a rats about your animals. They will just do the job and you will pay for it.

If you pet is in Australia, then it’s also going to be hot so give plenty of cool water and shade.
Give them a hug from me. if your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight then I can help you and your pet.

Happy New Year to you all!
Marilyn xxx