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The $5 diet…


That’s all it costs to get Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss.
It’s the e book and there is also a hard copy of it the thing is, you can do it with the food you already have in your kitchen. There is no need to run out and buy foods you don’t like or things you are allergic to etc…

You will have your own recipes and you should be able to stick to eating the foods you want to eat.. I did include a few weeks worth of recipes to get you going and they are simple and easy to make…

What did you pay for your diet last year?? If my guess is right you would have forked out quite a lot of money.. but did it work? This one will and at a measly $5, you can’t go wrong so give it a go and get with the Plan..


The crap is back!


Portion sizes… weighing food.. measuring food… I’m so sick of seeing these stupid things on TV which are too hard to follow.They also want you to exercise to the extreme. Why???

Overweight people are at risk of a cardiac event if they over do the exercise so I promote about 6 minutes of it per day! Yep.. that’s all.
Now as for the food.. I hate to be told I have to eat specific things. Most of which I despise… I always wanted to eat the things I like which I will encourage you to do, because when you follow the Plan you will learn how to do it and take it from there and do it yourself! Anyone who tells you, you have to follow their silly diet and you’re only going to lose about one kg a week is setting you up for failure… If you need to lose 30 kg then it will take you almost a year to lose it.. Ha! How boring and regimental can you get??? It’s making you think about food too much when you obviously have more important things to think about like kids, home family, shopping, cleaning etc…

I conquered it and came up with the most brilliant weight loss Plan.. Go on.. give it a go.. Once you have this in your head.. you’re off on your way to success and it’s so easy.. I just got home from a day from hell to get a noodle take away and a cheesecake slice for my dinner and it doesn’t worry me at all.. It’s fabulous.. Go on… do it!

Even overweight pets can do it…

Summer in OZ


We had the most beautiful day today. The sun was shining and it was warm.. Oh, it was lovely..I did manage to get some sun too as I hung the washing out!
I heard we are going to have a really hot and dry summer so my mind is now on ensuring the wild birds have enough water by filling the birdbaths, Laying newspaper and bark chips down around the garden and organizing for a new rainwater tank to be installed to help with the watering of the whole garden.

I will never get tired of eating...

The thing I’m dreading is getting my summer wardrobe out and packing my winter wardrobe away! Still haven’t done it..
The one thing I know I don’t have to worry about is weight loss! Yes.. I am thin and I love it. Been this way for years now due to Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss..
I wrote it to be easy and if you are keen to do the same then go for it. Learn the principal of the Plan and you will have it in your head forever… never to put it on again! Manage the meals during outings and parties, know exactly what you need to do and yet be able to get enough to eat without worrying about it. No measuring or weighing or cutting a meal short… no more excuses either… “Oh, I’m on a diet and I can’t eat that” Sick of saying it? Then say it no more, just relax and go with the flow! Well, that’s it for me…. for now anyway.. get with the Plan. xxx

Reviewing food for you


I do love food and I love getting dressed up to go out to eat especially lunch!
I remember years ago there was a lot of Dept of Health officers running around Adelaide doing regular checks of restaurants and cafes etc.. you know the hygiene in the kitchen, food storage, temperatures of food stuffs etc. If food wasn’t eaten at the table you would ask for a doggie bag to take it home for the dog! The waitress would inform you “It is against the law to allow anyone to take food home.” Ok, so why has this changed? Beats the hell out of me.. Now you can take most leftovers home from anywhere and no one cares..

But enough of that. I have been enjoying going out to lunch lately and I’ve begun writing my ratings on the venue for you to see for yourself. I’m finding most eating places have reasonable prices so if you have $30 on you, you can go out for a lovely meal with your friend or partner. That’s not a costly lunch either but you will be able to afford a good choice from the menu.
I give my rating and justification for it on my Facebook page so please join me on there. I will give you the honest truth about the venue and rate it on…. Food freshness,quality, quantity, selection.
Decor ambiance, cleanliness,
Prices good value
Kids kids meals
Service staff
Opening hours
and most of all whether it is suitable to go to eat if you’re on Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss.
It might sound strange of me to include the weight loss rating but if you’re on My Plan and you’re going out to eat, you will be glad I said it suits the Plan but most venues have enough of a selection for you to choose a good meal without worrying whether you should eat it or not.

I’ve been eating out a lot of late and enjoying myself immensely, taking a retired chef with me for their expert opinion and I can always count on having a child or two tagging along for their view on a meal. It’s not necessary for me to divulge to anyone who I am or what I’m doing until the end of the meal and I go to pay for it. I am quite happy to compliment the chef/cook and inform them how happy I and my guests were and I will be adding a review on my FB page. Many a face glows at the thought of this. It’s free advertising for them after all and I’m all for helping anyone or business if they are deserving. If I or my guests are disappointed in the meal, the service or the value, I will say nothing. I probably won’t tell you either because someone might just be having a bad day. If there is a health issue and I’m an expert in the filed of food hygiene, storage, cooking etc… I will inform the authorities and then post my experience.
So take heart. I’m not in the business of running places down, just letting the public know of my wonderful experience on the day.
Bon Appetite!
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