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About 2 weeks ago I received a phone call from the US and the young bloke said ‘Did you just enter a competition to win a holiday to Florida’? I said ‘No’ of course. He continued blabbering about this wonderful offer about this holiday. It was the biggest and best deal around and I was chosen to be the one who could have it and all I had to do in return was to tell people what a wonderful place it is and what a great holiday we had!

Well, I let him babble until he got to the money side of things and the acceptance speech. I thought to myself, ‘Oh this is terrible, what if they are a bunch of scammers and they cop someone who is really down and out’. I also said to myself, there is no money in my CC account and he cannot take it out anyway’. He kept babbling about this great holiday and all the benefits. I was on the computer at the time and checked out the website. It looked real. When he put me on hold I got sick of it and hung up on him. He then rang back and babbled on again.

He went through the acceptance speech and the agreement and such and knowing I didn’t have the money in the CC account at the time, I kept saying ‘NO, there is no money in my aacount at this stage’. He then proceeded to tell me that ‘All I had to do is to agree to the terms and when there was money in my account I was to call the number he gave me and the thing would be activated’.

I had done an afternoon shift the night before and was a bit tired but I thought all was ok. He babbled on about how the Bank had accepted the agreement and I was all set. He then hung up on me. I was a bit frustrated by this time and very tired. I went to bed and slept for two hours. When I got up I went to my computer and checked my account and saw the company had taken the money. It was only a thousand dollar but seeing this I was furious!

I rang both the phone numbers he gave me and was told ‘This phone number is out of service’ By this time my blood was boiling. I called my Bank and told them. They hot listed my CC and are investigating this company. The Bank called me and gave me a phone number for the company and when I got home from work the next night I waited until 0200 hours and called them. I told them they had no right to take the money from my account when I said NO!

The nitwit who I spoke to played the tape back to me and I heard two different calls. Remember, I hung up the first time. There were conversations linked together and just what they wanted to hear to make it sound real. I told them this was two different conversations and she was lost for words for a minute. I then told them I wanted a full refund immediately as they had no right to take the money when I said no’. She said I would have to wait for two billings statements. 60 days? Ha! I said I wanted it now and that my Bank was involved and investigating this.

She agreed to the Accounts dept refunding my money immediately. I am still waiting. I send them an email every day to tell them I want my refund immediately. But I receive an email in reply to say they do not take cancellations over the internet. I have called them to tell them but I think they are ignoring me. Now I have called 60 minutes in Australia and the US to investigate. I post it on Twitter and Facebook too. ie, WARNING!

I have also informed them that for each day they do not refund my money it is costing them $25.00 US. The company is called ‘FLORIDA RESORT HOLIDAYS’

So if you get a phone call from them, HANG UP. IT WILL CAUSE YOU NOTHING BUT GRIEF. I hope this little exercise has educated you and helped you. DON’T FALL FOR IT! Oh, one last thing. I received the holiday package two days ago and am still waiting for the cancellation letter. Nitwit said I have 30 days to respond to the cancellation letter. It takes weeks for mail to arrive from the US. At the present I am looking for a good Litigation Lawyer in the US to take up my case. He/ She will receive 50% of the total win!

By the time this gets around I don’t think this company will have a very good reputation anywhere. Reminder. YOUTUBE!!!