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Cannibalistic Possums?


I was outside last night investigating a noise and blow me down there staring at me was a little furry face. I thought ‘Oh, how cute’ and ran inside to get my camera. I took a few pics and today when I uploaded them, I saw a tiny leg with a foot dangling on the end. The other foot was gone and so was the very long tail… It befuddled me for a while thinking it was a baby possum but after a second look I now believe it’s a creek rat!

Been after them to get rid of them and hubby put up a rat trap right in that spot. So I guess that is what we caught.
Only thing is, today I went outside to search for it and identify it and it was gone. Vamoosed.. taken a powder… Either that or the possum ate it. Gross! But that is nature I suppose.
See if you can see the little leg dangling…

Possum in the tree house


4 weeks until spring is finally here in Australia.


You know it’s never too late to lose the weight.
Ah, poetry and it rhymes too! hehehehe

Seriously. If you or someone else needs to lose it and you’ve tried all the diets imaginable then give this a go!
It really works and you will be quite surprised at the simple things it involves.

There are so many people on this now and I like knowing they’re able to maintain their weightloss when they reach their goal.
Just like me and all the others, you can do it too. Don’t wait until you can’t stand it anymore and don’t wait until summer is here. If you do that, you know you’ll be doomed to fail because you will do it wrong and try to rush it, whereas if you do it my way it can and will be fast and by spring you’re going to look and feel gorgeous! Woo Hoo
Marilyn xxx

Promised you an update and a photo


I’ve been using the Novasone cream on my hands for my eczema since monday and it has helped. Now I can only use it once per day as it thins the skin, being a corticosteroidal cream so I was looking for something to keep my skin oily and moisturised.

Every cream I applied just soaked into my skin and eventually dried out within an hour or two.
Paw Paw cream. Sent hubby to the pharmacy to get some yesterday and applied it in a thick layer last night and wrapped bth hands in crepe bandages again for the night. No itch, no dryness either. Used it a couple of times today too and stuck my hands in the little sunshine we had today for a few minutes.

Now my hands are soft and moisturised with no scaly areas. Just waiting for them to heal now because they are still a bit red.
I would suggest if your kids have grazes and scratches, buy some non-adhesive dressings and Paw Paw cream and put a thick coating on the wound (after cleaning it of course) and cover it for a day to moisturise the skin. Nothing worse than trying to peel off a dressing from a graze when it is stuck. Non-stick dressings do stick and it’s painful for kids to have it peeled off, especially when there is no skin left on the wound area. Oh, and don’t stick your finger in the pot of Paw Paw cream as you could contaminate it. Best to scoop out the required amount with the edge of a clean spatula or a butter knife.
Well, here is the photo I promised. My hands are so much better now.
Eczema looking a lot better.

Paw Paw cream


Been overdoing it with the cortico steroidal cream on my eczema. Backs of both hands were dry and cracked today and driving me bananas. I started scratching again. Solution? Needed something oily and an emolient to apply to the area to keep the skin moist.
Now don’t think this is boring because there will come a day when you or someone in your family circle or friend will suffer from the same affliction and you will be able to come up with a few ideas to help them too. The doctor is your best bet to begin with but unless you’re hospitalised and have them at your diposal to further intervene in your treatments, you will need to manage your problem with a bit of help. Dry skin gets itchy and doesn’t heal well when you’re scratching the hell out of it.

Paw Paw cream came to the rescue. It is quite an oily composition and it doesn’t sink into the skin or dry out. It can be used on nappy rash too and anywhere there is dry skin.
I slathered it on tonight and wrapped my hands in crepe bandages. They don’t itch anymore and I’m quite excited to think of the great improvement I will be able to show you all tomorrow. I will of course take another photo. I love the first pic I took. It was pretty raw wasn’t it? It was a clean wound though with no infection. No one gets infections when I clean and dress wounds!
See you tomorrow…
Marilyn xxx

Update of Eczema


I had to hold the camera in my left hand and upside down to take this photo of my right hand.
If you look close you can see the edges of the wound are healing and there is less scaly skin visible. I did debride it again to clean it up. Debriding means to cut away dead skin…. We do it when there is sloughy (infected) skin and to help it heal.
My skin might be a bit on the red side but it’s healing nicely now. It is looking very moist and smooth. Can only use the ‘Novasone’ cream once per day now, and in between and regularly I massage in some ‘Caroline’s Cream’ to keep the moisture up. This is working very well.

Looking a lot better

I do like to tell people what works and what doesn’t!

If you haven’t heard of ‘Caroline’s Cream’ before, it’s made by an Australian Mum who had a child with really bad skin problems and nothing was working so she researched and developed this amazingly beautiful cream. As a moisturiser it’s wonderful. I even put it on my Grandson’s head due to a small area of cradle cap.
So I am very happy with this. I don’t suffer from itching skin on my hands anymore and they are clearing up nicely.
Monday I got the ‘Novasone’ cream and today is wednesday. By friday it should look fabulous! It had better because I’m back at work then and the integrity of my skin needs to be excellent! If it’s not I don’t go to work. The skin is the best defence against invading bugs!
Marilyn xxx

Will have more photos tomorrow Bad skin!


The eczema on my hands doesn’t look too bad today but I will definitely post another photo of my hands tomorrow. You probably can’t tell the difference today unless you look at them under natural light and photos don’t do them any justice at all. I will say however. They are improving. I was up until about 0230 cleaning my laundry out. Emptying cupboards of crap stored there for years (Just trying to avoid scratching while I’m sleeping). Scrubbing dirty scum build up with the most brilliant cleaning solutions and all whilst wearing my creams, sterile dressings, crepe bandages and rubber gloves. When spring comes my house is going to be done! Cleaned and shiny. Oh what a treat.. Ok so I’ll see you all tomorrow.
Oh, and if you have nice gooey pics of wounds and their diagnoses by your doctor… Post them so we can all see. I find it interesting as I’m a Registered Nurse and am interested in them and the treatments.
Marilyn xxx

1 of the many pitfalls of nursing. Don’t be shocked.


As nurses we are supposed to wash before attending each and every client (I hate the word client) I feel as if I am trying to sell them something. I do wash my hands thoroughly between clients and this is what I’ve ended up with.
A severe dose of eczema.

My consant washing with harsh chemical soaps and drying with cheap paper towels in these facilities has defatted my skin and dried them to a crisp. I spent last night cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom and all the time wearing crepe bandages, cotton gloves and latex gloves over the top of that.

On the weekend, one of the areas on my right hand was showing signs of infection so I debrided the sloughy areas with a clean set of surgical scissors, treated the area for a couple of days with Tea Tree Oil and clean dressings. Oh the expense! I keep a good stock of dressing supplies and I’m almost out of them now so will have to go for more soon. McNeil Medical supplies in Adelaide. Or the local pharmacy but the latter are quite expensive. Best to buy a few simple items like Melolin, Melolite, Micropore and crepe bandages. That way you will have a good supply of the most used dressing equipment needed for any type of wound unless it’s a wound with exudate and then you will need to purchase something to soak up the excess moisture. Jelonet is a good buy too. This keeps a dry wound slightly moist and tissue likes to gow in a warm, moist environment.

As promised on twitter, I am posting a picture of my right hand at it’s not so bad state. Should have seen it 4 days ago!
Have commenced a topical cream called ‘Novasone 1%’ and will be using it for a few days. Cortisone creams can only be applied for a few weeks as it can thin the skin. I have to sit around and do nothing as ordered by the LMO. Oh, what fun. Now I suppose I will bore you to death with tales of fungating wounds and macerating ulcers, spontaneous fractures and other such delights. Oooh and what about sinuses. That will thrill you if you like horrid, gooey tales/tails..
Da da daaaaa! My right hand.
It looks very greasy because it is a greasy ointment.