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Detoxing for kids???


Who are these people?  By accident I saw a TV show last night where someone was promoting a ‘juice only’ diet.

Then this morning I see someone detoxing their children using only fruits and vegetables.. Like I asked.. Who are these people???

No one has the right to do this to children or promote this type of thing without medical/ nursing/ allied health supervision. Where is their knowledge of food? Do they realise the body needs all the other vitamins and minerals to survive? Are they aware there is a vitamin similar to vitamin B12 called ‘cyanocobalamin’ which contains ‘cobalt’  This is “Vital to life”

I don’ think you would find anyone in the health profession who would say detoxing ok…

The other complex B vitamins are necessary and without consuming them, the body is subject to poor muscle control, neural deficiencies, menstrual disturbances, deficiency of antibodies, less formation of blood cells, lack of K and Na regulation. 

Thiamine assists in the breakdown of carbs into glucose etc…  without this daily dose there will be problems with the nervous system, loss of appetite, irritability, reduced intestinal motility, heart irregularities, and beriberi.

I am only mentioning a few problems involved with a lack of B vits.. Don’t have the room here to name them all…

We have all heard about the benefits of folic acid haven’t we?  (Pregnancy etc..) A vital vitamin of the B complex. Deficiency causes poor growth, graying hair, diarrhea, and many more but which I won’t mention here because you probably won’t have heard of them and wouldn’t understand..

These important vitamins are all found in meat, dairy, nuts, seeds, grains, organ meats, leafy greens, and many more foods.. The list is big.. Did you know you can obtain vitamin B from wheatgerm? Yummy… I add it to our foods and it tastes great… 

It’s so imperative for the body to get a balance of the main foods. 

To put any child on a juice only diet is ‘Child abuse’  These children will be suffering from ‘Malnutrition’ and it is due to the ignorance of parents.  If adults do it then they will be suffering from malnutrition too but it is their own fault.. I have to ask why are these TV shows promoting these ridiculous bloody diets?  I know they think they are covering themselves by also having a dietitian give their view but that view is so quick it makes no difference. I should perhaps petition the Australian Medical Ass to stop the charlatans from doing harm.

At the moment I am assisting a mother who has a very young child who has decided he will not eat anything but fruit. He eats minimal carbs unless it is sweet and will not eat meat or meat products..  He has slipped under the radar and if I hadn’t been observing his pooh, I never would have realised.  His pooh was runny, lumpy with undigested pieces of food and sweet smelling. To my trained nose and eyes, this pooh came from the fruit only, passed through his gut very quickly without being masticated (chewed), no iron or other elements to give it a nice dark colour to indicate there is iron from Vit B complex and the pooh was very runny..

He had no intestinal noises to indicate he had anything like a tummy bug which his day care said he had.

I had to tell the mother his Pancreas is under stress from all the sugar and he will be verging on brain damage from lack of these ‘Vital to Life’ vitamins. I also had to say it is no one’s fault!  Not many people are aware of the need for specifics when it comes to food and why if they are not consumed there will be consequences.  My interventions are having an effect and for the good, but if by the end of this weekend this child is not improving he must be seen by a doctor as there could be absorption problems or other.  I am happy to say he has shown some improvement this morning after one and a half days.  But no child can live and thrive on fruit only..

So getting back to kids detoxing.. The body is constantly detoxing itself so there is no need to push this onto innocent children or anyone else.  They are just being denied important foods.

Three things to assist detoxing if you are so inclined..

1)  Cut out all processed foods.

2)  Cut out sugar

3) Cut out fast foods and eat all natural foods.

So there you have it in a nutshell..  I have a visitor and have to get this done quickly but I could not go on for one more hour knowing there are irresponsible people in the media and the uneducated public plugging such rubbish.

Sure I do have a ‘Juice Up’ in my book but I would NEVER tell anyone to just live on that.. 

If you want the best of everything and to lose weight etc..

I have a small army of followers who absolutely love my Plan….. I love them for their loyalty…..


What is that pain in your chest?


How many times have you had that gnawing pain in your upper chest and wondered if you’re having a cardiac arrest or is it just reflux?

What type of food do you consume? Do you drink alcohol? 

We will all get reflux at some point in our lives and I can tell you it’s not nice. The pain can be crushing, thinking you are going into cardiac arrest and causing you to panic.. 

I remember about 15 years ago I was researching reflux medications and the causes, signs and symptoms of reflux…  What I found out was interesting to say the least. People were comfortable knowing that if they drank milk it would line the stomach and protect it from that gastric acid burn which as we all know is powerful enough to burn through plate steel.  The only reason the stomach is able to deal with the production of gastric acid is that it also produces a thick, highly viscous fluid which protects the stomach from being burned by the acid. Unless of course your stomach is producing too much gastric acid, then you are at risk of an ulcer forming in your stomach  etc…  This can if not dealt with cause an internal bleed with the possibility of a hemorrhage.. Does that frighten you at all?

There are reflux medications available which can begin from the simple over the counter type to the far more serious need for prescription medications…

Milk has animal fat in it. Got that?  The animal fat in any food or drink will cause the stomach to produce more gastric acid to break down the animal fats.  Fats are more difficult to break down than the composition of fruits and vegetables.  There are some days when my cook will do the simple lunch of a cheese and ham sandwich which will have me running for the simple over the counter medications and loads of water.. Anything to stop the excruciating pain and the feeling of nauseousness…… These simple remedies don’t do much and the pain can last for hours.  Ok so now I make sure I have some raw vegetables with my sandwich. Grated carrot in the sandwiich can do wonders to prevent reflux. If you have had an extremely fatty meal or food which is flour dense with little or no vegetable matter in it, then I will suggest you chew on a carrot soon after.. I found the carrots from our local supermarket have been so sweet and delicious, I can hardly wait to get one… The fibre in vegetables has the ability to absorb the bad from your stomach but make sure you don’t cook it.. It must be eaten raw. Don’t tell me you hate carrots. They are truly a wonder food and should be eaten with or after every meal… Cooking your vegetables, especially carrots softens the fibre and kills most if not all the nutrients so you are eating dead food.. No wonder there are so many sick people around…

Oh and alcohol doesn’t help either… If you must drink, have minimal amounts….

So.. eat a carrot and enjoy! xxxx

If everyone ate according to  there wouldn’t be too many sick people in the world.. or overweight ones either..  bye for now…