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Detoxing for kids???


Who are these people?  By accident I saw a TV show last night where someone was promoting a ‘juice only’ diet.

Then this morning I see someone detoxing their children using only fruits and vegetables.. Like I asked.. Who are these people???

No one has the right to do this to children or promote this type of thing without medical/ nursing/ allied health supervision. Where is their knowledge of food? Do they realise the body needs all the other vitamins and minerals to survive? Are they aware there is a vitamin similar to vitamin B12 called ‘cyanocobalamin’ which contains ‘cobalt’  This is “Vital to life”

I don’ think you would find anyone in the health profession who would say detoxing ok…

The other complex B vitamins are necessary and without consuming them, the body is subject to poor muscle control, neural deficiencies, menstrual disturbances, deficiency of antibodies, less formation of blood cells, lack of K and Na regulation. 

Thiamine assists in the breakdown of carbs into glucose etc…  without this daily dose there will be problems with the nervous system, loss of appetite, irritability, reduced intestinal motility, heart irregularities, and beriberi.

I am only mentioning a few problems involved with a lack of B vits.. Don’t have the room here to name them all…

We have all heard about the benefits of folic acid haven’t we?  (Pregnancy etc..) A vital vitamin of the B complex. Deficiency causes poor growth, graying hair, diarrhea, and many more but which I won’t mention here because you probably won’t have heard of them and wouldn’t understand..

These important vitamins are all found in meat, dairy, nuts, seeds, grains, organ meats, leafy greens, and many more foods.. The list is big.. Did you know you can obtain vitamin B from wheatgerm? Yummy… I add it to our foods and it tastes great… 

It’s so imperative for the body to get a balance of the main foods. 

To put any child on a juice only diet is ‘Child abuse’  These children will be suffering from ‘Malnutrition’ and it is due to the ignorance of parents.  If adults do it then they will be suffering from malnutrition too but it is their own fault.. I have to ask why are these TV shows promoting these ridiculous bloody diets?  I know they think they are covering themselves by also having a dietitian give their view but that view is so quick it makes no difference. I should perhaps petition the Australian Medical Ass to stop the charlatans from doing harm.

At the moment I am assisting a mother who has a very young child who has decided he will not eat anything but fruit. He eats minimal carbs unless it is sweet and will not eat meat or meat products..  He has slipped under the radar and if I hadn’t been observing his pooh, I never would have realised.  His pooh was runny, lumpy with undigested pieces of food and sweet smelling. To my trained nose and eyes, this pooh came from the fruit only, passed through his gut very quickly without being masticated (chewed), no iron or other elements to give it a nice dark colour to indicate there is iron from Vit B complex and the pooh was very runny..

He had no intestinal noises to indicate he had anything like a tummy bug which his day care said he had.

I had to tell the mother his Pancreas is under stress from all the sugar and he will be verging on brain damage from lack of these ‘Vital to Life’ vitamins. I also had to say it is no one’s fault!  Not many people are aware of the need for specifics when it comes to food and why if they are not consumed there will be consequences.  My interventions are having an effect and for the good, but if by the end of this weekend this child is not improving he must be seen by a doctor as there could be absorption problems or other.  I am happy to say he has shown some improvement this morning after one and a half days.  But no child can live and thrive on fruit only..

So getting back to kids detoxing.. The body is constantly detoxing itself so there is no need to push this onto innocent children or anyone else.  They are just being denied important foods.

Three things to assist detoxing if you are so inclined..

1)  Cut out all processed foods.

2)  Cut out sugar

3) Cut out fast foods and eat all natural foods.

So there you have it in a nutshell..  I have a visitor and have to get this done quickly but I could not go on for one more hour knowing there are irresponsible people in the media and the uneducated public plugging such rubbish.

Sure I do have a ‘Juice Up’ in my book but I would NEVER tell anyone to just live on that.. 

If you want the best of everything and to lose weight etc..  http://www.marilynsplanforweightloss.com.au

I have a small army of followers who absolutely love my Plan….. I love them for their loyalty…..

I can’t believe it… $8,500 for a shoddy job…


Took young girl to the orthodontist today to get braces on her teeth which cost about $8,500.
Drove little grandson and his mum home after her work and then had a look at the braces.
They are so crooked, the wires look like a 3 year old glued them on. 3 of the braces are loose and falling off. Two braces are glued so far to the side of each tooth they will twist the tooth out of it’s socket..
The rest of them are glued so far down they are resting/sticking to the gum line.
Rang her friend who has braces and she emailed us a photo of her mouth with the braces. Hers are beautiful. Straight and dead center.

I’m so mad I could scream.. I was a bit surprised to see a very young girl doing the job and not the Orthodontist who we are paying, so they will be getting an earful from me tomorrow, after I show a certain person who has a great closeup camera…
The Orthodontist apparently came into the room after the first two braces were applied (the two top center ones) and mumbled something then he left her to finish the job. I had my little grandson with me and my mother so I decided to sit in the waiting room..Tomorrow I will be on the phone at 0900 and demand they all be removed and the Orthodontist apply them correctly. Or else! How do they have the cheek to charge so much and yet leave the job to a beginner? She’s probably not even out of Uni yet… Arghhhhh
Will let you know how it goes tomorrow…

Kids are scary


I often wondered what the kids these days did for fun on the weekend and after school. Now I know..
Some of them get together with their friends and as their parents have warned them of stranger danger, they think they are ok..
But… Do these parents know exactly what their kids are doing?

I don’t think so.. The last few months I have been privy to a situation involving a young family, their young school age son and a group of kids who for no other reason than to cause trouble,, have made the family’s life a nightmare…Not to mention the young son..

A couple of days ago… word got out about this group of boys who were on the warpath and decided to egg the nice family’s house and beat up on their young boy. This decision was made on the sole basis that their bullying of the young boy at school was not enough to satisfy them… Is that incredibly stupid or what? As soon as the nice family found out, they called the Police and just as the group/gang showed up at their house, so did a camera crew from a well known TV station and although they were there for something else, the reporter took it upon himself to ask the kids what they were doing..It was intimidating enough for them to run away, like the blatant little cowards they are.. Then, the Police force turned up wearing flack jackets and all their accoutrements needed for a gun battle..They found out where the gang leader was and went straight to their house to speak to the parents..

Thank goodness for that.. Thank you SAPOL.. South Australian Police Force. I hope those kids got the verbal tirade from their parents they deserved.. In this day and age, I have to wonder why in the hell are kids still doing this when anti bullying campaigns are flogged into their impressionable minds at school.. They obviously don’t get it…

I would love to see these bullies get community service time to go out and scrub graffiti from walls and to spend time with the Police talking about the effects of their cowardly behaviours. The parents should also be involved in it too.. They shouldn’t get away with it just because their idiot kids got caught..

I think there is a moral to this story..
If kids are going out in groups, they should be given strict instructions for their behaviours, their whereabouts and time limitations.. They should NOT be allowed to roam the streets because it leads to trouble and once they are in it up to their eyeballs it’s awfully hard to get out of it… Trouble ruins lives and not just the victims lives but the trouble makers too.
So to all the bullied kids out there.. Don’t be scared to speak out.. Get them where it hurts.. Tell the Police, tell your parents, tell someone..

I’m almost frothing at the mouth


It’s about another hour to go before we go to the airport to pick up our new addition to our family. A sweet little Papillon. She is almost a year old and quite small still and I’ve been very busy with house cleaning, washing and ironing, vacuuming and dusting and generally getting the house and us ready for her. These little dogs are so very fragile and so very special and they need to be treated with tenderness and kindness just as you would a one year old child. Well, all children and animals should be treated like it anyway.
We’ve put in a lot of effort to make sure the transition into our home is going to be peaceful, quiet and fun with the attention on bringing our other little Papillon and her together as friends. Papillons love gentleness and they also love cats. They will snuggle up to a cat if they want to. When we had our last little cat, Boo would hop into the cat bed and sleep with her. It was so cute. They got on well. We lost our little cat in the early part of this year. Then we lost our first little Papillon ‘Lovey’ and this has left Boo alone and a bit lonely for her own kind. We have always had pets here in our home and have always had them in pairs for company for each other and it’s worked so very well.
I feel so belssed to have found Pat in Adelaide and Helen in Victoria who were able to help us out with a little friend for Boo. We had to go through some rigourous checking, like phone calls and chatting about the care of our pets which should always be the case with any animal or child too. I don’t understand why people have children or pets if they are not going to take care of them as they should. That makes me angry. No Papillon breeder will allow one of their litters to go to a home if they are not sure they will be cared for and I salute each and everyone of them for doing so. If you have never had or known a Papillon, then you haven’t lived. They are the most amazing little animal and I feel blessed for having them in my life!
Marilyn xxx

If I say it’s ok, then it is…


Reading an article on the web how some scumbags are playing people for fools by posting sad and sorry stories on facebook and twitter either for money or fame… Argh! Idiots. Cruel and nasty thing to do. There are so many of them out there.

Once a week I do a cull and get rid of anyone I think is not online for the same reasons the rest of us are. We are on social networking sites for our businesses and to make friends and to find others who are in the same boat as we are…

I don’t know why anyone could play on people’s sympathies the way they do and get away with it for so long.
I have never been a victim of it and I hope I never am. I also hope you haven’t been subjected to anything so horrific either.

I will tell you this though… Anytime you see a post from me, either on fb or twitter and you are wondering if it’s for real…. I will say yes it is. You see I have nothing to hide. I try to be as honest in my dealings as you would want me to be. I have a phone number on my website for anyone to call me to chat and although the phone goes flat sometimes and I forget to charge it.. I will get back to you. If I pass on information to you, then it is for a reason.

A friend of mine is on FB an he has started a gofundme thingy to buy a horse blanket for a young girl’s horse which is standing in the rain without cover. This isn’t good for any animal. Yes I do love animals. I was the first to donate to the fund with $20 and have been posting and sharing the site for anyone who would be kind enough to donate to help. Even one dollar would get a little closer to their goal and they only need $150.

Someone commented and said.. ‘If they can afford a horse, how come they can’t afford a blanket’? You don’t know what this family might have been through and what their financial status is. Not everyone is floating along with a big bank roll.
But in case you think the gofundme plea is not real.. It is definitely! Noel Sadler is a nice man and he knows the family well. He posted a photo on the site for everyone to see the lovely horse and it’s a beauty too so if you can, please help a little. It would be so nice.
Marilyn xxx

I have been accused of being an upstanding citizen in my community and my job?????


Seems funny but that is how I felt. It was like an accusation. I was talking to a young person who had a few problems and I was trying to explain the choices there are to be made in life. Two roads… One road takes you to a life of secrecy, distrust, no meaningful relationships, dishonest dealings, having to look behind you wherever you go, a bad name and all the rest which goes without saying…
The other road is an easy road to take.. remembering to not break the law (it’s there to protect us), but to be honest and transparent in all your dealings with everyone. It’s not hard at all but it’s a good feeling.

Her response to me was, ‘Oh it’s ok for you, you are a repsected member in your community and in your job’ and so on and so on…
I said to her, ‘honey, it takes years of certain behaviours for people to realise you have integrity, you are an honest person, you can be trusted etc..’ ‘It doesn’t happen overnight, but I’ve always tried to be like that anyway.’

Maybe it was the way she said it…I’m not perfect… not by any means. Sometimes I explode! Sometimes I might let the bad words slip but that makes me human too. Ok so I don’t drink except for the half glass of wine at Christmas and the other half at New Year. I will make an exception but if I do have a drink it is because I really do feel like one. I have one and that’s it. I like to know I’m still in control and if there is an emergency I am still able to deal with it, not have to apologise because I’m a drunk, blithering mess!

Oh, I’m sorry your honour, I was too drunk to do anything! Ha! Never. I would be so ashamed of that behaviour. It doesn’t make me a ‘goody two shoes’ either. It just makes me a responsible person. I like to know people can trust me with their children and I can be trusted to be there if needed. I couldn’t imagine anyone thinking I am a drunk or a druggie who can’t be relied upon or trusted.
I have always kept in the back of my mind… ‘don’t do anything my mother would be ashamed of’
Now I wonder what this young person thinks of me???? Hope it sunk in and she got something from it…

Given up on dieting? Good for you…


I’m glad for you. That’s the first sensible thing you’ve done. I’ve been reading about some pretty awful diets on the market lately. So many so called experts are restricting foods to help you lose weight but when you think about it.. these foods… seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, legumes, eggs etc all have specific nutrients in them which assist the body to maintain homestasis.. This means in basic terms a ‘healthy State’ ‘healthy body.’

Now, how can you maintain a healthy body if you are depriving it of important nutrients? Dieting and food restrictions put your body under extreme stress. The body is having to fight for survival. How can it heal and grow if there are no nutrients to assist in the healing and growth of new cells etc… When people are younger, their bodies are able to endure a little more than older people and when they keep dieting constantly they are removing years from their lives albeit a little more slowly but it is happening. It’s almost sinister in the way it creeps up and manifests itself into drastic health problems in later years.

Ill health, problems with pregnancy, seasonal flu and colds. The body has no stores of good health to enable it to fight these things. Homeostasis doesn’t exist. Did you know even lettuce has important nutrients? You might look at the humble lettuce and think it’s not important but it is! Fresh foods, highly nutritious and good to eat when prepared nicely can give you all the nutrients your body is screaming out for.

If you’re considering losing any weight at all, can I suggest you begin by getting rid of all the sugar in your diet. Normally I refuse to say the word diet because of the failures it conjures up, but when I do use it, I mean a normal eating pattern without food restrictions. If you counted all the sugar in the foods and drinks you consumed in a day you might be very surprised at the amount you are consuming and those simple carbohydrates which has your body experiencing highs and lows all throughout the day. Yuk! It’s no wonder people get cranky. They need a constant sugar fix. Begin doing it now and see how much better you feel. Even if you swapped 2 cups of sugar free drinks in a day it would make a difference.

I just read an article about a mother who embarrassed her overweight child into losing weight. She denied the child a main meal too.. Is that crazy or what? How can that child flourish with food restrictions? I wondered about her mental state as well. What baggage is this little child going to carry around with her after that? Makes me so mad.

I have kids on Marilyn’s Plan now and they love it. Want to know why? Becasue they get to eat normal healthy food. They don’t have to go without and no one even knows they are trying to lose weight. Kids can be so cruel to obese children. Their bullying and taunts are soul destroying. Kids can lose weight and learn how food makes them overweight and how to be careful of their food choices. Maintaining their weight is easy for them as well and all the kids who have been on this Plan love it. For the cook in the house, you don’t need to cook anything different for the obese child which makes life a lot easier. You can all eat the same food. Want to know how??? Well, go to the website and get the book. I have to admit it is a good little read with some humour which we badly need these days.


One more thing… If your child can be assisted to learn about food and can get back to eating good healthy food then teach them how to cook. There will come a day when they will be on their own and I’m sure you would like to know they will be able to look after themselves.
Marilyn xx