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Happy New Year to all!


Before I choof off to work today, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope the New Year brings all good things to everyone. By the time I get home, Hubby will probably be in bed sleeping and so I will kiss my doggies on their precious little heads.

I am also hoping the new year brings everyone TIME. Time to slow down a bit and not rush too much. I have learned the past year that rushing is not getting me anywhere. So I take it slowly and think about what I am doing. Some thought and consideration prior to my actions gives me a better view of the prospective outcome. Not that I can see into the future but it helps me to make informed decisions.

Take time out to spend it with Family and friends. To do some entertaining. To catch up with people I haven’t seen for so long. They probably think I have forgotten them. I want to dress up and go out for lunch. These things are important to me and they should be important to you too. So take that time. Don’t go through life running. It won’t get you far at all.

So in closing I want to wish you all the best and enjoy this short time we have here on earth.
Marilyn xxx

A Fat Nation!


I took a couple of little girls to the pool today for a quick swim. They are on school holidays and it was a way to relax and catch up on some reading although I don’t know why I bothered with the book. It was quite boring really. I did however manage to put the book down and look up to see what the girls were doing. There were not as many people at the pool as I expected but it soon became glaringly obvious that more than half of the women were overweight. I am not talking about just a few kilos/pounds! I am talking enough extra weight to make two or more people.

I saw one poor woman who couldn’t get out of the pool via the side ladder and with her friend pushing her from behind. It was terrible. She tried three times to get out then gave up and had to swim to the other end, quite slowly and walk out via the stairs. I could see my girls staring in disbelief. They were so close to the women and they could hear what was being said. I felt embarrassed for the both of them.

Then tonight I get on the computor and read how some Scientist has discovered another “Pill” to help to lose weight. Oh dear, when are they going to stop all this crap. Yes crap I say and crap I mean. Why stop the feeling of hunger? It is the body’s signal for food/nutrition. So if and when this so called pill is on the market and all the overweight people are on it, there will be people suffering from malnutrition. If they are preventing the feeling for food/nutrition then they will not eat. It’s as simple as that. I would like to know who is in charge of all this crap.

I know exactly what is going on and I know how to stop this obesity epidemic and it is soooo easy and simple. I guess people will still keep buying these quick fix solutions, losing a small amount of weight, get sick of it then put all the weight back on and more. Well, all I can say is tisk tisk tisk!

To lose weight effectively and never put it back on. To be able to control your weight issues yourself and learn from what you are doing, you need to read my book. There are over 3,000 people who have purchased my book and are happily munching their way to good health and trim bodies. What they have learned from My Plan will be with them for the rest of their lives. It is set in concrete in their heads because it makes sense. They have gathered a new understanding of food and nutrition and not one person has complained. Not one!!!!

This makes me very happy indeed. As I said when I was interviewed by Channel 7. I am on a mission to change the world and the way people look at dieting and weight loss. I have even sold my book to people who just wanted to get healthy. That part of it is scary! I found “The Clincher” to be a life saver. Like an elixer of life. I am not saying I became healthy because I lost weight. I am saying the whole Plan has done something to me. Like given me back ten years to my life. The levels of nutrition we get in my family are amazingly high so it stands to reason, My Plan will stave off all the nasties so many people get.

As much as I would love to shout out to the world. I have a cure for this and that, I cannot and I will not. Want to know why? Well, I am a registered Nurse and we are classed as Doctor’s Handmaidens. Hah! They don’t like it if we do something great. As Nurses we stand on shaky ground as it is. We are accountable for our own actions. We are not allowed to diagnose (although we do) otherwise we wouldn’t know when to call the Doctor or send for an Ambulance, when to administer Oxygen or give a ‘Nurse Initiated’ medication. I would love to tell the world that the growth on the side of my leg which was beginning to change has disappeared altogether. A few of my other health problems have either vanished or become a mild case. So there it is. I lay in bed at night sometimes and just wonder at the whole situation. I have found something great. Something so amazingly simple I can’t sleep.

So I get angry at people like the woman at the pool who has wasted years of her life and probably thousands of dollars on ‘quick fix’ diets and lost nothing. I can laugh because I will never be like that and as long as I wear a size 8 Aussie / size 4 US I am very happy. I should say I wish I had discovered this about 25 years ago when I could still wear a bikini.

New Years Resolutions


How many times have you begun the New Year with a new Years resolution? How many of you have stuck to it and for how long? Did you find it hard going?

I know what it is like to fail year after year to keep that yearly promise to myself. You of course know what I am talking about. Yes losing the weight you have struggled with for years. I know you have probably taken some off and then put it back on again because it didn’t suit you or it was too hard to maintain.

Every winter you get out the fat clothes to wear because you just couldn’t manage to lose the weight and keep it off during the summer. You make promises that you will really try but fail to do so. It’s depressing isn’t it? Ok, enough said! I think you ill agree it is a battle.

Now I will tell you it doesn’t have to be a battle anymore because I have found a way to lose weight and keep it off. I discovered this by accident. I was watching the food my little girl was eating/refusing and examined the why’s and how’s. I did some research and discovered a lot of answers and secrets. I know you probably think It is just another diet but it isn’t! It isn’t a diet at all. Everytime I hear the word Diet, I think of going hungry, food restrictions, cost and all the rest. I think of how to maintain the diet. I then give up because all the diets I have tried before have NOT worked. I haven’t stuck with them for more than a week.

This really annoyed me everytime I tried to lose weight. I purchased one more book on weight loss. It cost me $35.00 plus P&H. I read the first 3 pages, became very upset, cried and threw the book into my back room and left it there. It was full of information which I didn’t have time to read and I didn’t want to read a science based book again. I had had my fill of science in my battle of the bulge. Do you really want to read scientific facts? All my information is based on my knowledge gained at University studying Nursing. Food and nutrition play an important part in health so we were taught. I just turned the diet thing upside down and found a few secrets. Very powerful secrets I must add!

I wrote my book in plain English. I have given instructions, clearly and simply and I’m very proud of it. I have achieved what I wanted to achieve and more. I wish I had found this when I was twenty years old and able to wear a bikini. Ok so I wear a one piece. That is what Grandmother’s are supposed to wear. I have sold my books to Surgeons, Doctors, Nuns, Ex Body Builders, Nurses, Celebrities and people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter where you come from and what type of food you like to eat. My Plan will suit you.

Ok so you are interested. Good. Go to my website and have a look at my animated cartoon. I made the cartoon myself! Had a fantastic time doing it. Great fun. The cartoon gives you an insight into part of the book so you can see how simple it really is. The secrets come out in the latter part of the book.

This year when you make your New Year’s resolution and it is about your weight/health, think of me and check out the website. You won’t be sorry. Oh, and don’t forget, I am available to email. It might take a day but I will answer you.

My Freebie to you!


I was advised to give away a freebie so I did. I wrote an animated movie titled “My Freebie to you” and uploaded it to youtube. Sarah Palin gives you the goss on the content of my book on the “Barry Bing” Show. lol I included the first part of my book on weight loss. It was a description of what to eat for breakfast which is a very important part of the book and the day. If you see the cartoon then you will also see how simple the Plan is to begin with. The secrets come out in the latter part of the book.

I had a ball making this short film and would recommend it to anyone else.
My username on youtube is thingirlsrus. and don’t be afraid to follow me on Facebook too. My profile has a few animated cartoons on there. All made with My username on FB is MarilynMakeisha.
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and I hope the New Year brings great things.
Marilyn xxx

Giants of Industry


I went to a seminar the other day and had the most wonderful time. The speaker was Rick Carter. E nova. He explained how to get businesses noticed on the web and how to achieve that very hard to do thing. Make sales! he said there was no trick to it but be Honest with your customers which I have always been. If you have no integrity you have nothing. He also gave us a wonderful guided tour of the best places to be seen and how to go about getting your product/business noticed. I thought because I sent a couple of books to the Executive Producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show (at her request) that there was nothing else to do but I was wrong. It was the way I came across to the Exec Producer on Twitter. She made a comment, I answered her and the rest is history. Every business needs to be linked to the web. facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc and to have a Blog where people can see who you are. I left the building wide eyed and very enthusiastic indeed.

I am here at last.


Well, I have finally arrived at wordpress. Hooray! I hopeful will have a lot to say but this is just my introduction to the world of Blogging.

I have written a wonderful little book about weight loss which is I must say, suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight.  I was hoping it would make it’s way to Oprah whom we all know reads a lot and who also needs to take control of her weight issues. We will see how  we go.

But for now I am just blogging.