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I received some awful news from a lovely friend of mine regarding her bother who lives in the Phillipines. It seems he had contracted a deadly disease called Schistosomiasis. This is a worm which burrows into the skin of humans and lives and breeds in the blood vessels, destroys the Liver and the Spleen etc..

This poor man suffered with the debilitating effects of this for 3 years and just prior to Christmas 2009 he was given a dreadful prognosis. He had been given 6 weeks to live. When I heard this I immediately gave the lady one of my books to send to him. She did this and called him as well and instructed him on the use and benefits of ‘The Clincher’ in my book.

He began this part of my Plan and got progressively better. The Detox effects of ‘The clincher’ provided him with a very powerful boost to rid him of this unwanted disease. I am waiting for his sister to contact him to ask him for a few details on his diagnosis, tests, treatments and prognosis. I am hoping to add it to my website for all to read.

I have since heard he is going to survive this terrible thing. When I did some research into Schistosomiasis, I found out Bill Gates and his wife are working towards eradicating this major cause of death in these countries. What a wonderful outcome for all if it can be done. So there you have it. I am so very happy for him and his family. What a worry this would have been to them all. I have some of the family as my Facebook friends and they are the sweetest, most kind people. Absolutely lovely.

I already knew how fantastic the effects of my Plan was and is and will keep helping people. I am so sick of the pedlers of these other diets. They are all the same. They just change the food choices around. I can take the food you have chosen for your days menu and make them a Marilyn’s Plan menu. That is how easy it is. If you have been dieting for years and tried them all but are a bit sceptical, then all I can say is. You will get my book sooner or later because you will have no other choice especially when you realise the other diets you are on aren’t working for you. xxx