Monthly Archives: October 2010

‘World’s First’


Yes I have a ‘World’s First’ Why is it that everyone thinks just because summer is on it’s way, it’s time to go on a diet. Gee I hate that word. I wrote the book ‘Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss’ and now I have done a re-write and included a ‘World’s First’ in it. There isn’t another Weight Loss Company in the world who can claim what I claim. It’s so wonderful. And it works too. So incredibly easy.

Set out in a simple easy to read no nonsense way. It will get you off the yo yo dieting treadmill and get you to think for yourself. My new book will be out soon and available in all countries. Look for it in the next few weeks and stop dieting!
I have had a few who cannot cook so I included some of the recipes we use. They are very simple too. There is a couple of recipes in my book written by a freind of mine who is a great cook and a wonderful hostess. ‘Willsy’
Marilyn xxx