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I was a ‘Fitter and Turner’ in the army.


I was a 'Fitter and Turner' in the army..


I was a ‘Fitter and Turner’ in the army.


I fit food into pots and turned it into s..t. Yep! Hilarious hey? I enjoyed my short time in the army but having a little boy to raise I couldn’t really spare the time.
Today I was thinking about the first cooking camp I went on. I think it was towards my corporal stripes and we stayed in the building where I once spent two weeks as a recruit at my initial training.
I’m not really a fan of cooking and will try to avoid it at all costs but I can cook up a storm if and when I need to.

At the camp we had a huge kitchen where everyone had their own stainless steel bench to work on and our cupboards had all the utensils we needed to work with. It was the equivalent of ‘Master Chef.’ The Sargeants and Corporal would come in and tell us we had exactly 45 minutes to cook a 3 course meal or they would tell us to cook something in particular and off we would go. At night time all the other members of our team would head to the kitchen and do all their stocks and sauces in readiness for the next day but my girlfriend and I would head to the pub to get away from it all. We weren’t into butt kissing at all and needed to get away from those who were. It was fun.

Each day, one of us would be given the job of looking after the stockpot. A huge pot with a lid bubbling away on the hot stove at the back of the room, filled with vegetable scraps, onion peelings, bones, egg shells and whatever we had leftover after we peeled and scraped the food we had to prepare. This pot which was big enough for a small child to hide in, would just sit and bubble away all day and the ‘chosen one’ would be in charge of keeping up the water level and ensuring it didn’t burn dry. Ha!

The day came when I was awarded this prestigious position. The message came over loud and clear.. ‘Colman you have the job of stockpot watcher today’ Yeah yeah yeah thought I. Then they hit us with the race against the clock to cook a specific dish which took us a third of the day. After that came another race and another meal, then another. My stock pot watching order went in one ear and out the other, and I’m sure it disappeared completely after that. I do remember some people running to the back of the room with pots full of things but I took not notice of what they were doing. I just kept on cooking and my scraps were going into my bin which was at the end of my bench. I had been cooking for large numbers of family since I was a little kid and this was boring me to death. The only thing I enjoyed was the challenge to get it done on time.

Near the end of the day, I heard someone say (and quite loudly) ‘who is in charge of the stock pot?’ Bells rang and the lights went on. Uh oh! It was my job. Darn it I totally forgot. I rushed to the pot and removed the lid. When I looked inside, all I saw were brown food scraps stuck to the bottom of the pot and completely dried out. Holy Moly, it was a mess. Then I thought I needed to do something because all the other soldiers were standing around looking at the mess. I said ‘It’s ok, I’ll fix it.’ I filled the pot with water… about 25 litres and gave it a good stir and left it for the rest of the day.
I forgot it again and carried on with whatever else I was instructed to cook.

At the end of the day, one of the sargeants came up to the front of the room where the Colonel and another Sargeant were standing and asked ‘who was in charge of the stock pot today?’

I put my hand up sheepishly. As far as I could see, I was in for a visit to the Colonel’s office and possibly the stockade for ruining the stock. My name would be brandished about the camp as ‘the one who ruined the stock.’
They were in complete amazement and said how wonderful the stock was. So lovely and brown and full of flavour.
OMG If they only knew! But then again. I have never ruined a meal in my life!
Isn’t it funny how really wonderful things happen by sheer accident. It’s not always a case of tried and true but some things defy explanation. I wasn’t going to explain that one.
I often wonder if they now burn their food scraps before they add the water when they cook in the army…hehehehehe
I came across the most wonderful weight loss plan by sheer accident too. I was helping my two doggies lose weight and they basically showed me how to do it. I adapted it for people and came up with the Plan for people and pets.
I never ate so much food as the time I spent in the army. Now If I went into the army I wouldn’t need to eat half as much food as I did then. I work harder now and eat less and it’s because I now have an understanding of food I never had before.
Aaaahhhhh! It’s great.
Marilyn xxx

Please warn your parents…Don’t fall for the ‘Yes’ phone call


My mother just called me and she was very concerned about a phone call she just received. It was someone with a foreign accent asking her if she was ‘sitting in front of her computer’.. Mum also said she could hear a lot of voices in the background too. It would have been from a call centre set up to rip people off.

It immediately rang warning bells. On ‘A Current Affair’ not more than two weeks ago, they showed a young woman who had a similar call from someone from an electricity company who asked her ‘if their representative who knocked on her door was polite’  The young woman replied ‘Yes’  This company then spliced the tape of the young woman’s voice saying ‘Yes’ into a recording where they added their own words asking her ‘if she was happy to go to their electricity company’ This woman then received a bill from their company which is a really low thing to do.

They cancelled her old electricity provider and hooked her up to their own. The company denied it of course but ACA got hold of it and showed it as a warning to everyone to be on the lookout. This is why I am telling you all now.

Be on the lookout for these vultures. They prey on the elderly and people who are not aware.  Inform your parents and everyone you know of this and tell them if they get a phone call from someone they don’t know, to ‘ask them for their name and phone number and you will call them back’, then hang up immediately but don’t say ‘yes’ If they are in doubt about the caller’s identity and are worried, just tell them to hang up and don’t answer them at all.

If they leave their phone number and name it will be easy enough to check on them but most probably they won’t. It makes my blood boil to hear such things and given the chance I would give them the flogging they so deserve.

These people and these companies are nothing but animals preying on others.

Now please go and warn all your elderly relatives, friends and family to be on the lookout,  and don’t say yes!

I will be re posting this for the next few days to make sure you all read it so sorry if it bothers you

but I need to do

Howz Ya Dog!


A funny name for a website but it’s a great website. It was passed onto me by a friend and we have the same thing in common…  a love for animals and a need to ensure we give our pets the best we can give them…. real food!  I was on the phone to Chris who runs the business  and we were discussing the fact my little Papillons don’t like the chewy pigs/beef ears I buy from the vet.  In fact they have a very bad, strong acid smell. Ok, so this is not conducive to the thoughts of a natural diet for pets… 

Has this stuff been put through treatments so it can come from overseas???  Of course it has. It’s been irradiated for and by customs because it is an animal product. I truly believe this treatment isn’t good for humans or for pets but how many of you realise this???  Most animals eat the rubbish we dish out to them because there is nothing else so the steady diet of processed food is never ending and so are their physical complaints.  We’ve been told by so many health authorities the dangers of eating too much processed foods. All the additives and preservatives have a deleterious effect on the body and it will manifest itself into some odious physical complaint/disease later on in life. The body has to fight the effects of additives and preservatives and there is nothing left of the bady to prevent cancers, Leukaemias, stomach,heart problems not to mention the rest of the organs in the body. This goes for humans as well as animals.

Notice any of the television shows about Zoos and their keepers preparing and giving their animals a can or packet of processed food?  NO!  They give them what nature intended them to have…   normal healthy food from a food source so close to what they usually eat in the wild, and it doesn’t come in a packet or a tin.  So, do yourself a favour and stop the ignorance or the laziness and treat your pet to a proper diet of good fresh food. You will notice a big difference and it will be noticeable when you put their food on the ground and see them get excited over a big bone covered in juicy meat.

I get such a kick out of seeing my two girls chowing down so voraciously on their meal. I now don’t feel the guilt anymore remembering when Boo would look at me as if to say… ‘Oh no, not this again’

So, has the great food supplies and the fabulous book ‘Raw Meaty Bones’ by Dr. Tom Lonsdale will explain it all to you.  Thanks to them both, I now have two very healthy happy little girls.

I just ordered a truck load of food for my two and can’t wait for it to arrive. Order online or over the phone and it is sent by courier asap.


If a pet food company offered me a million dollars to promote  their pet food I would turn it down without even thinking about it. 

Marilyn xxx

Teenagers and Anorexia


Just reading a post about a young UK girl who had a problem with Anorexia. The poor little girl died as a result of the dreadful disease. As a parent and a grandparent raising a grand daughter I know how difficult it is to be in tune with teenagers and their problems. So why do teenagers take to starving themselves to death?  Mostly it’s because they sometimes have no control over their lives and food is the only thing they are able to control so they don’t eat. This is an image problem. If they are thin they are acceptable to others. This must end.

There is a trend for young people to do this to their bodies and it needs to stop. Their emotions are driven by their hormones and their fears and anxieties. They need and want to fit in. We as parents, carers etc have a tough time trying to be in tune to them and I know it’s hard sometimes especially when they refuse to talk and they are secretive.  All we can do is let them know we are there for them and talking about a problem is a problem which can be solved.  Adults know more.  We have had life experiences to share and we need to let these young people know from an early age that we are there for them. We can give suggestions to them. Offer solutions and allow them to make the final decision with our full support.

I would like to see my book…  compulsory reading in all schools from teenage years.  Kids shouldn’t be afraid of food. Frightened into thinking and believing if they don’t eat, they will be thin and accpeted.  This is so wrong.  Food is the building blocks of life, the elements for repairing the body and encouraging optimal health. Food is the body’s best friend.

I am so adamant this is such a good read and a good way to lose weight and show anyone, it is so normal and good for you. No measuring, no silly calorie, kilojoule, carb counting. Just a sensible but unusually normal way to lose weight.  I have taught all my family and their children how to do it and they have good health and good weight. Starving themselves is just not on their menu or on their minds. They are in good health and I am so glad of it.

Team Teen

Happy healthy kids!

I get so emotional and upset to hear about young people and their desperate solutions to their enormous problems. I send my regards to all who have lost loved ones by eating disorders.

Marilyn xxx