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Winter food…..The stuff we love to eat….


It’s been really cold here in Adelaide and so we’ve been cooking a lot of stuff to warm our bodies and give ourselves energy… and eating highly nutritious foods for health too.

Dieting?  No.. We don’t need to because all the food we eat keeps us healthy and trim.. You can do it too.

Here is a few pics of the meals we have been chomping down on the last few weeks.. Don’t get a lot of time to take pics of all our meals due to our rushing to get things done and by the time I remember to take photo, I have eaten most of it…

Here we go…

IMG_0716 My super salad.. I added a little creamy dressing mixed with some white wine vinegar.. Buy the book and see why I mix it with vinegar…

IMG_0717Hubby’s creation of partially cooked pumpkin tossed in a pan with a little olive oil and with a handful of fruit and nut mix sprinkled into it at the finish cooking time.. Gorgeous…

IMG_0720Beef  hot pot.. Had mushrooms and bacon in it too.. He put too much potato on the plate… Yummy…IMG_0723I love a fresh garden salad.. With raw onion.. I ate most of it…

IMG_0725This was one big hamburger… With all the trimmings… Finger lickin’ dripping good fun…

IMG_0726Apricot Chicken..  One of my favs…. With chips of course….

IMG_0748Have to teach hubby how to make the best Pea and Ham soup… This was nice but he always adds too many peas…. It was so thick…. Tasty though.. I am wondering if he forgot the ham?????

So just looking at all this food we eat.. I can tell you it is wonderful to be able to eat the foods you want to eat, and fresh foods too. Not delivered in toxic plastic containers which cause cancers….

Get out your knives and cooking pots and pans and go for it….

Weight loss???  ‘Marilyn’s Plan..’ Keeps us healthy and fit…. and trim too….Love it…

Summer is on it’s way and we are ready for it….



The $5 diet…


That’s all it costs to get Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss.
It’s the e book and there is also a hard copy of it the thing is, you can do it with the food you already have in your kitchen. There is no need to run out and buy foods you don’t like or things you are allergic to etc…

You will have your own recipes and you should be able to stick to eating the foods you want to eat.. I did include a few weeks worth of recipes to get you going and they are simple and easy to make…

What did you pay for your diet last year?? If my guess is right you would have forked out quite a lot of money.. but did it work? This one will and at a measly $5, you can’t go wrong so give it a go and get with the Plan..

The crap is back!


Portion sizes… weighing food.. measuring food… I’m so sick of seeing these stupid things on TV which are too hard to follow.They also want you to exercise to the extreme. Why???

Overweight people are at risk of a cardiac event if they over do the exercise so I promote about 6 minutes of it per day! Yep.. that’s all.
Now as for the food.. I hate to be told I have to eat specific things. Most of which I despise… I always wanted to eat the things I like which I will encourage you to do, because when you follow the Plan you will learn how to do it and take it from there and do it yourself! Anyone who tells you, you have to follow their silly diet and you’re only going to lose about one kg a week is setting you up for failure… If you need to lose 30 kg then it will take you almost a year to lose it.. Ha! How boring and regimental can you get??? It’s making you think about food too much when you obviously have more important things to think about like kids, home family, shopping, cleaning etc…

I conquered it and came up with the most brilliant weight loss Plan.. Go on.. give it a go.. Once you have this in your head.. you’re off on your way to success and it’s so easy.. I just got home from a day from hell to get a noodle take away and a cheesecake slice for my dinner and it doesn’t worry me at all.. It’s fabulous.. Go on… do it!

Even overweight pets can do it…

If it is perfect and worth bragging about then how can it be ‘Improved?’


I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I’ve been watching, listening and learning.

I never took much notice of the companies flogging their weight loss products and programs etc…
Since I discovered a really honest way to do it and began looking at the competition, I have come to the conclusion that they can’t be any good can they? Their big drawcard (they pay thousands of dollars to advertise and for copywriters to write their headlines) is constantly changing… That’s right. You will often hear these words ‘New and Improved’ If they were any good to begin with, then how can they improve it???

I tried almost all of them and found they were all the same. Boring. Regimental… rigid… strict…tasteless, sickening, meanwhile they give it a gimmick to make you think you are getting a good deal. Holy moly… this is such brazen, outrageous advertising.
The other thing I have to laugh about too are the words… ‘Guaranteed to lose 5 kilos in the first week or your money back’ If you consumed bread and water for a week you would lose 5 kilos on that too….

Don’t be fooled by any of it. They only promise a week of weight loss. After that, their arse is covered because that’s where the buck.. or promise ends… They are only interested in sales and that’s where it ends. If they were interested in you… you would be given something which was healthy, easy to do, pretty well in line with what you eat now and most of all good for you… Do you ever wonder why so many people get cancers??? It’s the artificial crap they ingest, thinking they are doing themselves a favour.. Ha! Babies get cancer too…. My thoughts on this are.. Mothers consume additives and preservatives… babies are subjected to this in the womb… babies who are not breast fed but bottle fed are ingesting additives and preservatives too. Babies bottles made of plastic….Plastics leech dangerous chemicals…
Make you think?? I hope so..

Hey, sure we sometimes have a small amount of food from a bottle or a jar but very rarely. We know why we eat… To give our bodies nutrition for growth and healing… We don’t get colds, flu or get sick any more… and it’s all due to being on my Plan.
It’s not difficult to do and the book is a fun read too. I refuse to fall for the crap and make promises. I don’t have to becasue I know my Plan works and works well. There you are.. Cut and paste this into yor browser and see for yourself.. This book is selling all over the world and it’s making a difference to thousands of people’s lives and I’m so glad.

So don’t be fooled by the hype they shove down your throat… They must think you are the dumbest individuals on the planet. I know you’re not!
Well, I’ve had my session for the week. Catch up soon…
Love and hugs to all.
Marilyn xxx

Given up on dieting? Good for you…


I’m glad for you. That’s the first sensible thing you’ve done. I’ve been reading about some pretty awful diets on the market lately. So many so called experts are restricting foods to help you lose weight but when you think about it.. these foods… seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, legumes, eggs etc all have specific nutrients in them which assist the body to maintain homestasis.. This means in basic terms a ‘healthy State’ ‘healthy body.’

Now, how can you maintain a healthy body if you are depriving it of important nutrients? Dieting and food restrictions put your body under extreme stress. The body is having to fight for survival. How can it heal and grow if there are no nutrients to assist in the healing and growth of new cells etc… When people are younger, their bodies are able to endure a little more than older people and when they keep dieting constantly they are removing years from their lives albeit a little more slowly but it is happening. It’s almost sinister in the way it creeps up and manifests itself into drastic health problems in later years.

Ill health, problems with pregnancy, seasonal flu and colds. The body has no stores of good health to enable it to fight these things. Homeostasis doesn’t exist. Did you know even lettuce has important nutrients? You might look at the humble lettuce and think it’s not important but it is! Fresh foods, highly nutritious and good to eat when prepared nicely can give you all the nutrients your body is screaming out for.

If you’re considering losing any weight at all, can I suggest you begin by getting rid of all the sugar in your diet. Normally I refuse to say the word diet because of the failures it conjures up, but when I do use it, I mean a normal eating pattern without food restrictions. If you counted all the sugar in the foods and drinks you consumed in a day you might be very surprised at the amount you are consuming and those simple carbohydrates which has your body experiencing highs and lows all throughout the day. Yuk! It’s no wonder people get cranky. They need a constant sugar fix. Begin doing it now and see how much better you feel. Even if you swapped 2 cups of sugar free drinks in a day it would make a difference.

I just read an article about a mother who embarrassed her overweight child into losing weight. She denied the child a main meal too.. Is that crazy or what? How can that child flourish with food restrictions? I wondered about her mental state as well. What baggage is this little child going to carry around with her after that? Makes me so mad.

I have kids on Marilyn’s Plan now and they love it. Want to know why? Becasue they get to eat normal healthy food. They don’t have to go without and no one even knows they are trying to lose weight. Kids can be so cruel to obese children. Their bullying and taunts are soul destroying. Kids can lose weight and learn how food makes them overweight and how to be careful of their food choices. Maintaining their weight is easy for them as well and all the kids who have been on this Plan love it. For the cook in the house, you don’t need to cook anything different for the obese child which makes life a lot easier. You can all eat the same food. Want to know how??? Well, go to the website and get the book. I have to admit it is a good little read with some humour which we badly need these days.

One more thing… If your child can be assisted to learn about food and can get back to eating good healthy food then teach them how to cook. There will come a day when they will be on their own and I’m sure you would like to know they will be able to look after themselves.
Marilyn xx

Don’t let it go!


Sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it. I mean, watching my emails for sales and answering peoples queries etc but I really do enjoy it. I know I haven’t blogged for a few days but life has been so busy. Even the date for completing my next book is on hold. Can’t seem to find the time but I think I have everything ready now.

Life can get so busy we lose track of where we are and what our goals are don’t we? I try to at least put my goals into ‘long term’ and ‘get it done now!’ It works when I make a list and get it done. Sometimes I just want to get off this computer and let it go…
I need space too. I need to get away from it all and take a few days off but every day I get up and put on an item of clothing and it fits as it should without having to say to myself..’I’m too fat to wear it’ I get excited all over again and I do keep going.

I do it for you. I know you have tried so many diets and fads etc to lose your weight but answer one question??? Have they worked and have you kept your goal weight for more than two years??? If you haven’t then you are on the wrong track. How many more diets are you going to pay for? How many nights are you going to go to bed hungry and miserable? How long are you going to be thinking about food before you give up and eat again?

Been there and done that. Yep! I have. I know where you’re coming from. Well, now I can teach you how to do it and once you have this fabulous concept under your belt you will know it will work for you and you will be able to do it. It’s a relief to know when you read something which makes so much sense that you know you will be able to do it. Oh… it’s so exciting. It keeps me going just thinking about it so don’t hesitate. Go and do it now for yourself, for your family and even your pets if they are overweight. And where can you get a weight loss Plan which fits in with people and pets??? Nowhere I know, except my book. Copy and paste this into your browser

I remember last week I was on facebook telling everyone I was registered with the ACCC which is the ‘Australian Competitions and Consumer Commission’ They are linked to ‘scam watch’ etc and their job is to protect the public and businesses from scammers. Well, I forgot it was removed from my website when my web developer did a revamp of the site. It’s back on there again and I am registered with them too. See the bottom of the ‘Home Page’
I requested it so I could show everyone it is for real and not a scam. There is a dinky di book and a bloody marvelous weight loss Plan so get to it. That’s it for me. Have to go and prepare for a busy weekend.
Love to all.
Marilyn xxx

Felt like a sausage roll


Had to go to my workplace today to do my mandatory manual Handling and CPR updates to maintain my Nursing Registration. Each year we have to do this and all the modules we do are allowed a point or two. So in all we have to aquire 20 points to be able to keep working and keep our registration.

I got a park a couple of streets away and walked briskly to the venue, signed in and met another RN who I bonded with nicely. It’s always nice to meet someone and click at the first meeting. We laughed and giggled the way through (at the appropriate times of course) not when the lecturer is speaking.

I got picked by the lecturer in the manual handling practical because I was the thinnest one there and it wasn’t hard to move me around the bed or the floor. So I was chuffed at this. hehehehe! By the time I had finished I felt so dirty. I’m home now and clean. A good day and all updates done. Phone ringing so have to go.
Bye for now. xxx