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My little army of devoted followers!


My business mobile rings off the hook some days and It’s usually someone who has been scouring the net looking for online businesses to get them to sign up to their business. You know.. “I’m from so and so and I would like to ask you if you would like to become a successful business online by using our specific marketing tool..”


Oh, give me a break.. I just say “No thank you, I have my marketing covered” 

They really annoy me. If I wanted a company to take over my marketing I would get one.

I have a great little army of devoted followers for My Plan and ok, I don’t advertise much but I don’t really want to and I don’t really need to. My book sells itself.. Word of mouth is wonderful. People tell others how they like something and it goes from there. I don’t want to shove it in people’s faces. How annoying is that?  I do however make mention of it on facebook and twitter and let it go from there so that’s about it. I sell my book all over the world so why would I want another company to market it for me?? Nope!

If you’re going to pester me with phone calls trying to sell my something or sign me up for something then please don’t bother. I like it the way it is…

I do however, love to chat to my customers so feel free to call.

The ones who search the internet for something which works and finally find it are the ones who are successful. Not the ones who have it shoved in their faces with exciting phrases and unreal claims.. They’re the ones who don’t succeed. I’ve given my book away to quite a lot of people and found the majority of them weren’t ready to do it.. They have to want to do it. No coercing will convince them.. all the fancy words and claims and guarantees are so false and so misleading.. It’s quite upsetting to read and hear them.. But that’s the way of the world.. Misleading people with exciting claims and misrepresentations of products and services. Do your homework and look into these things before you go ahead..

Here’s a good example of one of these ridiculous claims..

“I guarantee you, you will lose 5 kg in the first week of using …. product” 

Heard that before?  These companies rely on selling one weeks or months worth of their product. They know how difficult their product is to stay on but as long as they get their money they’re happy, but you’re not.  Another claim I find unbelievable is the word “Appears”  They will even give you your money back if you don’t lose it.. Try getting this lot on the phone…

This word “Appears” is not based on fact but it’s a subjective word. “Gives the appearance of 25 kg of lost weight in 2 weeks”  Don’t believe it..  It only appears but it has a psychological effect. Say that word enough times and people will believe it..

Now if they said.  “You will lose 25 kg in weight in 2 weeks, then it’s worth trying.. They have made a statement they have to stick to and show proof..

“Appearance” just means if it doesn’t work for you then you are in the 15% category of people who don’t apply for whatever reason.

Advertising is a tricky thing and you need to get the facts, not be fooled.

This is why I make no outrageous claims.. You see, I don’t know if you are going to stick to My Plan.. I do know, I lost nearly 30 kg in about 8 weeks. Believe it or not but I  promise you.. I did!     I couldn’t believe it either. Each day I would find more and more weight had dropped off but I did work at it, although maybe not as much as I do now. Only a few minutes of exercise each day.. Some days less than others but nothing too extreme that’s why I say anyone of any age can do it.. You not going to wear yourself out!

 Well, that’s my bit for the day… Have a great one!






Summer in OZ


We had the most beautiful day today. The sun was shining and it was warm.. Oh, it was lovely..I did manage to get some sun too as I hung the washing out!
I heard we are going to have a really hot and dry summer so my mind is now on ensuring the wild birds have enough water by filling the birdbaths, Laying newspaper and bark chips down around the garden and organizing for a new rainwater tank to be installed to help with the watering of the whole garden.

I will never get tired of eating...

The thing I’m dreading is getting my summer wardrobe out and packing my winter wardrobe away! Still haven’t done it..
The one thing I know I don’t have to worry about is weight loss! Yes.. I am thin and I love it. Been this way for years now due to Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss..
I wrote it to be easy and if you are keen to do the same then go for it. Learn the principal of the Plan and you will have it in your head forever… never to put it on again! Manage the meals during outings and parties, know exactly what you need to do and yet be able to get enough to eat without worrying about it. No measuring or weighing or cutting a meal short… no more excuses either… “Oh, I’m on a diet and I can’t eat that” Sick of saying it? Then say it no more, just relax and go with the flow! Well, that’s it for me…. for now anyway..
http://www.marilynsplanforweightloss.com.au get with the Plan. xxx

Toilet paper for the carpet!


Our darling new puppy is doing her business on the floor sometimes. Argh! It doesn’t pay to tell them off when they do it in the wrong place but to be patient and when they do it in the right place, give them a lot of praise and a reward.

‘Lolly’ is a sneaky little miss and she sometimes does it on the carpet. I know when she wants to go because she fusses around the house. I encourage her to go to the front door where we have about 4 ‘Blueys’ = incontinence sheets!
If she does it there, of course we give her praise and pats and rewards but there are occasions when she does it on the carpet. That bugs the hell out of me. If and when I see her do it and it’s too late, I run for the toilet roll.

This is what I do to clean it up and to prevent smells. Roll the TP around your hand until you have a thick wad of it. Put it over the wet spot and stand on it until it has soaked into the TP. Then flush that in the toilet.
Next! Tip as much clean water over the stain as your pet does in wee and let it soak in a bit. Then repeat with the toilet paper and stand on that too. Do it again until the urine has been diluted enough so as there is not really much if any urine on the carpet. After that, you can use a little gentle detergent to clean the carpet. This works well and my carpet is getting a good soaking and a good clean. It might only be in spots but I figure if she has taken one week to do it on the ‘Bluey’ with a few accidents, she will eventually do it on the Bluey’s only within the month and my carpet will be really clean all over.
‘Lolly’ is a darling little dog and we love her. She is taking to our home and us like a duck to water.
I knew they would become firm friends!

If I need an afternoon snooze and I lay on the lounge on my side (my usual place), she hops on there and snuggles up with me. Boo still lays along my side from my waist to my hip. I will get a photo of it soon and post it. It looks a bit odd but I don’t move and they’re comfortable. I miss my little ‘Lovey’ but ‘Lolly’ has taken over her spot and she fits in where Lovey did.’Lolly’ made life a lot easier for all of us.
Give your pets a hug. They love you without condition and are always there for you. They feel your pain and your anguish. They feel your joy too. The next time you’re sad, look at your pet. They will act differently. They need to know it’s ok and that you will be ok too. So hug them and pat them as much as you can. You are life to them and without you, where would they be?
Marilyn xxx

‘Lolly’ in her pyjamas


Well, here is the photo I promised. It’s nearly bedtime for little girls in or house and so of course time to brush teeth and put our PJ’s on.

They’ve brushed their teeth with a lovely big meaty bone which allows them to tear and rip meat from it. This cleans their teeth and strengthens their jaws. It gives them something to do as well. It takes time for them to get enough to eat from a bone covered in juicy red meat and they love it.

If you put a bowl of crappy processed dog food on the floor for them to eat, they will have finished it within a few minutes but a nice juicy, meaty bone will take some time…. Dry dog food will turn to slush on and around their teeth and cause tooth decay, abcesses and heart disease to name a few nasties. Raw Meaty Bones does the opposite. Imagine you eating nothing but biscuits every day. How clean do you think your teeth would be?

Ok, past the brushing bit. Take a look at this little princess in her striped yellow pyjamas. She doesn’t mind wearing them either. Maybe it’s becasue she is so cold, she appreciates it, and when I pick her up to give her a cuddle, she snuggles into my chest and falls asleep. Boo doesn’t need clothes becasue her fur is very long and quite thick enough to keep her warm. Papillons are bred for the colder climates but puppies still need warmth!

My little ‘Lolly’ in her PJ’s

Need a name for a little dog


I have finally tracked down a registered Papillon breeder in Western Australia. She has a litter of Papillons and one of them is for sale and a little girl!

Now I need a name for her. Papillons are quite small but not tiny. Very sweet and sociable dogs. They just want to be cuddled and loved. They need lots of brushing as their coat is long and they don’t shed fur!

The little girl I am looking into getting has some red colour on her coat and she has one white ear which makes her unsuitable for showing. Wedon’t want to show her. We just want her to gove he a good home and to cuddle and kiss her to death! Papillons are the sweetest of pets. They get along with all other animals even cats. My litte Boo sleeps with the cat in the cat bed.


Boo with the cat!

I’m not sobbing anymore


I went to see a doctor friend of mine yesterday and we argued over my need to take a medication for my ‘Severe Depression’
I couldn’t believe it. Me depressed? When I thought about it I had to agree with him. I decided I would begin the medication but only for a short time until I was back on track. I needed a mental break from the trauma…
I think with all the deaths I’ve had in my family, and I had been the one trying to hold the family together I’ve had no time to grieve myself and it hit me like a ton of bricks when my little dog ‘Lovey’ died. I couldn’t help sobbing and sobbing.

Lovey in the Pink Pot.
The photo of ‘Lovey’ when she was about one year old.

I went to work for 4 days and my concentration was so great on the job, I got through it quite well, but as soon as I got in my car to drive home at the end of the shift, I burst into tears and sobbed the whole way. That’s a lot of sobbing. My work shirts would be soaked with tears when I got home. Oh, it was awful.

So today after I commenced the medication, I get a bad headache about 15 minutes after (one of the side effects) but took care of that with my alternative therapy (will post it on youtube soon).

I was also suffering from separation anxiety too and as soon as I got ‘Lovey’ home in her little pink pot, I felt better. I was able to talk to her. Sounds crazy to someone who hasn’t been through it but it did help. Now I feel on the mend and am able to get on with my life. My family has had a lot of tragedy in our lives and I only hope it is over soon. I got an email from a friend of mine who equated it all with the Mayans and their prediction for the destruction of the Earth in 2012. More like the destruction of my family…

To be able to write things down and read them back it is like putting your troubles in a box and out of the way. It takes about 2 weeks for the trauma or change to soften in the mind. Like any change. Although there are some who just cannot put it away and they can suffer for years. I do feel for them. I am a very strong person but I will admit at this point in time, I have weakened a little. I hope to regain my mental strength. It will be a challenge as each and every day of life is a challenge and I’m not about to turn my back on a challenge.
Up to some exciting things and will let everyone know about them soon. Winter is time to work and summer is time to benefit from that hard work so watch out. Great things to come.
Marilyn xxx

If I say it’s ok, then it is…


Reading an article on the web how some scumbags are playing people for fools by posting sad and sorry stories on facebook and twitter either for money or fame… Argh! Idiots. Cruel and nasty thing to do. There are so many of them out there.

Once a week I do a cull and get rid of anyone I think is not online for the same reasons the rest of us are. We are on social networking sites for our businesses and to make friends and to find others who are in the same boat as we are…

I don’t know why anyone could play on people’s sympathies the way they do and get away with it for so long.
I have never been a victim of it and I hope I never am. I also hope you haven’t been subjected to anything so horrific either.

I will tell you this though… Anytime you see a post from me, either on fb or twitter and you are wondering if it’s for real…. I will say yes it is. You see I have nothing to hide. I try to be as honest in my dealings as you would want me to be. I have a phone number on my website for anyone to call me to chat and although the phone goes flat sometimes and I forget to charge it.. I will get back to you. If I pass on information to you, then it is for a reason.

A friend of mine is on FB an he has started a gofundme thingy to buy a horse blanket for a young girl’s horse which is standing in the rain without cover. This isn’t good for any animal. Yes I do love animals. I was the first to donate to the fund with $20 and have been posting and sharing the site for anyone who would be kind enough to donate to help. Even one dollar would get a little closer to their goal and they only need $150.

Someone commented and said.. ‘If they can afford a horse, how come they can’t afford a blanket’? You don’t know what this family might have been through and what their financial status is. Not everyone is floating along with a big bank roll.
But in case you think the gofundme plea is not real.. It is definitely! Noel Sadler is a nice man and he knows the family well. He posted a photo on the site for everyone to see the lovely horse and it’s a beauty too so if you can, please help a little. It would be so nice.
Marilyn xxx