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Can’t wait to eat.. forget the photos…


Every time we put our meals on the table and sit down to eat, it’s a matter of let’s get into it and not worry about anything else..

I know we should be photographing our meals to show you what we eat to stay trim taught and terrifically healthy but our food is so yummy we don’t have time to take pics.. Sorry..

I will make a concerted effort for the next few days and take some pics and add to this blog so you can see we only eat normal food and it keeps us thin and healthy..I am so glad I will never have to worry myself about dieting again and getting grumpy and stuffing myself with chemicals and expensive rubbish foods from tins and packets…  The exercise is minimal but excellent and it makes your weightloss even faster…

I work in areas where there is the Flu type ‘A’ and it’s rampant amongst the residents and staff but I just don’t get sick.. Blessing… I have to say, this is the healthiest I have been in all my years on this earth.. and I feel great..

Photos to come…


Marilyn xxx

Good for you!


I am constantly surprised at the number of people from Queensland who buy my book as opposed to any other state in Australia. I know it’s the “Sunshine State” but we are also in the throws of a gorgeous summer here in Adelaide as well. And we are at the arse end of the country hehehehehe  Way, way down under…

There are thousands of people who now have the secret to successful weight loss using My Plan. How cool is that? 
Half full fruit bowl!

I don’t advertise much although I am on two very large websites which have thousands of followers and word of mouth seems to do the trick. Advertising is a tricky and dare I say a very subtle way of making you believe some fantastic claims and promises??


It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to work out what they do to convince you to buy their stuff but how often do people do it?  Every time the warm weather comes… Ugh! 

This is just a quick blog today as I’m waiting for the phone to ring with a job for me.  I could do some more writing on the free ebook I’m working on but if I begin, I need to keep going and not stop so I’m just waiting until the work goes quiet and that won’t be long..

I hope everyone who is reading this is having a really nice day and achieving peace and happiness in their lives.  Remember too, be kind to yourself and don’t stress. It’s not worth it. If you’re in a bad situation, it won’t last forever. Things have a way of turning themselves around for the better. Remember the old adage… All good things come to those who wait.

It might help to work on it a little but don’t push it. You could push in the wrong direction and completely stuff it up..

Hugs to all

Marilyn xxx



I’ve discovered the secret to weightloss


I really have..  I’m the same as you. I struggled with the weight for so many years and everything I did, didn’t work.. If it did work at all it was a long and arduous process and didn’t last more than a week. Pooh!  The reason I say I discovered the secret to it is, I know how hard it is to lose weight and what you have to go through but you and I did it all wrong. We had to work so hard at it. We had to eat/drink awful stuff and do things we weren’t used to or didn’t like. Everyone is coming up with dumb things to convince you they have the solution but to be totally and brutally honest with you… weight loss is about food and exercise..

Don’t let it scare you though and don’t let it put you off trying My Plan.  I found the easiest and most normal/natural way to do it. We are constantly told we have to exercise for hours on end and limit our food intake, or drink awful drinks, no fresh foods…. and it goes on and on.. Don’t fall for it..  I found out you can eat foods you want to eat and the exercise is minimal.  Your body will thank you for it.. Don’t over do it though… There is no need to..

I had a gorgeous lady ringing me and on one occasion she told me she had to contact the cover of the book because she had read it so many times the cover was getting a little frayed.. Bless her.  The excitement in her voice each time she rang made me so happy for her.. Now I’m waiting for her to call again to see how she is going… I like to keep in touch..

So, don’t knock yourself out. Don’t go to bed hungry, don’t exercise to the max. And stop blowing your hard earned money on fad diets and stuff….

I love food and I don’t go without anything.. Maintenance is easy too. Just eat as per usual…

When you read how easy and simple this is and how you are going to be normal, you will laugh out loud too, just like I did..

You can change your life for $5.00  That’s what the ebook costs.  That’s it.. Five dollars!

A life of food and knowledge to lose and or maintain your weight. I’ve got kids on it too.. They love it and eat really well.  In fact they eat more food now than they used to…


In my shed


Went to the shed to get more books and I realised I did have a lot of boxes full of them. Have to store them in there because there isn’t any room in the house for that many.

I also noticed our pushbikes too. Hmmm haven’t ridden for a while. Hubby won’t let m go out alone because he thinks I’m unsafe on the road. Ok so I nearly got run over by a car, or two….. some time ago now but I am aware of my surroundings now.

So if you’re wondering whether I have enough books to supply the demand…. Yes! I do. I have heaps, thousands in fact, and it will last for a while before I need to get them printed again.

Did you buy something for yourself for Christmas?


Do something nice for yourself and buy a little gift. Can I suggest ‘My Book’ to get you started on the right track to health and a thinner bod? I dropped the price of the book so anyone can afford it now. I took delivery of just over 5,000 books today and it was hard work lugging them into the shed but the nice truck driver helped me. Thank goodness for that. I gave him one of my books as a gift for his Mum for Christmas as he said she was a little butter ball. How sweet is that?
This pic is me trying to push the pallet off the road, up the driveway and into the front drive. The driver was pulling it and I was pushing. The next pallet was only half the size.

Holy Moly that was heavy!

Tonight I was going to be taking it easy and give myself a manicure and pedicure but I am just a bit tired from all that hard work. Never mind. Tomorrow night will have to do. I have a few gifts I still need to purchase but I did buy a little something for myself. A nice dress to wear on Christmas day. Now I need to tone up a bit. I’m still thin but a bit on the flabby side so I spent most of the night on my bike. Well, 5 minutes but that’s enough. I don’t like exercising but that is quite sufficient for anyone. Don’t want anyone to wear themselves out. ‘On ya bike’ hahahaha I won’t say the rest… a bit rude.
I do wish everyone a safe and peaceful as well as a happy Christmas and please try to remember the ones who don’t have much. I give a secret parcel each year to someone who goes without. It’s the least I can do.
Don’t forget yourself and enjoy the festive time. Hugs to all.

Too heavy for me.....




The Paypal button on my website is NOT working. My website developer is going to be so very busy tomorrow so don’t even bother.
Don’t get me wrong. You can go and have a look at the website but perhaps wait until I announce it has been fixed before you purchase. I am so saddened by this. I like things to be good, well planned and well executed so this is very upsetting for me.

Thank you to the lady who just sent me an email and told me it isn’t working. I have a surprise for her for going out of her way to contact me and tell me.
Thanks Ros..



How ridiculous is that? Do feral dogs have to do that? What about wild dogs, wolves, foxes not to mention cats. Iv’e never heard so much rubbish. If your poor pets didn’t have to eat processed foods the crap from this muck wouldn’t stick to their teeth causing plaque and gum disease not to mention heart disease, toothaches, etc….

I was told once by a vet nurse the dry kibble bits were good for cleaning teeth and so I went on my merry way feeding my pets with dry kibble. They had to have teeth removed. I tried brushing, teeth cleaners, dental washes and everything the vet had on his shelves but to no avail. They still had rotten teeth and bad breath.

Now my pets are on the ‘Raw Meaty Bones’ regime and have never been healthier. Their teeth have now become clean due to the chewing of the meat off the bones. Their breaths are good now and their temperaments have improved. They don’t poop as much either. Every three days they have a good clean out and that’s it. I read a book titled ‘Work wonders’ ‘Feed your dog raw meaty bones’ and since changing over to this type of food both my pets are now going to live happy healthy lives.

The author Dr. Tom Lonsdale explains the fight he had to try to change vetinarians and the Vetinarian assoc of Australia plus the pet food companies thinking and to adapt to this way of thinking but he got a rap on the knuckles and nobody liked him. Except for us, his converts. We will stand tall and be counted as people who are feeding our pets the natural way of feeding them.

If someone put dry kibble on a plate and told you it was steak and veg what would you think? Do you think it would be healthy for you and how long could you eat this without getting sick? My pets will never touch another piece of processed food again as long as they live. I was even able to incorporate the food into Marilyn’s Plan for weight Loss and they still haven’t put on any weight. Ahhh, life is good.




We are so darned clever here in South Australia. Watching the news and saw how a Medical Researcher has discovered a way to increase the chances of IVF actually providing a full term baby by inventing a substance which mimicks the substance in the womb so the egg will have a 40% better chance of survival so Yippee! Good for us. I told you so a few blogs ago how clever we are. There isn’t much else to do in Adelaide so we invent things or make them better.


I made dieting simpler and easier so yes I made dieting better. Go to the website and enter the competition for a free hard copy signed by an Australian icon Anne Wills ‘Willsy’ or a free ebook.

Willsy signing the book.

Competition Coming soon


Well the website developer has all the information and now all we have to do is wait until it is on the website. I will certainly let you all know what and when. It’s very exciting. Don’t you just love freebies? So get your thinking caps on, go to the website and read it all first. It might just give you a clue as to what is going on.
Good luck!