Fatty Boombas


I saw the Actors Screen Guild Awards tonight and I was so shocked to see the majority of people present were fatty boombas! What on earth have people been doing to themselves? Do overweight people truly believe fat is the new way to be? Honestly, I think it is not! Media hype have caused so much trouble for people. First they all promote skinny models who have been photoshopped to look like someone else and people think they will be like them if they do ‘the diet’ being promoted. Then there is an uproar from people who have at last decided they don’t want to be compared with these skinny women and complain, so a single issue group will take up the fight and blame everyone else for it. So then the media put real looking un photoshopped women on their sites and in magazines and are now at risk of convincing fat people they are ok. Gee where does it all end? It won’t because no one will be satisfied. Are overweight people just being lazy? What are they thinking? I would surely love to know.
Oh and Sandra Bullock was just gorgeous. She is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She loves animals and that makes her a saint in my book. Congratulations Sandra for winning the award. We love you. Why your career was on the back burner for so long makes me wonder. A very talented Actress and a great human being. I will be waiting for your next film with bated breath.


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