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Can’t wait to eat.. forget the photos…


Every time we put our meals on the table and sit down to eat, it’s a matter of let’s get into it and not worry about anything else..

I know we should be photographing our meals to show you what we eat to stay trim taught and terrifically healthy but our food is so yummy we don’t have time to take pics.. Sorry..

I will make a concerted effort for the next few days and take some pics and add to this blog so you can see we only eat normal food and it keeps us thin and healthy..I am so glad I will never have to worry myself about dieting again and getting grumpy and stuffing myself with chemicals and expensive rubbish foods from tins and packets…  The exercise is minimal but excellent and it makes your weightloss even faster…

I work in areas where there is the Flu type ‘A’ and it’s rampant amongst the residents and staff but I just don’t get sick.. Blessing… I have to say, this is the healthiest I have been in all my years on this earth.. and I feel great..

Photos to come…


Marilyn xxx

Are you getting sick and tired of the same old same old??


I’m still seeing silly commercials on TV where they are promoting diet products to fill your stomach to stop you feeling hungry and I’m sick to death of hearing these things. Hunger is the body’s cry for nutrition, not a cry to be filled with crap! Unbelievable! Hunger is a signal to you to give your body nutrition. That’s it. Full stop. I don’t know why our Govt allows these stupid products to be sold and especially to people who have given up trying to lose weight and are now falling for these scams! They aren’t healthy.

Just imagine this if you will….. You consume these products each and every day for a month, for breakfast lunch and dinner…. How much nutrition do you think your body is getting? That’s right, you got it…. NONE! Even if you use it for one meal a day, how much nutrition are you missing out on???

Is it any wonder the human race is contracting so many diseases and dying of so many cancers? If the body doesn’t get the nutrition it requires, it is left open for invasion of diseases and such. There are no antioxidants in any of these products either…. Do you think these products are natural? If they were natural, they would be able to be plucked from trees/bushes or dug up from the ground. Antioxidants should be derived from fruits and vegetables, not packets and cans. Man made products with additives and preservatives (and they do contain a lot of this crap too) give you bad breath as well. Notice how vegetarians and people who eat natural foods don’t have bad breath? They don’t, unless of course they have bad teeth etc but they are rare.

I can only hope people will begin to take their health seriously enough to give up eating garbage like this and begin eating good honest food. And if good honest weight loss is what you desire, then you can’t go past…..


It is the most normal… natural way to lose weight and it’s easy too. I could almost say it’s effortless but you do need to put a little effort into it like planning the days menu hahahaha!

I’ve kept my weight now for 4 years and I can still hardly believe it. I’m so happy.
Well, I’m sitting here watching some great movies as it’s a day off for me and I’m relaxing, so bye for now.
Marilyn xxx

Curing Cancer


No I won’t say that simply because no one in their right mind would say it. I will however say certain parts on Marilyn’s Plan will help you fight off whatever ails you. I hear about people suffering from all sorts of deadly diseases and maladies and I ask myself why?
100 years ago there was not this fear we live with now. Cancer, Leukaemia, Parkinsons Disease, oh the list just goes on.

Face it. We eat (here I go, I’m going to say it) SHIT! We do. Our food is not natural. Most of it is processed and full of artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and goodness knows what else. This means our bodies have to digest it, remove the toxic rubbish in it and find enough nutrition in it to keep us going. It’s no wonder we are all a dying race. Well, I’m not. I’m as healthy as can be and so is my Family. We still sometimes consume something from a can or a jar or a packet but not all the time. The Plan I devised has the opposite effect and I truly believe it will become one of the most favoured methods to gaining good health and /or losing weight.

I worked a late shift the other night and it was very busy. I had two people who needed urgent attention at the same time and one of them finally had to be sent to hospital via Ambulance. The Facility had an elevator but it was too slow for me so for approximately 2 and a bit hours, I ran up and down the stairs to get to their respective rooms and to the Nurses station as well as running flat out along the very long corridors. When I got home from work that night I realised I had been running all that time and not even huffed and puffed. It was a very strange feeling indeed. I won’t tell you how old I am either. If I did you might not believe me but for MY age, this is a bonus.

I think I have gained 20 years of my age back. Even then I couldn’t run like that. I am so exhilarated by this, I am going to have a full physical when I have the time and I will put the results on here.

Women who want to clear out their bodies in preparation for Motherhood will benefit from the Plan. Anyone who is looking at IVF treatment will benefit too. I encourage good food and lots of it. The power of Antioxidants and clean food are something I think we all take with a grain of salt. Next time you have a minute. Google Antioxidants and see for yourself exactly what they are and what their benefits are. The Antioxidants in My Plan are about as good as you will get. I call food, minus the artificial rubbish ‘Clean Food’.

There are so many things I have experienced health wise and would love to tell you all but would you believe me? You probably wouldn’t so you are all going to have to find it out for yourselves. My Plan actually helps the body to heal so it is also good for Atheletes and anyone who is the sporty type. Injuries can take years to heal but with the right food that time can be shortened.

I think I’m on a high at this moment. A natural high from feeling so healthy and for being able to achieve something so great with this Plan of mine. Every time I see a TV program with some weightloss miracle on it, I just laugh and laugh. These people have you in Boot camp and/or eating food I wouldn’t give to my Dogs.. What a load of hogswallop! There is nothing in their program but wearing out the body and the joints in that poor tortured, overweight body. What a joke. I like to think My Plan is gentle on all counts. Nothing so radical that you get sick of in a few days. Speaking of Dogs. My two little Papillons are on Marilyn’s Plan too for their health and they are very healthy indeed and not fat at all.

Well, that’s about it for now. Until next time. Cheers to all. Yahoooooo!!! marilynsplanforweightloss.com.au