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There comes a time when you have to think about putting your loved one into an aged care facility. This decision is not to be taken lightly. I have been asked numerous times to advocate for a ‘Good Nursing Home’  sorry I cannot do that. I can only say I am not completely happy with any aged care facility I have ever worked in and I’ve been working in aged care for approximately 20 years.

When I began working in aged care, things were so different. If I managed to get a tea break, I would go to the staff room to make a coffee and sitting in that staff room were carers and Enrolled nurses who would all be discussing the care of the residents. These wonderful people (miss them terribly) knew everything about their residents. Off the top of their heads they could give you the run down on their likes and dislikes, allergies, at risk behaviours etc. They would discuss new ways to help their residents. for instance if an elderly person was having trouble with dressing, eating, showering, they would put their heads together to come up with new and inventive ways to address the situation, approach the Registered Nurse with this idea and we would work on it together. From there, it would be taken to an allied health specialist such as Physiotherapist, doctor, nutritionist etc and the life of the resident would be made so much better. These brilliant carers knew about equipment which would make their jobs easier and using it on the resident to make it safer. Safety was a big issue and they understood it and complied with regulations.

Those were the good old days.

Now, walking into a staff room all you see are staff sitting around the tables talking to their friends and relatives overseas. Ask any one of them about a resident and you get an answer like this, ‘Look at the notes’ ‘Look at the care Plan’ or ‘I don’t know’ They have absolutely no idea or any intention of understanding the care of the elderly they are there to care for. Even if the resident had been there for a number of years. They weren’t interested. To the carers these days, it’s just a job and to get through it as fast as possible so they can go home. Now don’t get me wrong. There are a few excellent carers working in aged care facilities. They are the ones who do care. They do their jobs well and will even stay behind to finish doing what they need to do to make it easier for the next shift and to ensure the resident is left the way they are supposed to be left. Clean, well fed, in no pain, comfortable and any issues they have spotted reported to the RN.

If the RN needs to know anything about a resident now, we need to go into the shower to examine the resident ourselves. We are checking for fragile, dry skin. Skin tears, toenail and fingernail length, pressure areas, we check their ears and eyes, nose and a lot more. Ask a carer now and I doubt if they even know who they just showered.

This might sound like I’m bagging carers but it’s the way things are now. Aged Care Facilities cannot run without money, and to make a profit they need to have the least number of staff on the floor at any one time. If there is 35 residents there will be 4 long shift carers for the entire shift and a few short shift carers. The short shift carers are there to help with the showering and meals. They go home early. Meanwhile the long shift carers will remain to assist with toileting after lunch and helping the residents with lunch. They will do a ’round’ which is to check continence pads and to toilet other residents who are able to go to the toilet but just need some assistance. There is no time to sit and talk to a resident. To ask them how they feel or do any little minor thing the resident would like.

Every time I see a commercial showing how wonderful an aged care facility is and how splendid the smiling, cheery staff are I seriously want to barf.. What a load of rubbish.

To see the picture clearly, you need to go there and see staff running their legs off, Sweating under the strain on heavy lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling and count how long each staff member has to attend each resident. I did a count once and it was frightening.

Read my next post for the breakdown.

Aged care facilities are not designed for the happiness of residents, they are there to make money. Full stop. Now I know this is going to sound really disgusting but I was at a facility one day and I asked where all the usual carers were and was told, “They are having an inspection and they only want to see white faces here” I nearly fainted. How racist and bigoted can anyone be??? I wondered who was coming and what sort of people they were to  say this..  If I had called the media over this, there would have been hell to pay. But as I have said before. Nobody wants to know. And it would have been difficult to prove.

I sort of feel fortunate working as an Agency Registered Nurse at times because we get to move around from facility to facility and we see it all.

Every Aged Care Facility has at their front door a charter of rights and responsibilities. These points are a legal requirement and they need to provide evidence to show it. To prove this, they have reams and reams of paperwork and documentation and the staff are required to fill out all documentation to show they are doing the right thing. Ha!

Aged Care Facilities also have people (Accreditation Team) come to check on all their paperwork to make sure this ‘Evidence Based Practice’ is being adhered to. (Stop laughing)  I was hired to do an afternoon shift one day and when I arrived, I saw 4 RNs sitting in the Nurses Office completing forms and filling out papers ready for the inspection. They were even signing medication charts where there were many, many signature omissions. Some signatures were from other Agency Registered and Enrolled nurses from months previous. But as long as the tiny little square had a squiggle in it, it was ok.  All care plans had to be updated with the correct information included which should have been done on admission. If and when the facility passes all their ‘standards’ they whoop whoop for days after and throw a celebration. This is a very serious issue. To not pass ‘Accreditation’ is the worst thing for all staff, the residents and the facility not to mention the boss who runs the facility. It doesn’t reflect well on any of them.. The Government will impose sanctions on the facility to prevent them from taking in any more residents until they meet the ‘Standards of Accreditation.’ The facility will only be allowed to have a certain number of residents. Cuts to funding is taken very seriously.

The one thing you need to make sure of if you put your family member in an Aged Care Facility is to be there on admission and make sure they have all the information on your relative/friend. The admission form is paramount to ensuring staff know who is responsible for having the say over financial matters, who makes decisions regarding their health and welfare, are there any toxic relations between family members which could impact on the health and happiness of your family member. Allergies, every aspect of daily living is included and should be addressed. Do they have a funeral organised and with whom? What are the details? Burial or cremation? Who is the funeral Director? Sleeping times, food likes and dislikes, clothing requirements, continence. Do they use continence aids? Do they have enough clothes and shoes? Are they labelled oh and please remember to label their dentures and spectacles. There’s nothing worse than removing dentures or spectacles to find out your family member has been wearing someone elses. Do they have an ‘End of Life’ care form completed? Don’t leave until it’s done. It will save you so much time and make it a bit easier for staff in the case of a death or an emergency. Do they have any old injuries? Do they have pain? There is so much but it must be included. The admitting nurse needs to get baseline readings. This is Blood pressure, temperature, pulse, weight, height, urinalysis and a whole lot more. So if the resident has any health episode the Nurse has the baseline to go by. Any differences will show us there is something wrong. There is a change in their health status and it needs to be investigated further.

Read my next post for the times given for each resident attendance.



A week of Wow!


My week last week was pretty mundane to begin with but then things hotted up..
My brother returned from Fiji where he spent time with his new family as per his new wife.
He turned up at our home at about 7 pm and was told freezing cold and totally worn out so we told him to stay the night. He slept on the floor on an air mattress in front of the lovely fire.
The next night he came over for dinner becasue he was a bit sick of eating curries and he also said ‘If I ever see another bgrain of rice I will die’

He was craving an ordinary meal with mashed potato, peas, beans, carrots, and meat with gravy so we provided. He scoffed the lot wish much relish! Hubby even heated up a christmas pudding with custard. Mmmm that went down a treat.
My brother showed us some of the photos he took while he was over there in Fiji and a couple of videos.
They were a lovely family. Very hospitable and caring. They looked after him so well he felt guilty. He said they wouldn’t let him do too much.. Every time he picked something up to do something with it, someone would come and take it from him and do it for him. Most of the family live in a 2 bedroom house and he and his wife were given the largest bedroom and the rest of the family slept in the second bedroom or on the foor in the loungeroom. We were quite concerned for him leaving Australia and going to a strange country and to stay with people we didn’t know but it was wonderful. Now we are all waiting for his wife’s return to Australia as we do miss her and we have planned to do more things to help her learn our culture and about our food etc…
Last night I was watching tv and saw a program called ‘Sunday Night’ on channel 7. The reporter was doing a segment on people smuggling. The smuggler was on there and told the reporter how he ‘ripped off’ these people to bring them to Australia, taking their money and promising the world but no guarantee. He told them to make up a story to tell our authorities to ensure they were able to stay here. Being Tortured, victimised etc… But they aren’t. These people pay thousands of dollers to get here and a lot of them don’t make it. Some even put up the papers to their homes to these smugglers and if they don’t make it they have lost everything.The Sri Lankan authorities are after them now and they want them all returned. The stupid thing is… Our Govt believes all their stories and allows them to come here under that guise. Then we hear they get PR and all go home for a holiday! The ones who come here by the right way are angry about it too.

I met an asylum seeker after he was released from a detention centre where he waited for 2 years to be processed. He said he was a shepherd in the mountains of his country and he didn’t have any trouble there but he just wanted to come to Australia for more money. Now he is going to tell the authorities he has depression because he misses his family and he knows his family will all be brought here too. His elderly family members don’t and won’t speak english because they don’t have to. The Govt provides an interpreter for them and they just stay on the dole for the rest of their lives. They don’t have to work. This was a real wakeup call to me but he had it all organised. I thought it odd he didn’t care what he told me but I suppose he also knows our stupid Parlimentarians don’t know and don’t care anyway. They let it all just happen because it gets more votes!

I have said it once and I will say it again. I don’t begrudge anyone a job or a decent living but when the sytem we rely on is rorted like this and I have no work, then I am bloody angry about it. I will be emailing the minister for immigration and having a shot! I will also send them a link to the program and urge them to watch it as well.

Then I had my birthday yesterday. It began very quietly as hubby went to work and little irl went to her friends place for the night. I’ll be honest, I was terribly lonely in the morning. Then at about 11 am, there was a knock on the door. It was the family. All bearing food and gifts, cards and best wishes. We had a lovely morning tea and my spirits were again on the up!

I’ve been washing bed linen for a week due to our little dog weeing on it at night. Bark Busters fixed that! My neice had them over her house to help with her 2 dogs and one of them was doing it on her son’s bed. She was telling me about it and I gave it a go. Bugger me… it worked. No more wee on the bed. The worst.. Climbing into bed at night and finding a wet spot. Ugh! Wake hubby, strip the bed, wash the plastic protective cover, dry it, re make the bed then climb in again. Exhausting.. It was a simple little thing and it worked. She now goes on the spot we picked out for her. We have incontinence sheets in a couple of places so if they cannot get outside, they can still go where it’s ok! I love successful interventions…
So that was my week… There were other things which really got to me but not enough room here for it..
I do hope your week was better.
Marilyn xxx

Felt like a sausage roll


Had to go to my workplace today to do my mandatory manual Handling and CPR updates to maintain my Nursing Registration. Each year we have to do this and all the modules we do are allowed a point or two. So in all we have to aquire 20 points to be able to keep working and keep our registration.

I got a park a couple of streets away and walked briskly to the venue, signed in and met another RN who I bonded with nicely. It’s always nice to meet someone and click at the first meeting. We laughed and giggled the way through (at the appropriate times of course) not when the lecturer is speaking.

I got picked by the lecturer in the manual handling practical because I was the thinnest one there and it wasn’t hard to move me around the bed or the floor. So I was chuffed at this. hehehehe! By the time I had finished I felt so dirty. I’m home now and clean. A good day and all updates done. Phone ringing so have to go.
Bye for now. xxx

Are you getting sick and tired of the same old same old??


I’m still seeing silly commercials on TV where they are promoting diet products to fill your stomach to stop you feeling hungry and I’m sick to death of hearing these things. Hunger is the body’s cry for nutrition, not a cry to be filled with crap! Unbelievable! Hunger is a signal to you to give your body nutrition. That’s it. Full stop. I don’t know why our Govt allows these stupid products to be sold and especially to people who have given up trying to lose weight and are now falling for these scams! They aren’t healthy.

Just imagine this if you will….. You consume these products each and every day for a month, for breakfast lunch and dinner…. How much nutrition do you think your body is getting? That’s right, you got it…. NONE! Even if you use it for one meal a day, how much nutrition are you missing out on???

Is it any wonder the human race is contracting so many diseases and dying of so many cancers? If the body doesn’t get the nutrition it requires, it is left open for invasion of diseases and such. There are no antioxidants in any of these products either…. Do you think these products are natural? If they were natural, they would be able to be plucked from trees/bushes or dug up from the ground. Antioxidants should be derived from fruits and vegetables, not packets and cans. Man made products with additives and preservatives (and they do contain a lot of this crap too) give you bad breath as well. Notice how vegetarians and people who eat natural foods don’t have bad breath? They don’t, unless of course they have bad teeth etc but they are rare.

I can only hope people will begin to take their health seriously enough to give up eating garbage like this and begin eating good honest food. And if good honest weight loss is what you desire, then you can’t go past…..

It is the most normal… natural way to lose weight and it’s easy too. I could almost say it’s effortless but you do need to put a little effort into it like planning the days menu hahahaha!

I’ve kept my weight now for 4 years and I can still hardly believe it. I’m so happy.
Well, I’m sitting here watching some great movies as it’s a day off for me and I’m relaxing, so bye for now.
Marilyn xxx

Child safety


Discussing child safety with my little girl on the way to school today and she informs me of the trip home yesterday. Her and her girlfriend are halfway home (they catch 2 buses) and they get within about 5 metres of the second bus, the bus driver sees them, smiles, shuts the door and drives off leaving the two of them standing on the side of the road to wait 15 minutes for the next bus. I just got home from measureing the distance and counting the time it would have taken them to get to the bus. 10 seconds! This piece of crap only had to wait ten seconds for them.

Anyone in their right mind would think…. Ahhh, two very young girls…. alone…. 15 minute wait for the next bus…..Paedophiles and sexual predators about….. I will wait for the time it takes for them to get to the bus and allow them on…. they will not have to wait on the side of the road on their own and they will be safe!

Apparently not! According to my girl he took great delight in seeing them wave him down, run their little legs off carrying heavy school bags trying to get there as fast as they could, and then leaving them, alone! Adelaide Metro buses and bus drivers have got a lot to answer for.

I am reconsidering her catching any buses from now on. I drive her to school each morning and she catches the bus home with her friend on some days.

This bus was the number 719 on South road and at about 3 pm. He picked up someone at the stop but obviously had no time for two young girls trying to get home from school safely. So POOH to you, you cad! I hope someone else reads this and you are counselled over it. I will never catch public transport. I would rather walk. I don’t feel safe, the drivers are rude and they drive too fast. On that subject, I was driving along Oaklands road about a month ago and a bus went past me so fast it scared me. I was doing 60 k’s but he must have been doing at least 75 K’s. When he turned right into the depot, I though the bus would turn over. SAPOL you should put up speed cameras there to catch them. This stretch of road is notorius for speeding buses.

My brother left the Royal Adelaide Hospital after an appt and went to catch the bus home. Just as he was about to lift his foot to step onto the bus, the driver shut the door on him and left him there! How could you do that to someone who is coming from Hospital? Oh, and what about the poor elderly woman who broke her hip on a bus and the driver left her there and drove 27 bus stops before someone called for assistance. Disgraceful. Makes me want to vomit! This is truly sick behaviour.

So, that’s it. I hate public transport. I don’t trust the drivers and I will never, ever catch a bus… EVER!

I refuse to pay and so I urge you to do the same.


My last post was about the ICM Register and how they are going to steal all the business names they can and allow anyone to buy them and add the prefix .xxx This will then allow anyone to be directed to a pornography site via your business name. How well do you think your business will do if that happens? ICM registry is, if you don’t already know, a domain register for pornography sites. The owners of pornography will be able to buy and register your business name and then hold you to ransom to get as much money as they can from you so you can buy back your business name. If anyone accidentally opens up you business name with the .xxx they will be in for a shock. PORNOGRPHY!!!!!

On the strength of this I have put in a lot of thought and someone needs to be held responsible for it. Children who do school work online and need to open up sites for projects will be especially at risk because the whole .xxx thing will be new to them and do you want to know this is going to happen to our kids?

I AM NOT GOING TO PAY AND I URGE YOU TO DO THE SAME. I’m not talking about just online businesses but any business. They will take it and register it. Don’t think because your business is a registered business name IT’S PROTECTED, you still have to pay to have it protected from poaching and it’s expensive. The annual fee is ridiculous. I am also going to urge our Govt to do something about it and prevent this from happening. This is not what the internet is about. It’s just a case of money grubbing by a hungry thoughtless bastard who wants to cripple businesses and Govts. If ICANN did not approve it in 2000 then why are they (non profit org) approving it now? Do you think money has greased someone’s palm? Hmmmm food for thought.
While we are here I will tell you all when you type in my website name, please type it in correctly
either one will take you to a great site with NO PORNOGRAPHY!

Teach your kids too. Warn them of the dangers and show them how to type in the correct name for the site they are looking for.
Good luck!