Oh my aching Latisimus Dorsi


I was fortunate enough to secure 4 days work this last week with one day off in the middle for my mum’s birthday. How wonderful was that, I thought to myself. I honestly do worry though because every time I do more than 2 days work I lose so much weight I look skinny. We RN’s in Aged Care work like dogs. It’s hard and fast and certainly not for the faint hearted.

Ok, so the first 2 days went smoothly. The shifts were very busy but not tiringly so and I was not too worn out. I then celebrated my mum’s birthday the next day with a nice lunch at a popular little eatery where I was surprised was full of elderly people out for lunch and having a wondeful time. It was nice for a change to see a dining room full of elderly people being able to choose what they wanted to eat and not have to have someone shovelling food into their mouths without letting them even swallow! I felt a sense of warmth seeping into my every pore to see it.

But let’s get back to the aching Latisimus Dorsi….. My back! Because I eat like I do (according to Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss) I have to be careful not to do too much hard yakka and I have to watch my trousers too. I have now put elastic in the waist of my work trousers to keep them from falling off again because the weight falls off me and the waist band of my trousers can’t keep up so I let my tummy out to give the waist band something to sit on so it doesn’t fall down. That is sooooo wrong!

We do Manual Handling training every year as part of our registration and part of that is to ensure we protect our back by holding the stomach taught! This ensures the muscles of the abdomen support our backs and we don’t bend over but squat… hence the trousers (who wants to look up my skirt?). Well, letting my tummy out doesn’t support my abdominal muscles which in turn puts me at risk of back injury. So I do another 2 days work and as I go I am allowing my abdominal muscles out as I go because my pants are getting too loose, and then on the weekend I spend the day cleaning up the mess my family have made in the house and now I’m pooped!

My back has an annoying ache and I’m sooooo cross with myself. I am sick of having to replace the elastic in the waist band of the trousers so now I am going to have to go shopping to buy another pair. This you may think is an easy thing to do but I want and need trousers which look professional, don’t come to the hips allowing my undies to be seen, and are baggy enough in the legs and bum so there is no shape to my body. I do not dress for fashion. I dress for my Profession and to keep that modest, unsexy look. I know if I go to a hospital I want someone to look after me who doesn’t look like a tramp but exhudes professionalism, cleanliness and total discretion in all things.

I could go on but I have had my whinge for the day. If Florence Nightingale were alive today and saw the way Nurses dressed and behaved she would be very angry indeed. Now I will rest and repair! Movies are on and if I don’t get called to any emergency I will remain on the lounge all day. I feel better already.
I would also like to get a few comments from this post too if you wouldn’t mind.

1. What are you looking for in a nurse?

2. What do you expect of them?

3. How do you expect them to dress and behave?

4. Have you had any bad experiences with Nurses?

Marilyn xxx


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