Simple Solutions!


I have been thinking about adding a regular feature to my Blog and thought you can add to it as well. I have quite a few natural ‘Old Wives tales’ remedies which I have tried and tested myself for the nagging little things we can do without.
My first tried and true recipe is for a headache. I get them sometimes when I’m stressed and there is no analgesia I can take which gets rid of it as well as this does. See below for the simple remedy.

Get yourself a nice tea cup or mug and add 6 to 8 whole cloves.
Put in your tea bag and sugar if you like it.
Add the boiling water and let the tea bag steep in the cup for about 2 minutes.
Remove only the tea bag and leave the cloves in the cup.
Add milk if you like it and stir.
Drink and see the headache dissipate!

I suppose you have heard of the treatment for a toothache? Rub clove oil onto the gum area and it is numbed by the clove oil. Instant pain relief! This too is an old remedy for babies who are teething. Well cloves work for a headache too. Don’t wait until you can’t stand the headache anymore. Have the tea when you first notice you are getting a headache. It works a treat! I carry cloves in a little airtight container everywhere I go.

To make clove oil for a toothache.
Warm a little olive oil and add 3 to 4 whole cloves and let it sit for an hour. Rub it on the gum area of the tooth and see the pain go. If you are in a hurry, then crush two whole cloves in the oil and use immediately.

Much better than artificial analgesia and it tastes very pleasant too.
I am always interested in health and love to do the natural things.
Let me know how you go!
Marilyn xxx


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