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Beware of eating Rice dishes?


I was cooking all my food for my two little doggies and one of them became violently ill.. resulting in her suffering from IBD  (Inflamatory Bowel Disease). This can happen to anyone after a traumatic event to the intestines..

I didn’t realise how important it was to rinse rice prior to cooking it or the correct temperatures to keep it or cool it before eating it..

Now I do..

My little ‘Lolly’ suffered untold pain and vomiting along with diarrhorea and is now having to eat canned paste..

I’m on top of that now and am determined to get her off it but that is another story and will let you know how it goes..  Groundbreaking…

I did some experiments with rice over a period of 5 days using clean areas and utensils. Being a Uni graduate I am aware of the need for specifics when determining scientific data  and my experiment was done using the best methods..

The photos I took are of rice cooked on day one day four and day 5. Rinsed prior to cooking and not rinsed pior to cooking.The results were clearly astonishing and showed the massive growth of the bacteria ‘Bacillus Cereus’ in the un-rinsed subjects.

There are a few sites on the net which will give you good information on cooking, storage etc of rice and other foods which carry the spores of this bacteria so please have a look at them and commit them to memory. It might just save you from giving someone food poisoning…

1.  Rice ‘Rinsed before cooking. Rinsed under running water.

Day 1.


Day 4 Rice rinsed.


Day 5 Rice rinsed.


This is Rice not rinsed.

day 1.


Day 4 Not rinsed.


Day 5 rice not rinsed.


For each bowl of rice cooked…..

All amounts were exactly the same as could be measured using the equipment I had.

Temperatures and times were the same. Method was the same.

So please be careful when buying, cooking, serving rice. Make sure it is rinsed  under running cool water before it is cooked to get rid of the bacteria spores first.  These spores can survive cooking, temps between 30 to 37 degrees Celsius and as low as below 5 degrees Celsius..