Taking in my trousers before Christmas


It’s usual I suppose to look for the ‘Fat Pants’ around the festive season but this year I took the waist of mine in quite a few centimeters.. I put on a few kilos during the winter months to basically keep warm.. (I do it every year) Honestly the thinner I am in winter, the colder I feel.. I didn’t need to go up a size in clothing but I just do it to cover my bones with a bit of fat..

I don’t know how the Polar bears do it… brrrrrrrr..I hate the cold..

This year, or to be exact.. last Monday I decided to begin and by Wednesday I was at the point of having to take my pants in. I don’t want to go to a size 6 Aus because it’s too difficult to get anything to wear.. But my clothes are a tad on the baggy side..  Now I will be able to stuff myself over the Christmas week and not give a hoot… hehehehe It won’t matter..

The great thing about it was, I was not hungry at all..

The most exercise I did was about 4 minutes.. That is purposeful exercise.. I didn’t do much else but sit on the lounge and watch TV.. Think I needed the break from the mentally draining week I just had…

You know what it’s like before this time of the year.. Housework, shopping, tidying, planning, partying, having friends and family around.. I do love this time of the year… This is why I call my diet the best Plan on the Planet… It’s just so easy..

Hello to all my New Friends in New Zealand who just purchased the book too.. It’s the perfect gift to yourself…

I’ve never been so healthy in my life.. apart from a few aches and pains from injuries I have suffered over my life, but at least I don’t have to drag around extra weight on top of it..

So if you’re looking for the perfect little extra thing for yourself or someone else and don’t want to get stuck with something expensive, claiming unattainable goals, and awfully stale foods, then get my book and give it a go…

As diets go, marilynsplanforweightloss.com.au is the best Plan….  I also came to the conclusion that a certain tv program didn’t want to have me on their show was because my Plan is so good they couldn’t have a dietitian say anything bad about it.. They wouldn’t want to either.. I have Doctors etc who support my book and my Plan.. It’s based on Govt recommendations for daily food intake.. although I  do promote more not less, and isn’t it silly to not look outside the square and make something better than the usual crap we get dished out… Gee, I wish I had discovered this about 20 years ago….

I do like my food and I never go without anything.. Gorgeous, fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables, meats, fish and all the lovely things we all like to eat..  I have also been giving presentations at home too.. Work colleagues, friends and acquaintances love to see what I can offer and we have fun doing it….

So if I don’t get on here for a while I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year…

Love Marilyn xxxxx


Can’t wait to eat.. forget the photos…


Every time we put our meals on the table and sit down to eat, it’s a matter of let’s get into it and not worry about anything else..

I know we should be photographing our meals to show you what we eat to stay trim taught and terrifically healthy but our food is so yummy we don’t have time to take pics.. Sorry..

I will make a concerted effort for the next few days and take some pics and add to this blog so you can see we only eat normal food and it keeps us thin and healthy..I am so glad I will never have to worry myself about dieting again and getting grumpy and stuffing myself with chemicals and expensive rubbish foods from tins and packets…  The exercise is minimal but excellent and it makes your weightloss even faster…

I work in areas where there is the Flu type ‘A’ and it’s rampant amongst the residents and staff but I just don’t get sick.. Blessing… I have to say, this is the healthiest I have been in all my years on this earth.. and I feel great..

Photos to come…


Marilyn xxx

Winter food…..The stuff we love to eat….


It’s been really cold here in Adelaide and so we’ve been cooking a lot of stuff to warm our bodies and give ourselves energy… and eating highly nutritious foods for health too.

Dieting?  No.. We don’t need to because all the food we eat keeps us healthy and trim.. You can do it too. marilynsplanforweightloss.com.au

Here is a few pics of the meals we have been chomping down on the last few weeks.. Don’t get a lot of time to take pics of all our meals due to our rushing to get things done and by the time I remember to take photo, I have eaten most of it…

Here we go…

IMG_0716 My super salad.. I added a little creamy dressing mixed with some white wine vinegar.. Buy the book and see why I mix it with vinegar…

IMG_0717Hubby’s creation of partially cooked pumpkin tossed in a pan with a little olive oil and with a handful of fruit and nut mix sprinkled into it at the finish cooking time.. Gorgeous…

IMG_0720Beef  hot pot.. Had mushrooms and bacon in it too.. He put too much potato on the plate… Yummy…IMG_0723I love a fresh garden salad.. With raw onion.. I ate most of it…

IMG_0725This was one big hamburger… With all the trimmings… Finger lickin’ dripping good fun…

IMG_0726Apricot Chicken..  One of my favs…. With chips of course….

IMG_0748Have to teach hubby how to make the best Pea and Ham soup… This was nice but he always adds too many peas…. It was so thick…. Tasty though.. I am wondering if he forgot the ham?????

So just looking at all this food we eat.. I can tell you it is wonderful to be able to eat the foods you want to eat, and fresh foods too. Not delivered in toxic plastic containers which cause cancers….

Get out your knives and cooking pots and pans and go for it….

Weight loss???  ‘Marilyn’s Plan..’ Keeps us healthy and fit…. and trim too….Love it…

Summer is on it’s way and we are ready for it….


Beware of eating Rice dishes?


I was cooking all my food for my two little doggies and one of them became violently ill.. resulting in her suffering from IBD  (Inflamatory Bowel Disease). This can happen to anyone after a traumatic event to the intestines..

I didn’t realise how important it was to rinse rice prior to cooking it or the correct temperatures to keep it or cool it before eating it..

Now I do..

My little ‘Lolly’ suffered untold pain and vomiting along with diarrhorea and is now having to eat canned paste..

I’m on top of that now and am determined to get her off it but that is another story and will let you know how it goes..  Groundbreaking…

I did some experiments with rice over a period of 5 days using clean areas and utensils. Being a Uni graduate I am aware of the need for specifics when determining scientific data  and my experiment was done using the best methods..

The photos I took are of rice cooked on day one day four and day 5. Rinsed prior to cooking and not rinsed pior to cooking.The results were clearly astonishing and showed the massive growth of the bacteria ‘Bacillus Cereus’ in the un-rinsed subjects.

There are a few sites on the net which will give you good information on cooking, storage etc of rice and other foods which carry the spores of this bacteria so please have a look at them and commit them to memory. It might just save you from giving someone food poisoning…

1.  Rice ‘Rinsed before cooking. Rinsed under running water.

Day 1.


Day 4 Rice rinsed.


Day 5 Rice rinsed.


This is Rice not rinsed.

day 1.


Day 4 Not rinsed.


Day 5 rice not rinsed.


For each bowl of rice cooked…..

All amounts were exactly the same as could be measured using the equipment I had.

Temperatures and times were the same. Method was the same.

So please be careful when buying, cooking, serving rice. Make sure it is rinsed  under running cool water before it is cooked to get rid of the bacteria spores first.  These spores can survive cooking, temps between 30 to 37 degrees Celsius and as low as below 5 degrees Celsius..

Fresh versus frozen muck…..


Saw a program about someone who decided it was a good idea to cook food, freeze it for weeks, defrost it,reheat it and then serve it up to her family.. I’m gagging as I write…

This is a disgusting thing to do to food… Food which has been cooked and reheated is waste, leftovers.. garbage..So why would anyone think this is a good idea???? Do they think this is good food to serve to their families???

I think it is just being damned lazy and nothing more… or less….

Food is fragile and should be eaten fresh. always..  To cook it kills off most of the vitamins and minerals if not all of them.. But to cook it twice and make people eat is is horrible…

I have a small orange tree in my backyard and it has a few gorgeous fresh oranges just ripening up…

Now, if I took them and popped them into a pot of boiling water and cooked them, how much nutrition do you think would be left??  None.  Zich.  Zip. 

How good do you think these ripening strawberries would be if boiled??


The only positive thing I can say about this food is that it is not full of artificial additives, colourings and flavourings which we all know are really dangerous to your health.. But there is really no nutrition in it at all..  Sad… Very sad…

Food should be fresh. If cooked then it should be eaten immediately it is cooked… Oh and don’t forget, there are a lot of benefits to eating some raw foods too…. A lot of fruits and vegetables taste better eaten raw…


This is my little Washington Navel Orange tree after I have eaten all the oranges… Yummy…

I’ve also noticed we don’t eat as much food as other people now either. We get more nutrition than a lot of people because we get a good mix of fresh fruits and vegetables etc… No Processed foods… so we aren’t as hungry… More fresh means more nutrition means less food needed…


This fruit is what’s left after it was purchased yesterday..We have already eaten half of it and will replenish it after tomorrow.. The grapes were in the fridge and cooling…. The nuts will take us about 2 weeks to devour…

Ever wondered about the nutritional value of jam? If jam was good for you, then do you think it could be a nutritional food source?  NO! Absolutely not.. The fruit has been boiled and boiled and preserved in cans and jars and is just sweet crap so no of course it’s not good.. Hey, we do have some jam now and then.. We don’t go without entirely.. we do enjoy a few old fashioned treats…


Turkish bread drizzled with olive oil and toasted, with some tuna and fresh finely chopped salad veges… A light sprinkle of white wine vinegar for a zesty flavour and that was my lunch today.. It was really nice…

I suppose this is why we don’t get fat now… We get plenty to eat and we are never hungry….

“Marilyn’s Plan” (My book) has a great deal to do with this as well.. Lost weight, got my health back and I’m loving it…

So if you think doing disgusting things to food and giving it to humans or animals to eat is a good idea, maybe you should get my little book and learn something… Please stop killing food…..

Marilyn xxxxx


Insurance for pets and people????


We have two sweet little doggies who we love to bits.. Ok so one of them got sick last Christmas eve and it cost us a few thousand dollars for the vet bills.. Ugh!  We had been discussing signing up for pet insurance but when I checked the insurance companies who give pet insurance I was surprised to see many of them were underwritten by ‘People’ Insurance companies. Know what that means??

It means they have the best insurance investigators who will try every trick in the book to avoid paying out on an insurance claim if your pet gets sick.. Some of these companies I have noticed have even stipulated a clause to say if your pet is on food which contains artificial preservatives and additives then too bad… They won’t pay.. Now I have been promoting  Raw Meaty Bones and BARF for years and included it in my book (Marilyn’s Plan), knowing all too well the disastrous effects of preservatives and additives in our foods and researching the best way to feed pets.. There are plenty of groups on the net who will tell you how and what to feed your pets to maintain optimal health.  So, if these insurance companies are on the ball with their investigations into foods and their effects on the body then why do we give these foods to our pets?  Beats me.. All I know is they won’t pay for vet bills for sick animals when those animals have been consuming processed foods.   My girls haven’t had processed foods for years now and have been healthier for it..  Back to pet insurance.. If your pet is over a certain age and has no medical history (no illnesses recorded) then you might be lucky enough to get health insurance for them but the pet insurance companies will not pay claims on previous illnesses. They will pay for desexing and that is about it. Gum disease is rife in pets, caused by them eating rubbishy processed foods. Think of it like us eating a packet of biscuits every day for our nutrition. This crap gets stuck in your teeth and you cannot clean it out unless you have a toothbrush. Try to get an older dog or cat to take on a toothbrush.. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.. Ours screams and cries if we approach her with one..This is where the insurance companies make their money. At three years of age, a pet will have rotten teeth. There is a 3 to 4 week waiting period to be able to make a claim so don’t let them get sick in between then. We worked out it would be more expensive for us to insure our pets now as one is not well (food allergy) and the other pet is an older doggie so we would be paying insurance for nothing.. No claims.. So that is it… We are working on some research into T cell behaviours on the human and animal body to try to help our little girl overcome her illness.. Fingers crossed we can get her off the prescription tinned muck she is on..  (Paste).  We work very hard at cleaning her teeth too because she is not able to eat anything to clean them… The vet is querying IBS.. I wasn’t aware animals get IBS… (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)  Big job, but I’m sure we can do it..

So if you are considering getting pet insurance.. Get it for your pet the day they are born…. read their clauses very carefully too.. Either that or start saving now for the vet bills…….





Brain injury


We should all know when you hit your head your brain suffers from an injury. No matter how small or insignificant you may think it is, it’s not.  Hitting your head is serious.  Your brain is floating in a fluid inside the skull and if you hit your head, the brain does bang against the wall of the skull. Researchers are now asking for all children’s sports to be non contact. Even wearing a helmet does very little to protect the brain from injury.. The brain still gets quite a thump even within a helmet..

Ok so I work in the health care industry and at least once per shift I am confronted with someone who has ‘had a fall’

After we assess the severity of the fall and check for physical injuries. We begin the arduous task of doing Neurological obs.

Physical signs are bleeding from the eyes, ears, nose, mouth.

Swelling around any part of the body.

Broken bones.

Neurological obs are taken over a 24 hour period and involve charting…

Eyes, reaction to light and pupil size.

Any weakness in either side of the body.

Response to our questions.

Patient awareness to time and space unless they are not able to vocalise this due to dementia etc..

Blood pressure.




These Neuro obs are taken every 15 minutes for the first 4 hours.

Then half hourly for the next for hours.

Then hourly and then 4 hourly.

If any specific problems arise it will be after the first hour post fall (unless it is observed immediately) so we must  monitor the patient closely and prevent further falls.

Giving medications which cause drowsiness, such as sleeping tablets, antispyschotic medications etc must be reviewed and their use carefully measured as the patient can easily be mistaken for a brain injury when they are actually suffering from the effects of a sedative.

Researchers are now stating anyone who suffers from a concussion due to a head injury should rest for a week.

This allows their brain to recover.. The worst case scenario is a form of dementia in later life..  Look at Muhammad Ali, the world famous boxer.  He is now suffering from Parkinsons disease. Footballers are also at risk of this too and there is a couple of them here in Australia who have been told they have Parkinsons disease/dementia due to severe brain injuries whilst playing their favourite sports.

Children are particularly clumsy and quite often fall/trip and hit their little heads..

If this is a regular occurrence with your child,you may want to ask yourself why? Why are they tripping over so much? Do they wear correct and properly fitting shoes? Do they have orthopaedic problems? Are they so tired in the day time due to lack of sleep they are not able to get through their day without tripping and falling? Sometimes this is the answer..

Does your child go to a day care centre, Kindy or school? Do they get enough rest whilst there?

How much sleep do they get at night?

Do the day care workers observe them and prevent them from running especially if they are prone to falls etc…?

Is there a particular time of the day these children fall over? There could be a pattern.

If your child has a fall and hits their head I would advise you to take them to see the doctor asap and get them checked out. The doctor will check their neurological responses and give you advice on how to care for them at home. Make sure they get plenty of rest. Lack of sleep in babies can cause seizures too.. Didn’t know that did you?

So if you have a child who has had a fall and hit their head or just hit their head on anything, keep an eye on them for the first 24 hours. Look for either sided weakness in their grip, with their legs (can they lift their legs up in the air). Is their grip the same on both hands and can they lift their legs up one at a time to the same height?

Do they sleep too much? Are they overly drowsy? Not able to wake them “as usual”..

Is their facial expression vague? Do they forget things?

There are so many signs and symptoms of concussion from a hit to the head but you will know the capabilities of your child so keep an eye on them and get them to the doctor for a check up asap…..

I have witnessed a worst case scenario post fall and it is not pretty so I urge you to keep in contact with your doctor and document anything you can so you can show the doctor.

Doctors rely on our documentation so they can see what has been happening.. We keep the records and they get this information which helps them to diagnose the problem…

There is so much to it but this is it in short.

Marilyn xxx