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Reviewing food for you


I do love food and I love getting dressed up to go out to eat especially lunch!
I remember years ago there was a lot of Dept of Health officers running around Adelaide doing regular checks of restaurants and cafes etc.. you know the hygiene in the kitchen, food storage, temperatures of food stuffs etc. If food wasn’t eaten at the table you would ask for a doggie bag to take it home for the dog! The waitress would inform you “It is against the law to allow anyone to take food home.” Ok, so why has this changed? Beats the hell out of me.. Now you can take most leftovers home from anywhere and no one cares..

But enough of that. I have been enjoying going out to lunch lately and I’ve begun writing my ratings on the venue for you to see for yourself. I’m finding most eating places have reasonable prices so if you have $30 on you, you can go out for a lovely meal with your friend or partner. That’s not a costly lunch either but you will be able to afford a good choice from the menu.
I give my rating and justification for it on my Facebook page so please join me on there. I will give you the honest truth about the venue and rate it on…. Food freshness,quality, quantity, selection.
Decor ambiance, cleanliness,
Prices good value
Kids kids meals
Service staff
Opening hours
and most of all whether it is suitable to go to eat if you’re on Marilyn’s Plan for Weight Loss.
It might sound strange of me to include the weight loss rating but if you’re on My Plan and you’re going out to eat, you will be glad I said it suits the Plan but most venues have enough of a selection for you to choose a good meal without worrying whether you should eat it or not.

I’ve been eating out a lot of late and enjoying myself immensely, taking a retired chef with me for their expert opinion and I can always count on having a child or two tagging along for their view on a meal. It’s not necessary for me to divulge to anyone who I am or what I’m doing until the end of the meal and I go to pay for it. I am quite happy to compliment the chef/cook and inform them how happy I and my guests were and I will be adding a review on my FB page. Many a face glows at the thought of this. It’s free advertising for them after all and I’m all for helping anyone or business if they are deserving. If I or my guests are disappointed in the meal, the service or the value, I will say nothing. I probably won’t tell you either because someone might just be having a bad day. If there is a health issue and I’m an expert in the filed of food hygiene, storage, cooking etc… I will inform the authorities and then post my experience.
So take heart. I’m not in the business of running places down, just letting the public know of my wonderful experience on the day.
Bon Appetite!
My FB page is


New clothes


It’s so miserably cold here in Adelaide. Last night it was a clear night which meant cold! Boy was it cold! I heard on the radio on the way home from work last night the temp was 7.7 degrees celcius! That was about ten oclock. Everything was iced up too.

When I got home little ‘Lolly’ was sleeping in ‘M’s’ room due to the cold. I poked my head around the corner of the door and saw a little head bob up and the ears stick up. Funny as a fit to see her. She was just looking for somewhere warm.

I was a bit worried she isn’t putting on any weight. She is only a puppy as yet but she is using all her enegry to keep warm so out came the little Cupcake jumper I bought from ‘My Pet’s Wardrobe’ It arrived yesterday (fabulous Company) and I hand washed it and had it drying in front of the fire. I put it on her and the length was fine but she was so skinny she hadn’t had it on 30 minutes when she came hooping out to the lounge room with a front leg completely out of it. Ok so this was not suitable for sleepwear.

‘Lolly’ in her ‘Cupcake’ dress.

I will need to order some pyjamas for her. I had a small pink Argyle jumper but it was too small so about an hour ago I ordered a larger one. Hope it arrives before winter is over! That company (I won’t say) takes forever to deliver to Australia from the US. I send my books to the US all the time (Marilyn’s Plan) and it doesn’t take as long as this does. Never mind. I might have to make ‘Lolly’ a jumper because she just can’t wait and needs to be warm! I don’t think se was too happy about the puffy sleeves either. Well, I had better get moving. Shower, dress, breakfast, washing blah blah blah…..have a great day everyone.
Marilyn xxx

Introducing our new addition…..


She finally arrived from Melbourne in a ‘jet pac’ That’s a cat or small animal carrier. When I saw her through the cage walls I saw her shaking and shivering and didn’t know if she was cold or frightened. I signed for her, took her to the car, lay the cage on the ground and slowly and gently took her out and cuddled her close.

The lovely people I bought her from had supplied fresh water but it had tipped all over the soft quilt bedding enclosed and the inside of the cage was soaked. She had also had a vomit and a large one and was sitting in this horrible mess. Poor baby. I hate to think it was caused by the handlers at the airports.

I put a harness on her and struggled to do it up because it was a bit big for her but we managed and we walked with her and Boo to a grassed area where she could stretch her legs and do a wee if need. She settled a bit and then we were off home in the car. A slow but sure drive home hanging onto them in laps. When we got home she spent the next few hours sniffing around our home and getting used to everything. Drinking copious amounts of fresh water and chewing on a lamb’s ear to help get rid of the acid on her teeth from the vomit. I partially cooked a bit of steak and rice for her to help get something into her stomach and to help settle it and at the moment she is laying on the lounge snoozing. Her and Boo have had a big day today and are getting lots of love and attention from us. Boo has been wondering what on earth is this totally strange pet doing in her home? but she will get used to her. They have been quite good but watching each other to assess the situation. I’m sure they will be firm friends.
Marilyn xxx

Chewing on a lamb’s ear!

My two girls! But where is Boo?

Snooze time for Lolly and Boo

A one pot dinner and no photo!


Almost… Today I asked some family over for lunch and wondered what to make. It’s darn well freezing here and so I decided a hot lunch would be the way to go. Last night I saw what I thought might be a nice recipe on a TV show but I changed it to suit.
Soak either red beans or borlotti beans overnight in water. About 200 gm
Some chopped vegetables. Carrot, Onion, celery squash potato… 2 of each. The usual winter vegetables.
Fennel seeds… about a tablespoon full.
Thyme.. 5-6 fresh sprigs.
5-6 fresh peeled tomatoes or a small tin of crushed peeled tomatoes.
Either 2 cups of broccoli, or 1/4 of a small cabbage sliced.
Spanish chorizo.. Spanish sausage. 4 of them sliced into chunks.
Garlic… about 2-3 cloves.
Olive oil for cooking and to make the bread Brusscetta.
Boil the beans then simmer for about an hour then set aside.

In another pot..(I really used about 3 pots and many, many bowls…)
Cook off the chopped vegetables in the oil until just tender. Add tomatoes, herbs, garlic, fennel seeds and sausage. Might need to add a little water to prevent it from burning on the bottom of the pan. Simmer for 20-25 minutes.
When this is done, add the beans and cook for another 10-15 minutes. Serve in individual bowls or in a large serving dish
with a little grated cheese over the top. Fresh Parmesan cheese or whatever you like.
Get some nice thick slices of any bread or roll and cut in half and toast the slices.
Crush a garlic clove or two and add a few tablespoons of olive oil. Mix well and sprinkle over the toasted bread.

I asked my girl to come and get her dinner as we had enough left over from lunch for her to have it for her tea, then when I went to get my camera I had to quickly change the batteries. When I got back there was nothing left in the bowl but a bit of the juice so I’m sorry there was no photo! It was really nice though.
Nothing left!



OK so now what?
What do you do when you have experienced so much grief and in such a short time?
Our year began with a bang! Our home electrical appliances began to explode or just give in!
We lost our fridge, our clothes dryer, the iron, the microwave, the phone.

Then my father passed away and about 6 weeks later I lost the dearest sweetest little dog. All she ever did was smile and ask to be cuddled and loved. Crap. could it get any worse???
I work in Aged care a lot and I deal with death as if it’s a release for them. They’ve had a full life, and the illnesses and problems they have don’t give them any quality of life. Some elderly residents pray for death. They will refuse to eat and drink. They will cry out in pain. They will refuse treatments and medications because they’ve had enough. I feel for them and I understand their emotional and physical pain. When my Dad passed away it was sudden, but I know if he had been given the choice he would have opted for the quick way out. He didn’t want to linger and it was something I had discussed with both my parents.
I felt relief for him when he went because he was in no more pain. I will say though it was very hard not to lose it. It was a sad time for all.

Then the loss of ‘Lovey’ last friday evening. I didn’t have time to deal with my Dad’s passing and I was faced with a loved one’s death again.

Now we have Boo! We got Boo soon after we got ‘Lovey’ to be a housemate so ‘Lovey’ wouldn’t get lonely if we had to go out and couldn’t take her with us. Now Boo is left and looking a bit lonely. Hmmmmmmm tricky situation. ‘Lovey’s’ cothes will never fit Boo. Boo won’t sleep next to me as that was ‘Lovey’s’ spot on the bed so she curls up on the warm wheat bag at my feet. She is doing some odd things now and looking a bit forlorn… I need to keep her busy to keep her mind off it… Ok so the other night I ordered a little teddy bear. It should be delivered tomorrow as I paid for express post..

When I received the little fluffy jacket I ordered for ‘Lovey’ and pulled it out of the packet, Boo thought it was a teddy and grabbed it and tried to run… She thought it was a teddy. Ooohhhhh… Poor little bugga. I had to take it from her and put it away. In actual fact I had to nearly pry her jaws open to get it from her. Come on the teddy. It’s pink and fluffy and it comes from a wonderful online pet store call ‘My Pet’s Wardrobe’.. It might give Boo something to do.

I thought of purchasing a small soft toy in the shape of a dog for her to play with but that thought brings about some pretty odd imaginings…

Have you ever wondered about people who have loved a pet so much they wanted to have it cloned??? What a stupid idea. I mean really.. How many times do these nitwits want their hearts broken. That pet will never outlive them and they’ll be left to mourn the same dog again… Nah! Dumb idea..
I personally couldn’t do that. As much as I would love to have this precious, tiny little baby back in my arms… I still couldn’t do it. That pet wouldn’t be the same either. They wouldn’t have a lifetime of experiences, they would only look the same. I suppose a few of their mannerisms would be identical but that’s probably it.

I did some soul searching tonight and asked myself how I could be so devastated and lonely by the loss of this little pet and after considerable time and thought, I realised.. The passing of my Dad was difficult and someone had to do all the things needed so my mother wouldn’t have to do it and go it alone. I never had time to grieve then. After that I went to work to keep myself busy and it did help. Then we lost ‘Lovey’ and the pain has doubled… It all came back with a vengeance and has been haunting me. I have never felt so desolate in my life. I have been crying and sobbing for 4 days now. It’s been said.. ‘Time heals all wounds’ It does too. I am waiting for ‘time’ to heal my wounds… and it better bloody well hurry up too. I have a life to get on with and a family who rely on me… Does any of this make sense or am I just babbling away???

How do I get a doggie hoodie on Boo with her ears?

Boo’s ears naturally stand up..

If it is perfect and worth bragging about then how can it be ‘Improved?’


I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I’ve been watching, listening and learning.

I never took much notice of the companies flogging their weight loss products and programs etc…
Since I discovered a really honest way to do it and began looking at the competition, I have come to the conclusion that they can’t be any good can they? Their big drawcard (they pay thousands of dollars to advertise and for copywriters to write their headlines) is constantly changing… That’s right. You will often hear these words ‘New and Improved’ If they were any good to begin with, then how can they improve it???

I tried almost all of them and found they were all the same. Boring. Regimental… rigid… strict…tasteless, sickening, meanwhile they give it a gimmick to make you think you are getting a good deal. Holy moly… this is such brazen, outrageous advertising.
The other thing I have to laugh about too are the words… ‘Guaranteed to lose 5 kilos in the first week or your money back’ If you consumed bread and water for a week you would lose 5 kilos on that too….

Don’t be fooled by any of it. They only promise a week of weight loss. After that, their arse is covered because that’s where the buck.. or promise ends… They are only interested in sales and that’s where it ends. If they were interested in you… you would be given something which was healthy, easy to do, pretty well in line with what you eat now and most of all good for you… Do you ever wonder why so many people get cancers??? It’s the artificial crap they ingest, thinking they are doing themselves a favour.. Ha! Babies get cancer too…. My thoughts on this are.. Mothers consume additives and preservatives… babies are subjected to this in the womb… babies who are not breast fed but bottle fed are ingesting additives and preservatives too. Babies bottles made of plastic….Plastics leech dangerous chemicals…
Make you think?? I hope so..

Hey, sure we sometimes have a small amount of food from a bottle or a jar but very rarely. We know why we eat… To give our bodies nutrition for growth and healing… We don’t get colds, flu or get sick any more… and it’s all due to being on my Plan.
It’s not difficult to do and the book is a fun read too. I refuse to fall for the crap and make promises. I don’t have to becasue I know my Plan works and works well. There you are.. Cut and paste this into yor browser and see for yourself.. This book is selling all over the world and it’s making a difference to thousands of people’s lives and I’m so glad.

So don’t be fooled by the hype they shove down your throat… They must think you are the dumbest individuals on the planet. I know you’re not!
Well, I’ve had my session for the week. Catch up soon…
Love and hugs to all.
Marilyn xxx

Given up on dieting? Good for you…


I’m glad for you. That’s the first sensible thing you’ve done. I’ve been reading about some pretty awful diets on the market lately. So many so called experts are restricting foods to help you lose weight but when you think about it.. these foods… seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, legumes, eggs etc all have specific nutrients in them which assist the body to maintain homestasis.. This means in basic terms a ‘healthy State’ ‘healthy body.’

Now, how can you maintain a healthy body if you are depriving it of important nutrients? Dieting and food restrictions put your body under extreme stress. The body is having to fight for survival. How can it heal and grow if there are no nutrients to assist in the healing and growth of new cells etc… When people are younger, their bodies are able to endure a little more than older people and when they keep dieting constantly they are removing years from their lives albeit a little more slowly but it is happening. It’s almost sinister in the way it creeps up and manifests itself into drastic health problems in later years.

Ill health, problems with pregnancy, seasonal flu and colds. The body has no stores of good health to enable it to fight these things. Homeostasis doesn’t exist. Did you know even lettuce has important nutrients? You might look at the humble lettuce and think it’s not important but it is! Fresh foods, highly nutritious and good to eat when prepared nicely can give you all the nutrients your body is screaming out for.

If you’re considering losing any weight at all, can I suggest you begin by getting rid of all the sugar in your diet. Normally I refuse to say the word diet because of the failures it conjures up, but when I do use it, I mean a normal eating pattern without food restrictions. If you counted all the sugar in the foods and drinks you consumed in a day you might be very surprised at the amount you are consuming and those simple carbohydrates which has your body experiencing highs and lows all throughout the day. Yuk! It’s no wonder people get cranky. They need a constant sugar fix. Begin doing it now and see how much better you feel. Even if you swapped 2 cups of sugar free drinks in a day it would make a difference.

I just read an article about a mother who embarrassed her overweight child into losing weight. She denied the child a main meal too.. Is that crazy or what? How can that child flourish with food restrictions? I wondered about her mental state as well. What baggage is this little child going to carry around with her after that? Makes me so mad.

I have kids on Marilyn’s Plan now and they love it. Want to know why? Becasue they get to eat normal healthy food. They don’t have to go without and no one even knows they are trying to lose weight. Kids can be so cruel to obese children. Their bullying and taunts are soul destroying. Kids can lose weight and learn how food makes them overweight and how to be careful of their food choices. Maintaining their weight is easy for them as well and all the kids who have been on this Plan love it. For the cook in the house, you don’t need to cook anything different for the obese child which makes life a lot easier. You can all eat the same food. Want to know how??? Well, go to the website and get the book. I have to admit it is a good little read with some humour which we badly need these days.

One more thing… If your child can be assisted to learn about food and can get back to eating good healthy food then teach them how to cook. There will come a day when they will be on their own and I’m sure you would like to know they will be able to look after themselves.
Marilyn xx