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Winter food…..The stuff we love to eat….


It’s been really cold here in Adelaide and so we’ve been cooking a lot of stuff to warm our bodies and give ourselves energy… and eating highly nutritious foods for health too.

Dieting?  No.. We don’t need to because all the food we eat keeps us healthy and trim.. You can do it too.

Here is a few pics of the meals we have been chomping down on the last few weeks.. Don’t get a lot of time to take pics of all our meals due to our rushing to get things done and by the time I remember to take photo, I have eaten most of it…

Here we go…

IMG_0716 My super salad.. I added a little creamy dressing mixed with some white wine vinegar.. Buy the book and see why I mix it with vinegar…

IMG_0717Hubby’s creation of partially cooked pumpkin tossed in a pan with a little olive oil and with a handful of fruit and nut mix sprinkled into it at the finish cooking time.. Gorgeous…

IMG_0720Beef  hot pot.. Had mushrooms and bacon in it too.. He put too much potato on the plate… Yummy…IMG_0723I love a fresh garden salad.. With raw onion.. I ate most of it…

IMG_0725This was one big hamburger… With all the trimmings… Finger lickin’ dripping good fun…

IMG_0726Apricot Chicken..  One of my favs…. With chips of course….

IMG_0748Have to teach hubby how to make the best Pea and Ham soup… This was nice but he always adds too many peas…. It was so thick…. Tasty though.. I am wondering if he forgot the ham?????

So just looking at all this food we eat.. I can tell you it is wonderful to be able to eat the foods you want to eat, and fresh foods too. Not delivered in toxic plastic containers which cause cancers….

Get out your knives and cooking pots and pans and go for it….

Weight loss???  ‘Marilyn’s Plan..’ Keeps us healthy and fit…. and trim too….Love it…

Summer is on it’s way and we are ready for it….



Nah! I don’t need drugs…


There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to admit you do need medical assistance with more than just your physical wellbeing. Your emotional and mental health is just as important and any deviations from the norm can be crippling.
In my last blog I talked about discussing me need for medication for my ‘Depression’ with my doctor and on his advice I began the said medication yesterday. Day one I had a headache within minutes after taking the first dose.

I took the second dose today and I feel so much better. No headache or other sypmtoms of adverse reactions.
These adverse reactions can be a little daunting if you have any medical/Nursing knowledge of medications and you know what to expect. I will tell you…
Increased Blood Pressure, cholesterol, palpitation, tachycardia, chills, irritability, tinnitus, vertigo, hot flush, insomnia, anxiety, rash, dizziness, seizure, mania, decreased appetite and so much more…
I am sitting here eating a scone with cheese and chives, I have no headache or any other reactions to the medication and I really feel good today. In fact I feel better today than I have for a long time.

I wonder if it’s due to the fact I don’t eat much of any processed foods with all the nasty additives in them. Our bodies have to fight them as well as fight diseases so how can the body win when it’s full of these toxic chemicals? The human body was not meant for chemical consumption. Why do we consume so much of it then? Are we just naturally lazy? Can’t be bothered so I will just open a tin of something… Blah..

I get a kick out of going to my kitchen cupboards and drawers and having a good clean out! I throw out anything I haven’t used for a while (usually those stupid ‘Makes life easier’ rubbishy utensils I buy on special). I sharpen my knives, polish my silverware, scrub the cupboards and drawers and just generally make everything shine. Then bake or cook something fabulous. Even if I’m the only person in the house who is there for a meal, I do eat properly. So it must be the way I eat which makes medications work so well on me without the adverse reactions. There are now quite a lot of medical articles being written about the dangers of additives in the foods we consume. Pets too! They should eat real food not processed. Any wonder why they suffer from so many maladies and die horrible deaths?

I’m surprised at the baby formulas too. What do they have in them? Why do so many babies die of such horrible diseases now? They have low immunity if they are not breastfed and I dare say if the mother is a processed food junkie then they will be consuming additives anyway via the breast milk.. Oh do yourself a favour and don’t eat processed foods.
There, that’s my grizzle for the day. Jump in and have grizzle too if you want.. below in the comments box. I look forward to reading it.
Marilyn xxx

If it is perfect and worth bragging about then how can it be ‘Improved?’


I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I’ve been watching, listening and learning.

I never took much notice of the companies flogging their weight loss products and programs etc…
Since I discovered a really honest way to do it and began looking at the competition, I have come to the conclusion that they can’t be any good can they? Their big drawcard (they pay thousands of dollars to advertise and for copywriters to write their headlines) is constantly changing… That’s right. You will often hear these words ‘New and Improved’ If they were any good to begin with, then how can they improve it???

I tried almost all of them and found they were all the same. Boring. Regimental… rigid… strict…tasteless, sickening, meanwhile they give it a gimmick to make you think you are getting a good deal. Holy moly… this is such brazen, outrageous advertising.
The other thing I have to laugh about too are the words… ‘Guaranteed to lose 5 kilos in the first week or your money back’ If you consumed bread and water for a week you would lose 5 kilos on that too….

Don’t be fooled by any of it. They only promise a week of weight loss. After that, their arse is covered because that’s where the buck.. or promise ends… They are only interested in sales and that’s where it ends. If they were interested in you… you would be given something which was healthy, easy to do, pretty well in line with what you eat now and most of all good for you… Do you ever wonder why so many people get cancers??? It’s the artificial crap they ingest, thinking they are doing themselves a favour.. Ha! Babies get cancer too…. My thoughts on this are.. Mothers consume additives and preservatives… babies are subjected to this in the womb… babies who are not breast fed but bottle fed are ingesting additives and preservatives too. Babies bottles made of plastic….Plastics leech dangerous chemicals…
Make you think?? I hope so..

Hey, sure we sometimes have a small amount of food from a bottle or a jar but very rarely. We know why we eat… To give our bodies nutrition for growth and healing… We don’t get colds, flu or get sick any more… and it’s all due to being on my Plan.
It’s not difficult to do and the book is a fun read too. I refuse to fall for the crap and make promises. I don’t have to becasue I know my Plan works and works well. There you are.. Cut and paste this into yor browser and see for yourself.. This book is selling all over the world and it’s making a difference to thousands of people’s lives and I’m so glad.

So don’t be fooled by the hype they shove down your throat… They must think you are the dumbest individuals on the planet. I know you’re not!
Well, I’ve had my session for the week. Catch up soon…
Love and hugs to all.
Marilyn xxx

Eaten too many oranges?


Did you know you can eat two oranges and suffer from diahorrea? Did you also realise you can build up to eating more than two oranges and not suffer from anything but a nutrition boost?

You can! I like to sit in front of the fire in winter and stuff myself with oranges. I would eat up to about 4 – 5 of them, and big juicy ones too. When we had an open fire, I would throw the peels into the fire and listen to them sizzle and crackle. Lovely! If you’re not used to eating more than one piece of fruit, then you are not doing yourself any favours. You know you need to eat fresh fruit and veg each and every day. It’s so good for you.

People who have bad breath usually eat a lot of processed foods and those who eat lots of fresh fruits and veg and very little processed foods have nice breath. When was the last time you were close to someone who had bad breath? Horrible? Yes, to say the least. Imagine what is happening to their insides. Imagine the damage being done by the additives in these products.

Additives don’t just pass through the body with no effects. There is documented evidence of the disastrous effects of additives in food. Cancers, Luekaemia, hromone problems in men and women as well as children. The body is not able to do well on a diet of processed foods. I will admit we do sometimes use something from a tin or a packet but these times are few and far between and the fresh fruit and veg we eat certainly makes up for it. The antioxidants are so powerful in fresh fruits and veg.

Do you ever wonder why so many children get cancer and other nasties? I would be inclined to say it is the additives and preservatives in the food they consume. We are stuffing ourselves with these things. How can we survive and live long and healthy lives when our bodies have to deal with this? I have been teaching my family and friends about the benfits of good eating. Simple, tasty food which gives our bodies nutrition and helps fight off disease and sickness.

Even the recipes in my book are made from simple ingredients. There are some gorgeous recipes in there and easy to make too.
Have a think about it and see if you agree with me. There are so many books about the danger of eating processed foods and preservatives and additives in those processed foods. I read one book which stated a certain brand of bread is full of chicken feathers. It’s used as a bulking agent. Do you want to eat that? Not me or my family. It’s not hard these days to find what is good and to give my family a good nourishing meal. Hubby and I enjoy feeding people and like to ensure they have plenty of good things to eat when they are hungry. No one goes without at our house!

Toxins even the Chinese people won’t eat!


Watching Today Tonight on Channel 7 and saw a segment on how the Chinese are sending their frozen vegetables to Australia via New Zealand. Some of the vegetables have poisons in them. Birth Defects, Cancers, Nervous system toxins oh you name it they have it.
Parathion Methyl
Not to mention some of these vegetables and fruit are grown in human excrement!
Google any one of these names and see for yourself what they do to the human body. Then think of the animals you are giving this to when they get a few dinner table scraps.
I was horrified.
It doesn’t matter where you live, I would suggest you buy your vegetables which are local and by your own farmers. Eat fresh, it’s best.
They said even the Chinese people are growing their own vegetables and fruit because they don’t trust the crops grown by their big corporations. That’s scary.

I would like to know why these foods are allowed into Australia by the back door? = New Zealand. In ten years we will all see the effects of this. More cancers and birth defects etc…..
Like I said before… Fresh is best. If you are on my Plan for weight loss, you will eat better than before! Woo Hoo!