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Expiry Date


It was just after dinner and I was almost done with the dinner time medication round. I only had about 12 more people to give medications to and my medication trolley was in the corridor. Out of the corner of my eye I saw two of my carers running toward me. I stopped and looked at their faces. Now something like this is hard to describe and document because I think they were in shock and they were so excited and talking so fast.

I didn’t have time to ask them what was wrong. They burst into a chorus of “Marilyn come here quick.” I parked my trolley in a side room, locked the door and ran. At this time I was thinking there might have been an intruder or a fire.

As I entered the room the two carers were standing either side of a female resident’s bed. One of the carers pulled the bed linen off the elderly woman, and I must say, extremely frail woman only to show me her leg was broken. My mind raced to discover what had happened and how but knowing this elderly lady was a bit restless in her bed and constantly stuck her legs through the bedrails, I felt a surge of vomit in my throat when I realised what had happened.

The break was over the shin and it had a distinctive mark across the thin layer of skin.

Her leg was straight until it got past the knee and to the shin and that is where it turned inwards.  We looked at this broken bone and discovered it had been broken when someone had tried to let down the bed rail and had met some resistance. The bed rail would have then been pushed down very hard which crushed her leg. The perpetrator of this would have then placed her broken leg back into the bed and covered her up and left her.They left her. Left her in agonizing pain. Unable to voice her pain. Unable to do anything about it.

Immediately the Ambulance was called to transfer the poor woman to Hospital, notes were written, plus the mandatory reports. (Lots of them)

Before the woman was transferred to Hospital, I measured the red mark on her shin and compared the width of the top of the bed rail. Exactly the same width. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could do this to a frail and elderly person, then cover them up and leave them to suffer. This would have been excruciatingly painful. She would have been left like that for approximately 4 and a half hours and until the next shift came on and did a ’round.’  A round is where the carers go around to each and every resident and ask them if they would like to go to the toilet and if they were not able to verbalize, they would assist them to the toilet. Otherwise they would be in a continence pad and that would have to be checked.

This poor woman was the last on the list of people to check the pad and so it would have been about 2 pm the staff would have been to her room to check on her continence needs.

There was also a chart to tell who worked where and it didn’t take us long to work out who was responsible. I will tell you know though. After the report I made, I had a complaint made against me to my Agency which sounded something like this

“We don’t want Marilyn G back here again” “She keeps leaving us notes”  Leaving them notes?  Ha!  They couldn’t get rid of my notes because they are a legal document and if these reports I wrote were requested by ‘Freedom Of Information’ the family of this woman would have taken legal action.. I’m glad I wrote personal reports and photocopied incident reports. I have a very large box full of them.

This is not the last report I will write about the Health Care system. Keep your eye out. And if it makes you feel a bit queezey just imagine how it made me and others feel when it happened.I started Nursing 1995 as an RN and just flowed into Aged Care where I remained for nearly 20 years. The work is hard especially if you do the work and the pay isn’t much to sing about but it was very challenging..

The latest news about the abuse of the elderly man in the aged care facility was shown on channel 9 25/7/2016.  I have worked in this facility and never enjoyed it because there was a problem with some belligerent staff. Another facility I will never work in again.

Having cameras in resident’s rooms is a great idea but it infringes on their resident’s privacy and dignity. I don’t think it will ever be tolerated. The public are up in arms now over an incident relating to a young male carer who abused an elderly gentleman in an aged care facility. Sorry to say it but I have seen worse.

I haven’t been supported by the aged care facility or the Agency I worked for when making these complaints to the managers of these said facilities. They just don’t want to know about it and while they are raking in the money, they don’t give a hoot. Many times I’ve told family members to install  a secret camera in the room to catch the abusive staff members.

Carers take these jobs in Nursing homes because that is the only job they can get at the time and Centrelink encourage them to take it. Even if they are not suitable for the position.

Attitude play a big role in caring for elderly people. Staff cannot afford not to treat these people any other way but with respect and give them the dignity they deserve.

Channel 9 News asked for a comment from the ‘Council for the Ageing” and we hear there is a 5% to 10 % abuse incident rate. Well, lady. To that I say bull! I know it is more than double that.

Overall, I blame the Government for the compete lack of care in any and all Aged Care Facilities. Money is what drives them. Cheap labour. Hiring staff who cannot speak English and who give medications which cause damage to resident’s health.

When they have a Plebiscite on ‘Assisted Suicide” I will sign it and say yes please. I refuse to go into an Aged Care Facility.


A week of Wow!


My week last week was pretty mundane to begin with but then things hotted up..
My brother returned from Fiji where he spent time with his new family as per his new wife.
He turned up at our home at about 7 pm and was told freezing cold and totally worn out so we told him to stay the night. He slept on the floor on an air mattress in front of the lovely fire.
The next night he came over for dinner becasue he was a bit sick of eating curries and he also said ‘If I ever see another bgrain of rice I will die’

He was craving an ordinary meal with mashed potato, peas, beans, carrots, and meat with gravy so we provided. He scoffed the lot wish much relish! Hubby even heated up a christmas pudding with custard. Mmmm that went down a treat.
My brother showed us some of the photos he took while he was over there in Fiji and a couple of videos.
They were a lovely family. Very hospitable and caring. They looked after him so well he felt guilty. He said they wouldn’t let him do too much.. Every time he picked something up to do something with it, someone would come and take it from him and do it for him. Most of the family live in a 2 bedroom house and he and his wife were given the largest bedroom and the rest of the family slept in the second bedroom or on the foor in the loungeroom. We were quite concerned for him leaving Australia and going to a strange country and to stay with people we didn’t know but it was wonderful. Now we are all waiting for his wife’s return to Australia as we do miss her and we have planned to do more things to help her learn our culture and about our food etc…
Last night I was watching tv and saw a program called ‘Sunday Night’ on channel 7. The reporter was doing a segment on people smuggling. The smuggler was on there and told the reporter how he ‘ripped off’ these people to bring them to Australia, taking their money and promising the world but no guarantee. He told them to make up a story to tell our authorities to ensure they were able to stay here. Being Tortured, victimised etc… But they aren’t. These people pay thousands of dollers to get here and a lot of them don’t make it. Some even put up the papers to their homes to these smugglers and if they don’t make it they have lost everything.The Sri Lankan authorities are after them now and they want them all returned. The stupid thing is… Our Govt believes all their stories and allows them to come here under that guise. Then we hear they get PR and all go home for a holiday! The ones who come here by the right way are angry about it too.

I met an asylum seeker after he was released from a detention centre where he waited for 2 years to be processed. He said he was a shepherd in the mountains of his country and he didn’t have any trouble there but he just wanted to come to Australia for more money. Now he is going to tell the authorities he has depression because he misses his family and he knows his family will all be brought here too. His elderly family members don’t and won’t speak english because they don’t have to. The Govt provides an interpreter for them and they just stay on the dole for the rest of their lives. They don’t have to work. This was a real wakeup call to me but he had it all organised. I thought it odd he didn’t care what he told me but I suppose he also knows our stupid Parlimentarians don’t know and don’t care anyway. They let it all just happen because it gets more votes!

I have said it once and I will say it again. I don’t begrudge anyone a job or a decent living but when the sytem we rely on is rorted like this and I have no work, then I am bloody angry about it. I will be emailing the minister for immigration and having a shot! I will also send them a link to the program and urge them to watch it as well.

Then I had my birthday yesterday. It began very quietly as hubby went to work and little irl went to her friends place for the night. I’ll be honest, I was terribly lonely in the morning. Then at about 11 am, there was a knock on the door. It was the family. All bearing food and gifts, cards and best wishes. We had a lovely morning tea and my spirits were again on the up!

I’ve been washing bed linen for a week due to our little dog weeing on it at night. Bark Busters fixed that! My neice had them over her house to help with her 2 dogs and one of them was doing it on her son’s bed. She was telling me about it and I gave it a go. Bugger me… it worked. No more wee on the bed. The worst.. Climbing into bed at night and finding a wet spot. Ugh! Wake hubby, strip the bed, wash the plastic protective cover, dry it, re make the bed then climb in again. Exhausting.. It was a simple little thing and it worked. She now goes on the spot we picked out for her. We have incontinence sheets in a couple of places so if they cannot get outside, they can still go where it’s ok! I love successful interventions…
So that was my week… There were other things which really got to me but not enough room here for it..
I do hope your week was better.
Marilyn xxx

I’m almost frothing at the mouth


It’s about another hour to go before we go to the airport to pick up our new addition to our family. A sweet little Papillon. She is almost a year old and quite small still and I’ve been very busy with house cleaning, washing and ironing, vacuuming and dusting and generally getting the house and us ready for her. These little dogs are so very fragile and so very special and they need to be treated with tenderness and kindness just as you would a one year old child. Well, all children and animals should be treated like it anyway.
We’ve put in a lot of effort to make sure the transition into our home is going to be peaceful, quiet and fun with the attention on bringing our other little Papillon and her together as friends. Papillons love gentleness and they also love cats. They will snuggle up to a cat if they want to. When we had our last little cat, Boo would hop into the cat bed and sleep with her. It was so cute. They got on well. We lost our little cat in the early part of this year. Then we lost our first little Papillon ‘Lovey’ and this has left Boo alone and a bit lonely for her own kind. We have always had pets here in our home and have always had them in pairs for company for each other and it’s worked so very well.
I feel so belssed to have found Pat in Adelaide and Helen in Victoria who were able to help us out with a little friend for Boo. We had to go through some rigourous checking, like phone calls and chatting about the care of our pets which should always be the case with any animal or child too. I don’t understand why people have children or pets if they are not going to take care of them as they should. That makes me angry. No Papillon breeder will allow one of their litters to go to a home if they are not sure they will be cared for and I salute each and everyone of them for doing so. If you have never had or known a Papillon, then you haven’t lived. They are the most amazing little animal and I feel blessed for having them in my life!
Marilyn xxx

I told you so!


I was sitting in the dentist office yesterday and there an advertiser there so of course I picked it up and flipped through it… Blow me down, there was a short piece on a science paper written by someone (can’t remember the name) but they have stated ‘over doing it in the exercise field is dangerous and can lead to heart lesions! Arrythmias etc…’
Hellooo! I knew this. The body is not built for that much physical abuse. I stated this in my book. That’s why I’m suggesting no more than about 6 minutes of exercise each day.

Of course it’s useful and helpful for you to be reasonably active during the day and not just laying on the lounge watching TV!
The joints in the feet, knees and hips are also at risk of degenerative problems too. Arthritis etc… Torn ligaments and muscles..Plantar Fascitis… and the rest. Why does anyone want to punish their body so much?
I have cared for marathon runners in their later life and seen the awful effects on their broken bodies from their efforts.

No need to scrimp on food either. Why? Cutting down on food is not conducive to the body’s daily equirements of vitamins and minerals. You just need to learn the Principal behind Marilyn’s Plan and take it from there. You will get a kick out of it I’m sure.
Marilyn xxx

What makes my Plan so good? “It’s a quirky fun read, and it works”


I was once asked what made my Plan for weight loss so unique and my reply was to say…
“It’s a pretty normal way to eat but I have manipulated all the good things we know about food.”

When you read the book you will know it does work and you will be able to do it. Truly! After you’ve read it you will realise it does work. There is no doubt. It’s proven method is helping overweight people all over the world and I’m so excited to be able to have the opportunity to present it to you in an easy to read, quirky, Aussie book.

Have you ever read anything to do with weight loss given the title of quirky? I bet you haven’t. But why should weight loss be boring and difficult. Ha! It’s not boring or difficult doing it my way. It’s fun, it’s healthy and it’s even fast if that is what you want… Don’t get me wrong… The Plan is not quirky but the way I wrote it is. So it’s enjoyable and fun to read..

Every day I wake up and put on my skinny girl jeans or a little dress I am in awe of this Plan and how easy it is.
You may look at my website and think all the celebrities on there are paid to be there but no, they are not. Some of these lovely people are friends, some are friends as a result of them having my book but they all have one thing in common.
They like the Plan. I don’t need to pay celebrities to endorse my book and I think it’s totally wrong to do it.
It’s misleading to say the least. Won’t say anymore except that my Plan is honest and so am I. Email me and ask me something or better still.. call me. My number is on the website on the contact page… Either me or my husband will answer the phone…if we’re awake that is…lol
Marilyn xxx

CPR on a Gecko


Went outside early this morning to see what the day had in store, weather wise and as I wandered around under my pergola I heard a noise. Looked down and there was a tiny 10cm or 5 inch Gecko thrashing about on the concrete. Although it was very small, it still kicked up a lot of dust. I crouched down to get a closer look and this poor little fella had swallowed a stick and some pillow stuffing and it must have become lodged in it’s throat.

In recovery after CPR

I screamed to my hubby to come quick, there’s a little lizard in distress and it needs help! Hubby runs and gets his glasses so he can see but before he gets to where the lizard and I were, I had grabbed hold of the stick with the fluff on it and gently pulled it from his mouth. The stick was so very fine and it was in there quite a way. The poor little bugger still had some fluff hanging out of it’s mouth but only a tiny piece and so we tried to pull that off without much success so into the house I ran to get my good eyebrow tweezers to do it. By the time I got outside the lizard had dropped it’s little nose to the ground and I guess from exhaustion or it had ceased respirations. It went limp and it’s little legs were flat on the ground, so into action I went. I pushed it gently to see if it would move but it was still. Believe it or not I did CPR on it. I put my pointer finger on it’s back where I believe it’s lungs were and pressed ever so gently and rapidly. Then after 10 pumps, I blew onto the ground in front of it’s little head and the wind must have blown up it’s nose into it’s lungs. I did this a few times and blow me down if it didn’t lift it’s head up very slowly and begin wiggling it’s tail again but very slowly! I stopped the CPR and allowed the little fella to rest while I kept a watchful eye on it and within 5 minutes, it had begun to wriggle slowly and using it’s little legs which before were paralized. Hubby and I both stood there just staring at this poor little creature who had got into trouble and could possibly have died.

The stick with fluff on the end.

When it recovered and began walking normally again I got the trusty camera out and took a couple of pics to show. I think it was trying to get over the big log and into the garden so I gently picked it up with a dried gum leaf and put in into the garden where it was safe. We both went about our morning jobs and activities and that was it! Later I went to see if it had survived and sure enough it had moved from the spot where I left it so all must be good. What a relief.
I must have been in Life Saving mode today!

Into the safety of the garden.

I showered and dressed as we were expecting a family visit and just as I came out from the bathroom there was a knock on the door and someone yelling “Auntie come out quick there’s a man down on the road.” Into action I went again… yelling to hubby as I ran, Gary run quick! I ran to the end of my street and around the corner only to find a young man laying on the footpath in the sun with a beer mug (full) and a bottle of something he hadn’t opened. He was as drunk as a skunk! I was so angry.

My thought was to leave him there but I couldn’t so I asked him a few questions and then told him to get into the shade. He carried on and so I told him if he didn’t I would call the police. He moved really fast then. He leaned against a fence in the shade and that’s where we left him to sober up. Hubby checked him when he went that way to work and no news was good news. He must have been to the Shutzenfest or something. He didn’t have any money, just this booze. Idiot! There was a small crowd of concerned people there but when they saw he was drunk they went about their business. They were quite annoyed too. What an idiot he was putting himself in that position. He could have been mugged or bashed. Maybe I should have called the Police!

Bed Bugs in your Baggage


Going away on holiday? If so you might want to take note of what I am going to tell you. Recently I read about bed bugs being in motels and hotels etc all over the world and are travelling from one country to another via peoples baggage.

Nasty little insects which will bite and bite and bite.

A couple of things.
First… When you arrive at your destination and check into your room. Pull the pillow cases, blankets and sheets etc off the bed and check the bed and linen closely for any insects. If they are present. Inform the hotel admin immediately and move out of the room stat!

Don’t open your bags or sit on anything until you have done a complete and thorough check of the room.
Next if you feel you have already been bitten, inform hotel admin immediately and ensure they deal with it promptly, then seek medical advice for the bites.

When you leave your destination….. Bring all your baggage home and take it outside to unpack. Put everything in the wash immediately and wash on the hottest temp your clothes will take. You might need to spray the insides of your baggage to rid it of bugs. Then shower and put the things you take off into a plastic bag to take to the laundry and wash immediately to make sure they don’t just drop off the clothing and onto any surfaces in your home. They will breed, and eradicating them can be very expensive and time consuming.

If one of those masty little things or any other insect ever crawls into your ear, Get a torch and shine to torch into the ear. The insect will crawl out to the light. If that doesn’t work (and I know it will) put one drop of olive oil into the ear, tip the head over and watch the little sucker float out.
Happy Holidays!