GRASS, and it’s not just for the cows.


Have you ever considered the health benefits of wheat grass?

It’s really good for you and so easy to grow in your own home.

‘It’s called a “Living Food”, very rich in vitamin E, chlorophyll and lots of other nutrients but what I love about it is it cleanses the blood, rejuvenates the body and increases resistance to disease. As a tonic, it helps to treat conditions such as fatigue, anaemia, toxaemia, and cancerous growths.’ Wow, they are pretty powerful statements aren’t they but we all know a healthy diet is very beneficial to us in preventing a lot of health problems.

‘Wheat grass juice is a powerful detoxifying agent. It helps to increase the enzyme level in the body cells aiding the rejuvenation of the body and the digestion of nutrients.’

‘It’s best taken on an empty stomach, starting at about 30mg a day and increasing the dose to about 125 mg per day.’

I like to have it raw on a salad . It only takes approximately one week of growth to have the wheat grass ready to eat.

Need.  Small flat bottom, clear container. The sun needs to be able to get through to the wheat.


Bag of good quality wheat grains.

Paper towel. Water.


In the bottom of a clear plastic or glass container put two layers of paper towel. This will hold the water for the wheat to get its fluid. Don’t let it get too dry. I spray mine each day with water in a spray bottle.

Put wheat in a strainer and rinse it under cold water to remove any mould spores/dust and spread it over the wet paper towel.

Spread the clean wheat grains over the paper towel. Don’t put it on too thick as it will be too crowded and won’t grow too well. (Not more than two grains high)


Place the container near a window to get some light and keeping the grains nice and damp will give you a good crop in 7 days. You can cut off what you need, rinse it and eat it in a sandwich or make a juice. It will keep growing. I use mine for three weeks and after two weeks I get another batch going.




The Complete Guide to Nutrients. Dr. Michael Sharon


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