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Now I have my brand new website up and running and I’m really excited about being able to blog and give you lots of things to read about and think about. There might just be a challenge or two to offer as well, so enjoy..

Oranges…  mmmm don’t you just love them?

Big bag of oranges

Big bag of oranges

Fresh, sweet and juicy..  Fruit and vegetables have a shelf life and after they are picked it doesn’t take long for them to lose their potency.. They die a slow death…

To show this, I squeezed the juice from 4 oranges which were bought from a local fruit and vegetable stand around the corner from where we live. These were the last oranges and were just over a week old and their taste was different from a really fresh orange. They were just sweet and that’s all. There was no tang at all and that is what you should expect from a fresh orange.

Juice from 4 old oranges

Juice from 4 old oranges

I drank the juice from the four oranges and waited.. The next day, nothing happened.  Hmmmm but not unusual. I didn’t expect to have to run to the toilet after that because I know how fresh fruit affects the body..

I waited a week and bought more fresh oranges but this time I squeezed the juice from two oranges and drank it.. More like guzzled it.. It was lovely..  The next morning, I had to run to the toilet because of the potency.

Juice from 2 fresh oranges

Juice from 2 fresh oranges

Yep. It didn’t last though. I haven’t had a good flush out for ages but it just goes to show you how we should be aware of the quality and freshness of the fruit we eat..  So next time you buy fruit, make sure you are going to eat it within 3 days of purchase. Otherwise you are just wasting your money, time and effort… There’s nothing healthy about eating old food..

I will always advocate for fresh foods too.  The vitamin content of oranges is the best way to get your vitamins and not from tablets. Medicinal vitamin C should only ever be ingested at the request of your doctor.. They can also cause kidney stones too so remember..  Fresh is best.. Yum.. The taste of a fresh orange makes me drool…

Marilyn xxx


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