Am I boring you?


Don’t you dislike it when you are telling someone something and they display a noticeable look of “I’m not listening’ on their face? They have the ‘Stare’ the ‘Glazed’ look of total boredom….
I can see it and I cut the conversation short really quickly by saying something like ‘Be back in a minute’ The offending person is either startled or they just keep staring as if nothing has happened. They are so engrossed by their own importance and their own problems they don’t care about anything else. Very selfish people.

It’s so obvious.. I feel people like this are not really interested in you or your conversation at all and if it’s a habit then they’re not a friend. They have you hanging in there just for them! No other reason. They will burden you with their problems and expect advice, suggestions, sympathy and anything else they can drain from you. Yes, it’s draining alright. I cop this all the time and I’m sick of it.

I know a person who does this all the time. They ask me for help but as soon as I get past the justification for my suggestions, they vague out and that’s the end of it. All they want and need is to be able to tell someone. They just want to bore you to death. They don’t care about how it affects you or whether you have an answer for them. I find this particularly rude, offensive and emotionally draining, so if it happens again, I will cut the conversation even shorter and just walk!

I often wonder why after they have done this and you have done your best to help them, they keep along the same path. They make no changes, they do nothing to improve their situation but they certainly do keep up with the whining and grumbling.
Some days I am so emotionally drained I can’t stand anymore of it and I go into hiding…
What do you do???


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