Do dogs eat possum poop?


If a possums poops on the ground in you yard and a little dog eats it, will the dog get sick?
We now have a resdinet possum in our yard and I don’t know where he lives during the day or how he got in here but he poops everywhere and today I caught one of my little dogs eating a piece of poop. Will she get sick from eating it?

Time will tell and I’m not happy. We have a cat trap set up but this possum won’t go near it. I figure the food trap isn’t what the possum likes so I’ve suggested other things like a small piece of meat. I think the possum ate a rat we caught in our trap a few days ago, so meat might be the answer. It isn’t too interested in fruit though.
Hmmm what to do?
If anyone who reads this has any ideas, would you please let me know. I am desperate. I am sick and tired of having to comb the lawn for possum droppings before my two liltte girls can go outside for their run and play time.
Marilyn xxx


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  1. After a discussion with our vet about it, he said it is ok for doggies to eat it if it has been in the sun and the sun has baked and killed all the bacteria in the poo… Oh crap… Gag…. Dirty little horrors…

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