Cannibalistic Possums?


I was outside last night investigating a noise and blow me down there staring at me was a little furry face. I thought ‘Oh, how cute’ and ran inside to get my camera. I took a few pics and today when I uploaded them, I saw a tiny leg with a foot dangling on the end. The other foot was gone and so was the very long tail… It befuddled me for a while thinking it was a baby possum but after a second look I now believe it’s a creek rat!

Been after them to get rid of them and hubby put up a rat trap right in that spot. So I guess that is what we caught.
Only thing is, today I went outside to search for it and identify it and it was gone. Vamoosed.. taken a powder… Either that or the possum ate it. Gross! But that is nature I suppose.
See if you can see the little leg dangling…

Possum in the tree house


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