Promised you an update and a photo


I’ve been using the Novasone cream on my hands for my eczema since monday and it has helped. Now I can only use it once per day as it thins the skin, being a corticosteroidal cream so I was looking for something to keep my skin oily and moisturised.

Every cream I applied just soaked into my skin and eventually dried out within an hour or two.
Paw Paw cream. Sent hubby to the pharmacy to get some yesterday and applied it in a thick layer last night and wrapped bth hands in crepe bandages again for the night. No itch, no dryness either. Used it a couple of times today too and stuck my hands in the little sunshine we had today for a few minutes.

Now my hands are soft and moisturised with no scaly areas. Just waiting for them to heal now because they are still a bit red.
I would suggest if your kids have grazes and scratches, buy some non-adhesive dressings and Paw Paw cream and put a thick coating on the wound (after cleaning it of course) and cover it for a day to moisturise the skin. Nothing worse than trying to peel off a dressing from a graze when it is stuck. Non-stick dressings do stick and it’s painful for kids to have it peeled off, especially when there is no skin left on the wound area. Oh, and don’t stick your finger in the pot of Paw Paw cream as you could contaminate it. Best to scoop out the required amount with the edge of a clean spatula or a butter knife.
Well, here is the photo I promised. My hands are so much better now.
Eczema looking a lot better.


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