Paw Paw cream


Been overdoing it with the cortico steroidal cream on my eczema. Backs of both hands were dry and cracked today and driving me bananas. I started scratching again. Solution? Needed something oily and an emolient to apply to the area to keep the skin moist.
Now don’t think this is boring because there will come a day when you or someone in your family circle or friend will suffer from the same affliction and you will be able to come up with a few ideas to help them too. The doctor is your best bet to begin with but unless you’re hospitalised and have them at your diposal to further intervene in your treatments, you will need to manage your problem with a bit of help. Dry skin gets itchy and doesn’t heal well when you’re scratching the hell out of it.

Paw Paw cream came to the rescue. It is quite an oily composition and it doesn’t sink into the skin or dry out. It can be used on nappy rash too and anywhere there is dry skin.
I slathered it on tonight and wrapped my hands in crepe bandages. They don’t itch anymore and I’m quite excited to think of the great improvement I will be able to show you all tomorrow. I will of course take another photo. I love the first pic I took. It was pretty raw wasn’t it? It was a clean wound though with no infection. No one gets infections when I clean and dress wounds!
See you tomorrow…
Marilyn xxx


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